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Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

A Day in My Life- From Beginning to End


BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! That is how my day starts off. The sound of several alarm clocks going off at 6:30 in the morning. (On a weekend, however, you cannot DRAG me out of bed.) I struggle to get out of bed and pull on whatever clothes I can grab first. I throw a pillow over the alarm clock and head to the bathroom. I lock the door and sleep for another 15 minutes. I am awakened by the pounding on the door of my brother for his morning bathroom break. I come downstairs, butter a piece of toast, wrap it in a napkin, and take it to go. I stuff it in my backpack and grab my lunch box. I head to the bathroom and wash up. Then, I put my jacket on and leave a note to my mom saying that I left for school.

I walk up my driveway, also known as Billy Goat’s Hill, and climb on the bus. I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait and finally arrive at school. I walk in and plop myself down in my seat next to my friend, Haley. Then we begin language arts. We normally do Daily Oral Language and spelling. After that I go to band practice. I play my violin and then leave for two periods of math. Math is great! We have whiteboards and write the answers to problems on them. Dr. Kramer, our teacher, tells us if we have it right or not. After that we go to recess and lunch.

I never buy lunch. I can give you three good reasons why: 1. I think some of the food may be poisonous. 2. It’s a waste of money. 3. The lines are gigantic!!!! (Especially Friday, witch is pizza day.) After lunch we go right to art.

We get back and I go to Gifted and Talented. We do things like make catapults, solve mysteries, and find a bottle of potion that has poison in it. When we get back, we go to science class. Right now, we are making inventions that make a task easier to do. Like feeding your pet, or setting the table. The last period of the day is social studies. We copy down notes, watch videos and read our book. The end of the day is here. With my backpack weighing about a hundred pounds, I waddle out the door. I climb on the bus and stare out the window. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Time goes by and I get home. THANK THE LORD!!!!! I thought this time would never come. I get into my PJ’s and climb into bed. I would stay there for eternity, but I am awakened 57 minutes later by the call of my mom telling me it’s time to eat. We normally get take out such as Chinese or pizza. After dinner I go into the family room and play the Wii. I have a game called Wii Ski, and you basically ski down a mountain and try to get the highest score. (By the way, I ALWAYS beat my brother!) I walk up into my room and watch TV. The last words I hear before total darkness are “Lights Out”.


Oh, Friday. The exact same thing as Thursday, But you have that reminder in the back of your head saying, “ tomorrow is Saturday”. I watch the clock tick. Come on, come on, come on, come on, and then the final bell rings. I jump out of my seat, grab my backpack, and hop on the bus. I run down my driveway (It takes a long time because my driveway is really long!) and speed into my house. I take off my shoes, and get a T-shirt and shorts on. I calmly walk down the stairs, grab some iced tea and a mystery novel, and head outside. I sit in my lawn chair and enjoy the rest of the day.

OK, so you heard that story. Now, you can hear the better one.


What’s this? No alarm clock? No mother waking me up? No brothers bouncing on my bed? There’s only one explanation. IT IS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, there is not really much to tell you about Saturdays because I basically sleep through it. So if I did manage to wake up this is how it would go. I wake up at 9:30, in order to go to my basketball game at 10:30. We have a really good team, but we haven not been able to practice, so we haven’t been winning any games.

I eat eggs and buttered toast that my dad makes for me. My dad and I have one thing in common, we both love to sleep. Saturday is the one-day of the week that he gets up early. I go to my basketball game and come home with one of my friends: Clara, Mary Grace, or Bryn.

We go to my house and play the Wii, make a craft, watch a movie, and relax outside. We continue to have fun, and then eat dinner. We spend the rest of the day in my room we watch football, or whatever is on TV, play sleeping bag fight, or invent weird words. We stay up really late, and completely fall asleep at any random time.

If you are to stay at my house for a few days, you better be ready to get up early to catch the bus and be able to drown out the sound of two obnoxious brothers fighting almost every second of the day.


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Typical Day

The three typical days of my life are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

On all these days I wake up at six in the morning and watch TV while my mom gets ready for work. When my mom goes downstairs with me I normally sit on the couch and look outside. Then we give my cat some treats. My sister wakes up at seven while I eat breakfast. We also have television shows to keep us on schedule for going to school. It is always the same walk to school. We go out the door, through the property line, around the buses, and then to the office. Also our school periods are the same on those days.

When I get home I have a snack, put my backpack on the table, and start homework. Then when I am done I normally read or draw. After an hour, my cat, which is an indoor cat, begs to go outside for two minutes. We let her out and she looks at the birds for a little bit, then she comes in. My dad comes home at four o’clock, and my mom comes home at six o’clock. My sister normally goes on the laptop and I play on the main computer. Around five, I decide to play in my room or find something to do. At five thirty my sister goes in the basement to play video games. My mom comes home a half hour later to start dinner. On these days we normally have comfort food like meatloaf, stir fry, beef stew, or noodles and sausage.

After dinner my sister and I watch television in the basement and play games. We love to watch the Food Network and food shows. We always watch Food Challenge if it has cake or chocolate. The chocolate shows make us drool and the cake shows amaze us. Once we saw a cake about five feet high! We can not stop watching these shows!

When the food shows are over I go up stairs because my sister turns on a reality show. I think they’re pretty boring, but that is my opinion.

It’s about nine o’clock and I brush my teeth, wash my face, and clean my retainer. I go back into my room and put my pajamas on. Then, I go into my parents’ room to watch Ghost Hunters. We do not know if the ghosts are real, but that is the fun part! The show ends at nine thirty and I crawl into my bed and go to sleep.

These days are like patterns for me because they all begin and end the same. I think it is funny how I think every day is the same. The truth is that every day is different. Even though I just told you how those days are the same, do not believe me because they are all different.


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown New Jersey, USA

My Normal Day

“Joseph, get up,” I hear my mom yell to me from downstairs.

Most of the time my parents wake me up at 7:45 AM, but I never said that’s when I actually get out of my bed. I get out of my bed at around 7:55 because I am the kind of kid that likes to sleep in. I get dressed and go downstairs to my kitchen. Most days I have cereal, but I also have waffles too. Every morning at the breakfast table, my brother flicks my ear tying to annoy the life out of me like he always does. Every day my dad is always in a huge rush to get on the bus for some reason. I always hear him screaming at me to get in the car. The bus comes at about 8:15 and we get in the car at 8:11.

Once I get on the bus I have no one to sit next to. All my friends get on later in the bus ride. When my friends get on though we talk and have conservations. School starts at about 8:45. I come in, sit in my seat, and do the DOL (Daily Oral Language) and the daily word problem.

After everyone is done with that we go over it. We then have more language arts. After those two periods are over our class has math. Math is my favorite subject in school. In math class when Dr. Kramer asks us a question we hold up our white boards. I remember one day in math when I was holding my white board I kept dropping it. One of the times I dropped it, it fell on the kid’s head that was sitting right next to me. His name is Casey.

After Math we have recess. Recess starts at 11:45 and ends at 11:53. Recess is a very fun time of the day, but it is kind of boring now because our school is doing construction. This means that we can only have indoor recess for now.

Lunch might be the funniest part of the day. It is after recess. One lunch period a kid in the other class named Chris had a dollar in his lunch box. After that he kept saying, “I have one dollar” in a really high and funny voice. Next, I raised my hand to get a teacher. A teacher came over and said what’s the problem. I said Chris has one dollar. She paused for a few seconds and said “so.” Then everyone at our table started to laugh. From that point on everyone has been telling the aide that Chris has one dollar.

Some days at lunch when certain teachers are in the lunchroom we play this trivia game called Farnsworth Trivia. Farnsworth Trivia is a trivia game where Mr. Farnsworth, the art teacher, asks a question and a grade has to answer the question. If they answer the question right they get a prize.

The period after lunch varies. It could be science, Spanish, library, or art. Art is another very fun period because I love to draw and make art.

Next period we either have gym or another language period. My favorite special is gym because I like to run and I play a lot of sports. My favorite game to play in gym is football. The only down side of playing football in gym is that you cannot tackle people. I really love to tackle people for some reason. One time I tackled my brother because he was annoying me. Just kidding I couldn’t tackle my brother if I tried.

After those periods we have social studies or math. Social studies can be very fun. In social studies we either watch a movie, read the chapter, have a quiz, or we have a test. No matter what we do it is still fun.

After that period it is the end of the day and we start to pack up to go home. That is probably one of the best parts of the day. Once the buses get called we are running as fast as we can to go to the bus. On the bus I usually do my homework because I want to get it over with. It can be kind of annoying sometimes because it’s very loud and everything like that. One time when I was doing my homework with my friend’s hand hit my pencil and I scribbled all over my paper.

When I get home, I walk up my enormous driveway to get to my house. My mom greets me with the usual, “How was school?” I say good and walk away to my Xbox 360, my television, or my computer. I have an Xbox like account. My name is Edoggboy. It is a pretty weird name but I am not in charge of the Xbox. My brothers are, they are obsessed with it.

Once I play with one of those three things I go outback to hit golf balls with my dad. Next, I go back inside to have a snack and then have dinner. Sometimes I take a shower right after dinner or sometimes I take a shower at around 7:30 PM. When American Idol is on I watch it with my parents. I love watching horrible people in the first round. My favorite person was the guy that sang pants on the ground.

After American Idol I go to bed unless it ends at 9:00 PM. If American Idol ends at 9:00 I go in bed and play with my iPod for about an hour. Every night when I am sound asleep my brother walks in and turns on the light. I wake up and get mad at him for waking me up, but I get over it and play with my iPod in bed for another 10 Minutes. One night my brother said he told me that it was time to go to school when I was sound asleep. Then about 10 minutes later I started to sleep talk and I said, “Do I have to get out now?” I don’t know why I said that, but I thought it was funny.

Well, that was my typical day, it basically restarts every day unless I have a basketball game or it is the weekend.


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

I get up at 7:00 and it is usually the same every day. Our dad wakes us up by yelling at the top of his lungs or by shaking my bed until I fall off. Then we eat breakfast and get dressed for school. Then fight with my brother and play some video games. Next we go out to the bus and maybe my friend Owen (a.k.a. Obo) will let me play his Ipod and my other friend Joe watches.

I get to school by bus and our school starts at 8:45 AM and ends at 3:15 PM. Our school year usually starts somewhere at the beginning of September and ends in June, maybe longer. My favorite things at school are physical education or gym, science, math and Spanish. In physical education, we do fun stuff like hockey, basketball, whiffleball and other activities. In science, we get to do projects like making something that’s never been made before or something like that. Math, we have white boards that we do our work on. And in Spanish, we have fun and make communities out of materials. My favorite after school activities is to meet up with some of my friends and play games outside. In school I attend band and chorus, those are for two days a week. We have music on Wednesday with Spanish class and the next day we have art and next week we are making a flip note sort of video. And on Friday we have physical education again. FINALLY comes the weekend where I am free to roam around my back yard.

Now I usually invite friends over to hang around for a little while and play with me. Sometimes I have relatives over instead. But every summer my grandparents come up from Florida and stay in the trailer in the back. When Sunday comes, it is not my favorite day. I say this because my mom always nags us to get up so early (6:30) so I get angry at that, she makes me clean my room 24/7 this the day. I do my homework, get in the shower, and I use to go to church.

Then my week starts over with everything said about in the three paragraphs. So this is my typical day (week).


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Typical Day

My three typical days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday I wake up at 6:30 AM to take a shower or at 7:00. Then I get dress and go downstairs to eat breakfast. Then I pack my lunch, organize my backpack, brush my teeth, and leave for school. My bus loosely comes at 8:15 and my sister, Sam, has to yell at me because I make too much noise in the car, (which I really do not). Then we get on the bus. Then in my seat is my bus buddy, Emilie. Its takes us about 20 to 25 minutes to get to the school.

While the ride there, Emilie and I talk, play, and lots while we are waiting. When the bus arrives to the school we stand up and stretch. We wait about 10 minutes and then we get off and go to our classrooms. When I get in my classroom I hand in my homework and start Daily Oral Language and then do Daily Word Problem. After everyone is done we start checking our work, then my friend Stephanie and I get in a fight about who should collect the books. Stephanie loosely wins. Then we do all of our other stuff in school.

At 3:15 PM, school ends and every one all screams and shouts because the day has ended. When I get home from school I change into my riding clothes and go outside to ride my pony, Frosty. Did you know that I am getting married? I am not really getting married, but I am getting married to my pony Frosty. When I am tacking Frosty up he always tries to bite me, but I bite his ear, (just kidding). Then when I am done putting his saddle on I have to put the horrible bridle on. It is horrible because when I go to put the bit in his mouth he wont take it because he does not like it, so it takes me a long time to tack up. Then when I am finally done, I go riding. Then I go over some ground poles and my pony goes so slow that he steps on them and breaks the poles.

When I am done with Frosty, I race my sister inside and usually always win. Then I eat diner. When I eat ribs the sauce gets an over my face and I have to wash my hands every 5 seconds. After diner I finish up my homework and then I get in the shower. My mom rescues dogs and my sister and I have to sleep downstairs with the dog, so I have to get my bed ready. I go to bed around 8:00 or 8:30 PM. Sometimes my sister likes to watch television and she stays up forever. We always get in a fight because it is 10:00 at night and my sister is still up and I always say “Sam its 10:00, can we go to bed?” My sister always says “NO”. Then my mom gets in and says time for bed and my sister keeps me up because she cannot fall asleep.

When I wake up on Thursday morning I cannot get up because my sister would not let me fall asleep. When I finally get up I get dressed and go downstairs to eat breakfast. When I am done I go back up stairs to brush my teeth. When I am done I go back downstairs to brush my hair, but my sister is in and I think oh no she will be in there forever. My sister takes forever when she brushes her hair. Once she sees that I need to brush my hair she takes even longer. When she is finally out I brush my hair then get everything ready for school. Now the bus comes at 8:22 and we are not used to that time so sometimes we miss the bus. When I get to school I walk into my class- room and start my Daily Oral Language and Daily Word Problem. Then we check it. Once we are done with that we do all of our other stuff in school, and then we go home. When I get home I ride my pony Frosty and I go inside and eat diner then do my homework. After all that I sometimes fight with my sister for fun, then go to bed.

When I wake up Friday morning I am so happy because tomorrow is Saturday. I get dressed and go downstairs for breakfast, and then I brush my hair, back my book bag, and go back up stairs to pack my gymnastics cloth. Every Friday after school I go to gymnastics with my best friend Grace. We both love gymnastics very much, so that is what we do it with each other. Those are my three typical days that I enjoy the most.


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

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