My Typical Day Room 215 2nd Grade

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in Emily’s Life

In the morning I wake up at 7.oo because Of the light Streaming in through the curtains. I get out of bed and get dressed into my School uniform. At 7.10 I brush my hair. At 7.12 I clean my teeth. I go downstairs until 8.30.I go to school in our silver VW Golf. When I first get to school I do my 529.After 529 it is maths until 10.00. At 10.00 It is assembly It finishes at 10.15, that’s our play time. Play time finishes at 10.30 a bell goes that’s how we know when to go inside. After play time we go inside and we do what ever we are told to do. At 12.00 we have either a packed lunch or school lunch.

At 12.45 We have to come inside we read our book until 1.00. We do our afternoon lessens. At 2.00 we have another playtime. At 3.15 we go home.

I go home to either my Dad’s house or my

Mum’s or a relative’s house. At 5.30

We have tea. I go to bed at 8.00.Before

I go to bed I watch television.

Typical Day stories from the Roswell, Georgia, USA

The Typical Day of a Mountain Park 5th Grader

By Kara, Avery, Ethan M., Nicholas P., and Caleigh

6:00 am – Wake up

6:10 – Have a shower

6:20 – Get dressed

6:30 – Have breakfast

6:45 – Brush teeth

6:50 – Get ready for school

7:05 – Get on the bus

7:30 – Get to school

7:50 – Morning announcements on the tv (Mustang Morning news)

8:00 – Specials classes (music, physical education, art, band, orchestra)

8:45 – math

10:00 – Science and social studies (we alternate days)

11:05 – Start language arts

11:30 – recess

11:50 – lunch

12:30 pm – Language arts/writing

1:30 – reading

2:15 – pack up

2:20 – dismissal! 

3:00 – arrive home

3:30 – do homework

4:00 – PLAY!!

6:00 – Eat dinner

9:00 – Go to bed (zzzz)


The Average Mustang by Teymbi, Ethan W., Teagan, Helenna, and Douglas

  • Wake up at about 6:00 am.

  • Get dressed, take shower, brush teeth, etc.

  • Eat breakfast

  • Walk or be driven to the bus stop and ride the bus to school

  • Morning reading and morning announcements

  • Specials (art, music, physical education)

  • Go to math class

  • Social studies (history) or science and snack

  • Short period (15 minutes) of language arts

  • Go to recess (15 minutes)

  • Go to lunch (30 minutes)

  • Come back to classroom for more language arts

  • Afterwards, we have reading

  • We pack up our items and homework in our backpack

  • Get on the bus and go home

  • Do homework right away

  • Play video games, watch tv, or play with friends outside

  • Go to any afternoon activities

  • Come home and do chores

  • Eat dinner

  • Go to our rooms and get changes, take a shower, brush teeth

  • Read ourselves to sleep

  • Wake up at 6:00 and start all over again.

Ogden Students

Typical Day

My typical day  6:00 Wake up 6:05 Take a shower 6:15 Brush my hair 6:20 Get my clothes on 6:25 Eat breakfast 6:40 Brush my teeth 6:45 Watch tv 7:30 Get packed 7:50 Go to school 8:10 Arive at school 9:00 Go into school 9:05 Get unpacked 9:10 Write down our homework 9:15 Do our math message 9:20 Do skills practice 9:30 Mabey watch a video 9:55 More math 10:20 Reading time 10:45 Watch our mealworms 11:00 Write in our scince journals 11:10 Put our meal worms away 11:25 Go to recess 11:45 Come back from recess 11:50 Have lunch 12:05 Go back to the classroom 12:10 Go to art 12:55 Leave art and start jiji 1:45 Go back to the classroom 1:50 More math 2:15 Go to second recess 2:30 Come back from recess 2:35 More reading 2:55 Get ready to go 3:00 Write pomes 3:25 Get packed 3:30 Get on the bus 3:45 My mom picks me up at the bus stop 3:50 Get into the car and go home 4:00 Arive at home 4:10 Start my homework 4:20 Finsh my homework 4:25 Go on the computer 4:50 Watch sponge bob 5:30 Study for test and quizzes 6:00 Have dinner 6:30 Read a book

7:30 More computer time

8:25 Get my pj’s on 8:30 Go to bed The end  Alexandra Steadman-Chiles 

` MY TYPICAL’ DAY by angelos aleksi

FOR breakfeast I HAD FROSTY FLACKS.SOMETIMES WHEN IT IS SCHOOL I JUST SLEEP IN THE BED BUT MY SISTER PUSHES ME OFF THE BED AND SAYS WAKE up she makes me really mad. When I go to 3rd grade it will be my teacher again. I really love playing hulk the video game it is cool.sometimes when I go home I take the bus and instead of doing homework with my mom I do in the bus. I wake up 7;45 in the now what is my favorite day in the world hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I go to carlroys house and carlroys mouse bits me. Everyday l go to school when my teacher goes out the door everyone talks in class.some people do their homework in the bus.l really love to stay in ogden school.l like my teacher so dad smokes and my mom keeps telling him to stop smoking.l went to the theater to watch furry revanges. It was a really cool movie.l went to best buy to buy lego star wars complete saga.l like to be rich and famous.hi l am angelos l make a lot of friends.sometimes we study meal worms.l really love Chicago and ogden know what is so fun is six flags it is a really cool place to have l have to go to school 3 weeks and school is over and it will be know how many weeks l stayed to school is 35 weeks.l have a gift card it is only for emerngeses.sometimes 8th grade kids have ipods. I am 8 years old and I am in 2sd mom and dad log in facebook to chad with their dad lets me to play with him.l really like justin biepher l really like him he is cool go to deamand and go to kids choice and their it the gym l play really cool stuff.l love jiji you know why it is a game of math it teach you math.l really hate spinach well l still have to eat it.l go to ogden school.ogden school is in Chicago.l love to read magic tree house books.when it is rainy l go to the gym to really favorite thing in school is lunch time.the gym is the funest place to play.l love playing in the gym it is warm their and cozy and l see my friends in the gym when it is rainy outside.l have play dates with my friends.l like playing with ari carlroy and sister always calls me a baby but l am not a baby.l have a book about should never evedr go to cabrina greens why you could get killed by gangsters.l don’t like living next to summer l will go to florida.l have a wii to play games in it.

My typical day by Mathieu romanet

I wake up a 4;00. I eat frosted flakes I. take a shower. I get dress. I go to school. I do my homework in are planer. We do are morning work. With are neighbores we talk about science. After we go to rcecss. Also we go to lunch. I eat fish stick and rice. After we go to art. also after we have are mealworm to observ on are plats. After that we go to 2nd rcess. After rcess we have are math messegh. We pack are bags. I take the bus. I go home. I do my homework. After I do my choirs. After I play with my psp. I play fifa 2010. I eat dinner. I play the wii. I brush my teeth. I go to beb at 9:00 befor I do that I watch a video of star wars epesoid 2 attac of the clones it takes 3:00 hours so I go to beb at 12:00 pm and I fall asleep the end

My typical day by AALIYAH JONES

wake up

eat pancakes

get clothes on

brush teeth

watch tv

get on the bus


go in school

write homework

read a story

bathroom break

go to recess and put on are coats

we go to lunch

then JIJI

then math

then we look at are pupas

then more math

then 2 recess

then we get ready for home

then we go to art

then it`s time to go home

I get on the bus

I wait on my mom

We walk home

When I get home I eat dinner

Then I do my homework

Then I play a game

Sometimes I go to the park

Then I go home

Then I watch tv

Then eat snacks

Then I go to sleep

This is my typical day


First I get up. Then I brush my teeth. Also eat my breakfast. Get my clothes on. Brush my hair. Get my stuff ready. Wait for a cab. A cab gets here. I get to school. Line up. Write down my homework. Do my morning work. Math. Reading. Maps. Letters. Recess. Lunch. Math. Reading. Maps. Letters. Cheak mealworms. Recess. Art . get stuff ready. Go home. Do my homework. Watch TV. Fun activities. Dinner. Watch more TV. Go to bed.

Giovanni Mercado may 2010’

My typical after I get up I eat seereal I brush my teeth and get rete win I go to school the best teg is ree the time for resis is 2 resese 1125 my favorite game call it jiji we leve at 330 2 resis 225 and my udr favorite

My Typical Friday Ilija

7:30 wake up

8:00 go to bus

8:30 go to school

9:00 start reading test and spelling test

9:30 look at other My Typical Day papers

10:00 go take other reading test

10:30 do free time

11:00 observe mealworms

11:30 go to recess

12:00 eat lunch

12:30 do math

1:00 go to gym

1:30 do obstacle course (five times) and do hoops at gym

2:00 to 2:30 2nd recess

3:00 do math

3:30 go home

5:00 play powder game

5:30 go to uncle’s studio

10:00 go to sleep

The End

my typical day is to get out of bed brush my teath and get on the c t p bus to get to new barliebar and go on the school bus to get to school and eat breakfast and play outside and then go up stars put up my coat and go in the room with my books and then I put up my books on my brown disk. Tuli

My Typical Day - Isabel

6:00 to 7:00 I wake up and read a book.

7:00 to 7:30 I get dress and eat breakfast.

7:30 to 8:30 I read or play with my sister.

8:30 to 9:00 I drive to school and play.

9:00 to 9:30 I go up to my room and do my morning work.

9:30 to 10:30 I do since and sometimes I do math.

10:00 to 11:30 I read a story or math.

11:25 to 12:00 I go to recess and lunch.

12:00 to 2:15 we do a lot of math.

2:15 to 2:30 we have 2nd recess.

2:30 to 3:20 we go to art.

3:30 we go home.

3:30 to 6:00 I play with my sister.

6:00 to 6:30 I eat dinner.

6:30 to 8:00 I play with my sister.

8:00 go to bed.

The end

Isabel Simmons

(My Typical Day BY: KENTA KITANO

5:00AM woke up

5:30AM brush my teeth

6:00AM watch TV

6:49AM mom woke up

7:15AM eat cereal

8:00AM go to bus

8:15AM play in the playground

8:53AM line up

9:00AM go to class

11:43AM play out side

12:00PM eat lunch

12:34PM go to jiji

1:00PM go study math

3:30PM finish school

4:00PM go bus

4:03 PM get home

4:09PM do homework

4:20PM study spelling

4:50PM study vocabulary

5:15PM study reading

6:00PM play a game

6:15PM watch TV

7:45 PM right a book

7:50 PM draw a photo

8:00PM brush my teeth

8:45PM toke a shower

9:00 PM drink water

9:15PM read a book

9:45PM my mom go to sleep

9:50 PM play a little

9:59 PM make a couch with boxes

10:00PM make a flag

10:23PM go running on the house

10:39PM try to do Japanese latter

10:40PM make a paper castle

10:50PM eat dinner again

11:00PM brush my teeth

11:02PM go to the bath room

11:05PM wash my hand

11:09PM read a book

11:20PM go to bed



Wake up

Watch tv

Take a shower


Eat breakfast-yorgut or baccon

Do my hair

Get dressed


Mom drops me off at school


We start school

Write our homework




Bathroom Break




Math computer game JIJI





Read a book



We pack up to go home


We go home

What I do when I go home


I take a big nap

I eat a snack


I play for a little while with my sister


I pick up my dad from work


I get home


I continue playing with my sister


I eat dinner

I watch tv


I do my home work

I eat deasert


I read at least one chapter book


Go on the computer to do research on dragonflies


Go to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The End


MY typical day by Nimari Burnett

7:15 wake up

7:20 take a shower

7:30 watch the news while I get dressed

7:40 eat breakfast

7:50 eat breakfast

8:05 get on the bus

8:45 get to school

9:00 school will


9:05 write our homework in our planner

9:10 we sing the pledge

9:15 morning work

9:30 we do a lot of subjects


10:00 observe our mealworms

10:15 we do work on our


10:45 reading time

11:25 go to recess

11:50 go to lunch

12:15 wait for our teacher to come from lunch

12:20 start math in class

1:00 go to a subject

2:00 do a activity

2:15 we go to recess again

2:40 we do another activity

3:30 we go home

3:45 get on the bus

4:25 get to our house

4:30 do my homework

4:45 play a game with my mom

6:00 I watch Spongebob

7:00 watch the bulls game

9:20 eat a snack

9:30 watch more television

10:00 say my prayers with my mom

10:05 go to bed zzzzzzz



5:15 watch tv

8:00 brush my teeth

8:22 get dressed

8:45 pack my bookbag

9:00 get on the bus

9:00 write my home

1:00 go to reases for 45 min

1:15 study our mealworms

3:00 get ready

3:15 go home

Once I go home I put my pagamas on then I read a book

then I go to bed

but I seacritly play my dsi when I am supposed to sleeping

My typical day by: Holden Clark

.wake up 6:30

.have breakfast 7:45

.brush teeth 7:50

.get dressed 8:00

.get on bus 8:10

.go in school 9:00

.write morning work 9:13

.do math problems 9:45.

.Have science 10:00

.Have recess 11:30

.Have lunch 12:00

.Have a bathroom break 1:00

.Do more math problems 1:25

.Have 2nd recess 2:15

.Have 2nd bathroom break 2:45

.Have art 3:00

.Go home 3:30

.When I go home…

.I do my homework 3:49

.Watch my own television 4:10

.Play checkers with mom and Max 5:00

.Watch a movie with mom, Max, and me holden6:00

.Get ready for bed7:30

.Play on my psp3 in my bead 8:00

.Go down stairs & play snakes & ladders 8:30

.Brush teeth 9:00

.Have a snack 9:30

.Watch more television 10:05

.Get my pajamas on 11:00

.Say good night to everyone 11:10

.And I go to bed 12:00


. The end!

. Thank you!

Mac Lennox May 10, 2010

Ogden International School Room 215

My typical day

6:40 get dressed.

6:50 have breakfast.

7:00 brush teeth.

7:05 brush hair.

7:10 watch TV.

7:30 study worms.

7:40 write observations.

7:45 cover worm eggs with dirt.

7:50 feed dog.

8:00 get ready for school.

8:30 get on bus.

8:35 get to school.

9:00 get to class.

11:30 play recess.

12:30 have lunch.

2:15 play recess.

3:30 go home.

6:00 do homework.

7:30 have dinner.

8:30 go to bed.


On Sunday I wakeup, eat breakfast, . put my clothes on, feed the dogs, take them on a walk at the dog park . We play fetch and go back home to eat lunch. I go get ice cream and I go to my friend’s house . We play our video games and we go to the movies to see shrek 3 d . Then we go home to eat dinner. For dinner we have a sandwich and water . Then I watch tv and I eat a snack . Then I feed the dogs. I feed them fish and then I watch more tv. On tv I watch Zack and Cody. I eat another snack and I get ready for bed . That is what I do sometimes.




We Learned …

  1. how to write different types of poems.

  2. that there are different formats or ways to show your work.

  3. that children around the world do things at different times.

  4. the different time zones around the world.

  5. what people in different places eat.

  6. that countries speak different languages and write in a different alphabet.

  7. that other countries celebrate differently.

  8. how children in rural/urban areas get to school.

  9. that countries watch and celebrate different sports.

  10. people around the world wear differently clothing.

  11. that some countries have volcanoes.

  12. countries have all kinds of animals.

  13. cultures have different folk tales.

  14. cultures have different religions and praise different gods.

  15. some countries have presidents and some don’t.

  16. that people in certain countries dress fancier in the city.

  17. that countries use different forms of transportation.

  18. that countries have different traditions.

  19. countries use the ingredients/crops native to their country.

  20. people around the world celebrate different holidays.

  21. that some countries have war but the people don’t like war.

  22. that some countries have evil governments/rulers but most of the people are good.

  23. children around the world study some similar subjects but also some different subjects.

  24. that the population and area of countries is different.

  25. learned the distances from Chicago to the other cities in our project.

  26. countries use different currencies.

  27. countries grow different crops.

  28. countries use different or no utensils.

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