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A Typical Day


I usually wake up at 6:00 AM and my day is started. I mostly like to have a bowl of cereal or an English muffin with butter. Then I will get dressed and maybe watch some TV, if I have time. My bus comes at 8:00 because I am on the early bus. Once I had to run after the bus until it got the next stop and I had to run 5 blocks to get to the next stop. When I finally get to the school, I go to the gym because I am early. Sometimes my friends and I play soccer. That reminds me that you may not want to be around me because somehow I always manage to get hit with a ball. When the time in the gym ends, I go to my class with Dr. Kramer. Usually homeroom is good because you can say hi to friends, but then you half to get right to work. Sometimes I forget to do my Daily Oral Language or Daily Word Problem. Then we have language arts. It is not the best time you will have, but sometimes it can be enjoyable. Then we have my favorite subject MATH MATH MATH. It’s the best subject because you get to do it on white boards and you can have some fun with it. Then we have recess and lunches, which are pretty good because you get to relax and have fun with kids you now. We currently have indoor recess for the rest of the year because of school construction, which makes it kind of boring to have to stay inside. Then the rest of it is kind of a boring, but there is one thing that is still really good. Gym is a time to relax and play sports with friends. Then when I get home I usually have a snack with my homework. After that, I go to my after school activities which include Boy Scouts, theater, and whatever my mom signs me up for.


I usually get up an 8:00 on Saturday then I eat breakfast, go on the computer, then go outside and play with my dogs, Finn and Furgey. They are Shetland sheep dogs. Then I go to baseball practice. It is fun because you can hang out with friends or just enjoy the game. When I get home from baseball, I usually go home. Once I really hated my Saturday. I had baseball, then theater, and then I had to be babysat. I resent the fact that I had to be babysat, because when you are nine, you should not be babysat. What a wasted Saturday!


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

My Typical Day

Hi! Life here in New Jersey is just like life all over the United States. Well, maybe it is a little different with the foods and other things, but generally it is all the same. In the morning I usually get tapped on the head by my mom and she says,” It is time to get up.” Usually it is about 7:45 AM or on some days my mom does not hear her alarm clock and she does not wake up. So on those I get to school late, grab the tardy slip from the lady in the main office, walk down the hallway with my head shrugged and my shoulders down, but when I get into the classroom I am always excited to see my classmates doing the DOL (Daily Oral Language) and the DWP (Daily Word Problem). The first bell rings at 8:55 and I am just so excited to find out that this is when school starts. And then I just say to myself that bell was only the first bell out of 9 others that come during the day. Well, that is only the morning, not even. Pretty hectic, huh. Well that means there still afternoon and night.

In the morning, I have a few periods of language arts and math and maybe a special once in a while. We have recess for a little bit. I usually play hangman with my friend Owen at recess. Then we go down to the cafeteria to have lunch. Friday is my favorite day for lunch because we get pizza. Even if it isn’t Friday my mom still makes me good sandwiches.

My friend got a Mac computer for Christmas and when I went to his house we made the most random song on Garage Band. The reason I am talking about this is because I just said that my mom’s sandwiches are really good and the lyrics go “Man those sandwiches taste really good. They make ‘um for me for my lunch. Yea. Yea. Yea.” Well that was just extra info. Actually it wasn’t because this song is really interesting. Actually, it might have not been. It might have been. It might not have been. Well that was just stupid. Well maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was. Well, actually I really just confused myself a lot. Who cares? At least you get to know about the song that we made. Okay, now let’s get back to my typical day.

What part of my day were we at? Oh yeah, lunch. Lunch is possibly the best part of the day. My friend Owen always does the most random things. Almost every day an aid or a teacher yells at him.

After lunch we either have library, Spanish, art, or science. Science is really fun because now we are doing a project to make a machine that is very complicated just like Rube Goldberg did. I made a machine called the Egg-O-Matic. It is how to make eggs, but easier.

Well, then sometimes we have gym. Gym is my favorite. We always play games that are very fun. Right now during gym we are playing basketball, and basketball is my favorite sport, so this is probably my favorite time during gym time this whole year.

After gym we usually have language arts and go on the laptops or we have social studies. Social studies is very interesting because my teacher knows everything about the history of Earth. If you ask him a question I bet you that he would know it.

On Mondays we have Cadet Band last period. I play the trumpet and I always have fun with my trumpet buddies.

Then at the end of the day we pack up and leave. I love this part of day because my friend, Owen, does a lot of funny things. When I get home I have to walk up to my house from the bottom of my street and I am very close to the bottom so it isn’t much of a long walk. When I get home there is usually a basketball that was left outside by me. So then I just play basketball until my mom gets home.

Then I go upstairs and play Xbox 360. My favorite game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I am always excited to get promoted. Right now I am a first prestige level 65. Sometimes I play with my iPod or go on facebook on my computer. This year I am getting a web cam for my birthday. I will always be on ooVoo or on Skype talking to my friends.

Then I usually go downstairs to have dinner. My mom makes the best food and my favorite dish is spaghetti. Also my mom makes really good ziti. After dinner sometimes my dad brings me to the store or I play catch or basketball with my dad if it is still light outside. When I go to the store I sometimes get video games or Microsoft points for Xbox 360.

In bed I watch TV and I always know what to watch. You what to know what I watch? I watch the WWE. If the WWE is not on I watch college basketball or the NBA or what’s ever on ESPN. My favorite basketball team is the Cavaliers. My favorite baseball team is the Yankees. My favorite soccer team is the Red Bulls. My favorite football team is the Giants. And my favorite college basketball team is UNC. I also watch American Idol in the beginning of the season because it is funny to watch the epic fails by some of the guys. I have to admit some of the girls are funny too. In bed I also play with my iPod Touch. My favorite app is Rag doll Blaster 2. Sometimes I listen to music on my iPod. My favorite song is Young Forever by Jay-Z. After playing with my iPod for a little, my mom walks in the door and says, ”Time to go to sleep.” So then I get my cat, put her in my bed, check my phone for any messages and then go to sleep. I leave my TV on because it helps me go to sleep. I check that all the windows are closed so that I don’t get cold. I get right back in my bed and by this time it is 10:30. Then I close my eyes and go to SLEEP!


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

At 6:45 AM Thursday morning my Dad turns the light on high, pulls the covers off me and jumps on my bed to wake me up. I get dressed, brush my hair, and go downstairs. For breakfast I either have an English muffin or a bowel of Cheerios, milk, and sugar. If I have enough time I will watch some TV. Then two kids from my school come over to get on the bus with me because their mom goes to work early. Than I Get on the bus at 8:10. School starts at around 8:45. In my class first is a language arts. We do English grammar (which can get REALLY BORING). Then I go to music class. We sing songs from Greece and more songs like that. After that, I have math. In math we divide and multiply decimals, do graphing, and convert decimals to fractions and vise versa.

Then my Class has recess. For recess my best Friend Tara and I draw on white boards, or play hangman. Next I go to lunch, I eat what my Mom has packed me. The noise is so loud in the cafeteria. It is funny hearing the teachers yelling at all the Fourth Graders. During lunch we get to play Farnsworth Trivia with our Art Teacher Mr. Farnsworth. He asks all different questions like for Math, Science, LAL, Geographic, and Social Studies. If you get the question right than you can pick a prize. After lunch my class and I have Art. In art we draw pictures, make sculptors, and this month we are filming a movie about a dot and a line. I am not sure what yet because my class hasn’t started that project yet. Once art is done, Gifted and Talented people leave (G and T). During that time we do stuff on the computer like write this essay for you. So far I have written 321words. Next, after we are done in computers, and the G n T people come back from their class I go to Science. In Science we do all different things. We do invitations, record what we have learned from our investigation, read in our science book, watch movies, take tests and quizzes. Later, we go to Social Studies. Dr. Kramer teaches about the history of Canada, Latin America, and tells about the Mayans, the Aztecs, and others that we are learning about now. Than, I take the bus home. I sit with Morgan. Morgan is in the other fifth grade class but she is still my best friend along with Tara.

YEAH! ITS FRIDAY! On Friday I wake up at 6:45 AM as always, eat breast, get dressed, and watch some TV. Than Alison and Mike come over to get on the bus with me. Once I get to school we do the usual boring Langue arts or sometimes we do some handwriting. We practice cursive letters like A B C D E F G (Yea, it’s hard to read, I know). Then we do Math. Yea! I got a 98% on my Math Test. Math is one of my favorite subjects. If I had to pick a subject to do all day I would so so so so do Math then recess. I play on my white board. I either practice the math I just learned or I draw pictures on it. At lunch I eat the homemade lunch my Mom packed or the one I packed myself. Than I might go up to a snack from the cafeteria ladies but I might not because of the long line of people to bye lunch because it would be pizza day every one gets pizza on Friday pizza is the best in my school served. After I get a snack (if I even do), finish my lunch, and than get in line to go back to homeroom and get my books ready, I go to Science. When I go to science you can never know what you will do. Right now I am coming up with a machine to draw out and create I am thinking of making or drawing a machine that makes and scrambles scrambled eggs. Next is my FAVORITE part of the day. It is gym Time. Mrs. Nosker does awesome games and warm-ups. Now we are doing basketball and I remember a lot of people liking basketball from the last videoconference we had. Once you leave the gym, you will want to fall asleep. But you cannot, (awwww) because you have to get ready to write, read, and listen, It is Social Studies time. We take notes, listen to stories, and watch movies about what we have learned over the last week or so. Than we do computers, and type a Kids Page story for the local newspaper, or we write this for you. After we do typing, we might read a story in our reading books. Than I go to parent pick-up with my best Friend 4 ever, and EVER! WE are parent- pickup because we go to gymnastics together. I can do standing back-tucks by myself, standing back-hand-spring by myself (all on the floor) and aerials on the beam, solar-circles on the high bar, and fulls over the vault. After gymnastic, I bring Tara home, get pizza with my Dad, and go to bed.

OWWWWW! how nice, it is Saturday, the day I can sleep in and get to make pancakes for my family. After I am done eating my breakfast, I go to the dump with my dad. When I get home, I work in the yard with my dad. Next I go to open gym at Shields with my best friend Tara. It lasts two hours and we only do gymnastic. When we are done with open gym, Tara and I have a play date or a sleepover. Lastly, we get a good night sleep.


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

A Typical Day In Franklin Township

My name is Mary Grace. There are many exciting things that I do in my life. Some of my hobbies are playing violin, basketball, track, and horseback riding. On Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, I start the day when my mom gets up and says, “ Mary Grace, you are going to miss school if you do not get up!” I can always hear my brothers screaming at each other like two old women because somebody steals a toy car or some other toy from somebody else. I make my bed, eat breakfast, (which is usually an English muffin, cereal, or toast) get dressed, brush my hair, and brush my teeth. Then I put my shoes on and head out the door to my bus stop which is at the stop sign. I get on the bus and talk to my friends. Since I am on the early bus, I have to wait until all the other children get off the bus to go to class. Then it is time to unpack and start class. On Wednesday, we start to do Daily Oral Language and then English. The Daily Oral Language is when we have to fix a sentence that is incorrect. After that, we do music with Mrs. Egge and then math. I like different kinds of math. Some are geometry and fractions. I also like long division. Then we have recess and lunch. At recess, I usually play Hangman or Connect Four. I usually bring my own lunch. I barely ever buy.

After lunch, we have Spanish. Our teacher, Mrs. Bradley, is very nice. We are learning about ways to say different types of clothes in Spanish. Next, we go to science with Mrs. Quick. Right now we are learning about forces and simple machines. Then we have Social Studies. We have a quiz almost every other day. If we do not have a quiz, we are taking a test or reading from our textbooks. There is an extra period that we use for laptop time. The children are dismissed at 3:15 P.M. I go to Parent Pickup on Wednesday because I have violin lessons at my teacher, Mrs. Roth’s, house.

My mom drives me to Mrs. Roth’s house and I start my lesson. I am working on a few songs. They are Minuet Number One, Minuet Number Two, Minuet Number Three, Irish Washerwoman, and Rigadoon. I am going to play Rigadoon with Laurel at the Spring Concert. Then my mom brings me home. After that, I do my homework which is usually a math page, spelling, and studying for a quiz or test. After I finish my homework, I play games. Sometimes, I play board games or go outside with my brothers. Next, I have dinner which is sometimes chicken, salad, green beans, and many other foods. Then I play with my brothers some more and go to bed. That is the end of the night.

The next morning I take care of myself like I usually do. I get myself ready for school. I get on the bus and talk. I get in the gym and wait until we can go to class. After waiting, we start class. I unpack and get ready for the day. We do our Daily Oral Language and then handwriting. I cannot stand handwriting. After handwriting comes reading. We either work in our workbook, read a story from our textbooks, or answer our reading questions. I do not like any of them except reading the story. After, we start our math. In math, we check our homework, do a review sheet of the lesson we did the day before, and learn our new lesson. Then we have recess. It stinks because since there is construction going on, we cannot go outside for recess. After recess, we have lunch. Next, we have art with Mr. Farnsworth which I love. We are going to make a film. Then some children are in a program called Gifted and Talented. It is for children that are very smart who can go for a fun lesson that is extra. If you are not in G+T, you work on laptops. After G+T or laptops, we go to science with Mrs. Quick. Right now we are learning about forces and simple machines. I like science a lot. I especially like marine biology. Next comes Social Studies. The only time period that I love is the Revolutionary War. Then we pack up and get on the bus. When I get home, I do my homework. Then I play with my brothers or play a game. I am starting track, so at 7:00, I go to track. Track is about an hour and a half, so I get home at about 8:30. Then I get home and get ready to go to bed. I might watch TV too for a little while before I go to bed. Then I go to bed and the night is over.

I wake up and it is Friday. Hooray! I do my morning duties and get off to school. I am probably tired because the week was very long. I rush out the door to get on the bus. Then we get to the school and wait and in the gym. Waiting in the gym is so annoying. I do not like it. Finally, the children get to school, and I can go. I unpack and start my Daily Oral Language. Next is English. I like English a lot. It is very fun to me. After English, we start reading. I do not like reading from our textbook as much as I like reading from a book that you are reading for pleasure. After reading is math. Now we are learning about fraction operations. Some of the lessons are hard and some are easy. Next, I have recess. I play Connect Four with Clara, Haley, and Laurel. After that comes lunch. I get to see my friend Amber from the other class. She is very funny and nice. After lunch, we walk back to the classroom for our afternoon work.

It is now time to go to science. We have a lot of fun in science. We get to do experiments and a bunch of other things. Then we get out of science and go to gym. In gym we play basketball, baseball, obstacle courses, and other fun games. Now we are playing basketball. That is my favorite sport. Next is an extra period. We usually go on laptops or do our Test Ready. Test Ready is a book that we have to write in for either math or language. It is supposed to help us practice for the New Jersey Ask. I do not like it at all, but I know I have to do it if I want to do well. It is now Social Studies. We are learning about Latin America. It is kid of interesting, but not that much in my opinion. After Social Studies, we get ready to go home. We pack up and wait until the buses are called. I get on the bus and get home. When I get home, I just relax. I might play with my brothers or read a book. Either one is fun. I might also play basketball outside. Next, it is time for dinner. Dinner on Friday is usually pizza or chicken with vegetables. Then I watch a funny movie from On Demand. I love funny movies. I watch the movie and then go to bed. It was a long week!

As you can see, my life is busy. I have so many things to do. I love what I do, though, which is the main thing. From violin to basketball, I like it all. It is all fun to do. No matter what, I love life, and that is important. I enjoy what I can. Thank you for listening to my story!

Mary Grace

Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

On Saturdays, my mom or dad shout, “Wake up or I will dump water on your head!” I usually I wake up when my mom or dad says so. After that, I go to eat breakfast, at 11:30 AM. Eventually; I go into the car to my dance class. We warm up to do our dance. After dance class, we go home either play basketball outside or ride our bikes from 1:45 to 4:15 PM. Then at 5:30, we have dinner with my mom, dad, grandma, my sister (Victoria), and me (Nicole). Lastly, at 9:30 I go to bed and fall asleep right away.

On Sundays I wake up in the morning, I eat my breakfast, I get dressed, and we go to the 12:00 mass. At one o’clock we go to eat lunch. Next, we go home and my sister and I start on our homework from Friday. Then, at 5:30 we have dinner with my mom, dad, grandma, my sister, and me. Lastly, at 9:30, I brush my teeth and go to bed.

On Monday, I wake up in the morning, eat my breakfast, and get dressed to go to school. At 8:25 A.M. I leave for school and I get there at 8:35. When I get into the classroom, I have to give my homework/tests/papers to Dr. Kramer. Then, at 10:20 to 11:01 A.M. we have technology. We are working on designing a shirt. Whatever state we have, we put its sate symbols on it. At 11:05 we do math until 11:35 A.M., then we have recess. After recess we have lunch, I usually I sit with Josh, and Victoria (my sister). At 12:25 P.M. we have science with Mrs. Quick. I love science with Mrs. Quick because we do so many fun things! Next, period we have Social Studies. Last period, some people have cadet band and the other people have to read.


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Typical Day

My three typical days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Wednesday I get up and take a shower, pick out my outfit, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, go to school, come back home, do homework, then I go to gymnastics. About two or three days ago, I went to a food challenger. I used to be allergic to milk, but I am not allergic to milk anymore. I have tried a lot of things like a gourmet cookie, a milk muffin with butter on it, Swiss cheese, American cheese, provolone cheese, as well as other cheeses.

On Thursday I pretty much do the same thing that I did on Wednesday except I go with my grandmother. My grandmother is the best. She will buy me anything I want. My grandmother helps me with hard things in life. I love my grandmother so much.

On Saturday I wake up at 6:45AM because I have to open up my dad’s store called Perricone’s Market. Then I go to CCD religious school then I am with my grandmother again. I have a dog, Bobo. He is on my dad’s side. Bobo is that best dog I have ever had. I love my dog, Bobo.


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