My Typical Day Room 215 2nd Grade

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Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

My Typical Day

It is Thursday morning and Mom is waking me up. “Wake up,” she said. “You have school today!” I get out of bed at 7:30 a.m. every weekday for school. I go downstairs, eat a bagel with cream cheese and drink my milk. After that, I go upstairs and get dressed and washed. I don’t really care what I wear, so I put on blue jeans and a t-shirt. I go into the bathroom and get washed. Getting washed is very difficult because of my brother, Bryan. He is a pig. So, I go into the bathroom and I hear my mom and dad yelling. I am thinking, what is the problem this time? I walk into the bathroom and it turns out Bryan used my mom’s razor. She flipped out. She screamed at the top of her lungs, “ Why did you use my razor? I know it was you! I can’t do anything in this old farmhouse!” I thought it was really funny that my brother used my mom’s razor. I waited for everyone to get out of the bathroom. When I waited, I put on my socks and shoes. Then I got in and got washed.

I went downstairs, packed my bag, and ran outside. Dad drives me to school every Thursday for jazz band with a great music teacher, Mrs. Meyer. So, I get in the car with Dad and Bryan and we drive up to school. I hop out and open the doors. I went to the music room with my brother and rock out to Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. I play the piano and Bryan plays the electric guitar. After 15 minutes, jazz band is over. I walk down the hallways and say hi to my friend, Mary Grace, who is on safety patrol. I get a big smile, and it brightens my spirit. I walk into the library, where the classroom is. I unpack my backpack and sit next to my good friend, Laurel. I do D.O.L., also known as Daily Oral Language, and D.W.P., or Daily Word Problem. Next we check spelling, read our English book, and do handwriting. Next I have a clarinet lesson with Mrs. Meyers. We play really fun songs and we’re always learning new notes. My next and favorite period in school is math. We have white boards that we write the answers on. We hold it up and Dr. Kramer checks our answers. Next is recess, when I play Connect Four with my other friend, Clara. I always beat her.

Now we have lunch and I sit with all of my friends, Clara, Mary Grace, Laurel, Amber, and Geoffrey. I get a big hug from Amber, who’s been my best friend since Kindergarten. I eat my sandwich (which is better than normal) happily. I also eat a granola bar and an apple. Mr. Farnsworth, the best art teacher EVER, plays a trivia game with us at 12:10 called Farnsworth Trivia. Lunch for us is third grade through fifth grade so each grade gets a different question. Fifth grade goes first today and the category is Math. He asks, “If you have five yards, how many feet do you have?” I raised my hand and he picked on me. I said, “ Fifteen feet!” He said that it was correct. I walked up, picked a paper from the hat, and it said winner! I got to pick a prize. I saw dog and cat stickers, lollipops, slinkies, and pens. I chose a lollipop for the ride home. Next we have art class. Today we are making sculptures of our arms. We wrap our arm in plastic wrap, a glove, and lots of tape. Mr. Farnsworth carefully cuts it off and we stuff it with tissue paper. Now I have Gifted and Talented with Mrs. Thompson. We are making wooden catapults that shoot a ball up to twenty feet. The next period is science, my favorite thing to learn about. After that is Social Studies. Now I go home. All I have to do today is homework. No dance, piano, or any thing else. I do my homework and then go outside to ride my bike.

I go up and down our driveway, which is really steep and fun, twenty times. Panting heavily, I walked into my house. It was time for dinner already. Tonight we are having my mom’s homemade chicken soup. It is the best! Now I go in the shower and get into my pajamas. I watch a little bit of television and go to bed at 9:15. I fall asleep by 9:45 because I am wide-awake.

I am waking up to my mom again and I get out of bed. Friday is the same as Thursday except there isn’t jazz band, art, or Gifted and Talented. We have gym instead. Today we are playing floor hockey, my favorite thing to do in gym other than football. I was on a really good team and we rocked! We won by five points.

I ride home on the bus and enjoy the fresh air. I run into the house and tell my mom I will be out at the swing set. I run up through the orchard, picking an apple on the way. It was a Liberty apple, a kind that you can’t find in any old grocery store. It is my favorite type of apple of all time. I run to the swing set and hum a quiet, peaceful tune. I swung back and for a half an hour. Then, my mom called me in for a snack. She had made her famous guacamole and chips. I ran as fast as I could because I knew it would be gone soon.

When I got in, to my surprise, nobody started to eat. They waited for me. I sat down and we all ate like pigs. I called licking the spoon before anyone else could. We had tacos for dinner because it was supposed to be Mexican night at our house. Everything was delicious. We were all eating when we heard a meow at the door from our outdoor cat, Maggy. I got up and opened the door. I noticed she had a real mouse in her mouth. We all thought it was dead, but we soon found out we were all wrong. She dropped it down and it started to run around the kitchen. My mom screamed, holding her legs up so the mouse could not touch them.

I ran up to the play kitchen I had since Kindergarten. I grabbed a pan and started running to the mouse. I hunted it down like an angry chef with a rat in his kitchen. I finally catch it, so I pick up the pot and look, and it runs under the refrigerator. Oops!

I went upstairs and went in the shower. I got out and was cold, so I went right to bed. I snuggled up, under the covers and fell asleep in less than ten minutes.

Today is Saturday, so there isn’t anyone waking me up, screaming in the bathroom, or anything else crazy. I was having a good dream, but screaming disturbed it. I guess I spoke to soon. I run downstairs and see that my mom was in the basement, screaming because there was a Cave Cricket. I start to chuckle, but I’m tired, so I go back to bed. I could not sleep because the sun was shining in my face, so I am going to get breakfast.

I am going to have an apple pastry because we ran out of bagels. My dad said he would stop at the grocery store just for me, but that would be mean. Anyway, it is Saturday.

I got washed and dressed and went into the woods. I have a secret fort that nobody except my sister, Maggy and I have seen. It is awesome. We make all sorts of things, like walking sticks to benches from things we find there. We also look for other objects. We always see bones from deer, but we don’t touch those. I collect the golf balls that are there. One time, I found a golf ball that said “ State Champion” on it, but I lost it. I spent about half of an hour there, but was called in by my mom. She said it was lunchtime.

We were having sandwiches and chips. It tasted okay, but I did not really like it. I went outside again, but this time, I was playing soccer with my brother. I was not very good because I do not play like Bryan does. He beat me by seven points and we went back inside. I was bored, so I played a game of Five Crowns with my sister. I beat her and it was 6:00 already. The day had gone by so quickly. We had chicken that Mom had made. It was really good. After dinner, I watched some television and got so tired, I went to bed at 8:30.

I hope you had a nice stay at my house!


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Typical Day stories from Zarafshan Uzbekistan

1. School.

  • I get to school on foot but when I am late I get to school by taxi.

  • In Uzbekistan school starts at 8 o’clock.

  • In our school classes finish at about 1p.m. every day.

  • Our school year starts on the 2nd September and finishes at the end of May.

  • My favorite things about school are my classmates and interesting subjects.

  • Of course, I have! My after-school activities are English, Maths, Dancing and French.

  • I study at specialized school №1. There is only one specialized school in my town.

  • We attend all classes we have in our timetable. They are: Maths,English, Russian, Biology, P.E., Constitution lesson, UNESCO lesson, the Uzbek language, Handicraft, Literature, Physics and Art.

  • We take only writing tests.

  • We have a lot of homework very seldom…because our teachers love and understand us.

  • I don’t bring my lunch and I never buy it at school because I have breakfast at home.

  • I have breakfast only at home.

2. Home

  • I usually get up at 6:40 a.m.

  • I go to bed at 10:30 p.m.

  • I live in a flat.

  • My typical meal is porridge, soup and buckwheat with chicken.

  • I don’t get an allowance because I don’t need it.

  • I live not in a city and not in a rural area. I live in a town.

  • I dance for fan!

  • I do my HOMEwork at HOME.

3. My day.

My day starts at 6:40 a.m. I wake up, wash my face and put on my uniform: a white blouse and a black skirt, when it is warm outside ,I wear trousers, when it is cold. Then (at 7:05) I have breakfast, which usually consists of my favorite porridge “5 cereals”, tea with lemon and some sweets. At 7:40 I leave home and go to school. I arrive at school at 7:55. Our classes start at 8:00. As I usually have six classes I come back home at 1:20 p.m. Then I either attend Maths, English or French lessons or go to the Dancing circle. In the evening I get ready for school - do my homework, watch TV and read books. At 10:30 p.m. I go to bed. And then a new day waits for me…

Typical Day stories from Harrogate, United Kingdom

A Day in the life of Lucy

In the morning we wake up for school at 8:00.

Before we go to school at 8:30 we have our breakfast do our teeth and get dressed imbetween.529

Is something we do when we get to school. It can be reading, maths or anything . Then we do maths until 10:00 followed by assembly. It finishes at 10:15 then we have our break time for 15 mins . We go in when the second bell goes. The first bell is when we put all the equipment away. We either have a packed lunch or school dinners. Lunch is at 12:00 and have playtime for 45 mins. Our last play is for 20 mins. Home time it is at 3:15.

After school there are some clubs like choir, kindercare, football and loads more. I go to bed at 9:00. Then I go to school and do it all again! THE END!!


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