My Typical Day Room 215 2nd Grade

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now into my school

uniform; also brush

my teeth, comb my

hair and go to the



I am setting off in

My car to school now.

5 to 9

And I have to do my

529.This Is a thing we do at

5 to 9! .My teacher

Puts a quiz or a

Question on the

White board and we

Have to write the

Answer down in our 529 books.


Now we are doing maths and I want to do well so I might get a

Merit point! Merit point’s are

Point’s you have to collect, they are

a bit like grades.


We have to go to assembly now and we

Will either sing, listen to a story

or the teacher will tell us facts about something.


Playtime outside either on the

Field or the playground.


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