My Typical Day Room 215 2nd Grade

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Room 215

2nd Grade

Table of Contents

  • Responses from our neighbors in the United States and around the World

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  • Ogden Students Typical Day

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  • What We Learned

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Responses from our

Neighbors in the

United States and

around the World

Typical Day stories from the students of Grade 5, Franklin Township School, Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

My Average Day

Starting in September when school starts, my dad wakes me up at 7:00 in the morning, which is totally unfair because all my friends wake up around 7:45 and he wouldn’t do that if my brother, didn’t take a half-hour long shower. If I don’t get up he yanks off my covers screaming, “GET OUT OF BED NOW OWEN,” and he pulls me by the legs out of bed. For breakfast I will have any cereals healthy to sugar filled in the morning. So I get on the bus at and get to school around 8:40 and I am stuck at the k-8 school for a whole dreaded day. I have five minutes to get ready for school. One day, I had calculator wars with my BFF Casey. We went up by one and stopped hitting equals each time to see who could get the highest at 1:05. He had defeated me 35,782-35,456.

One of my favorite subjects in school is math. It is especially fun this year because instead of writing all the answers in a notebook, we write them down on a dry erase board and hold them up for him to check. The worst part is tests. Especially science tests because science is my worst subject. It always has been ever since I got to school. That’s not the only test though. There are also math, English, reading, vocabulary, social studies, and other tests.

Sometimes I’ll buy my lunch at the school, but I prefer my mom’s lunch. My lunch food from home is always good, but you can’t count on the school’s lunches. Sometimes the school has good lunches, but not always the most appetizing.

Right now I am learning about decimals in math, Latin America n Social Studies, and forces in science. At recess I like to play hangman with my friends. Once the school day is finally over, I go home on the bus doing my homework and looking out the window at my beautiful rural environment. Then I get off at my averaged-sized house. I don’t usually get up my driveway unharmed due to my brother’s urge to show dominance. That’s not pretty.

When I walk in I listen my music on my iPod, do my homework and play with my fun-loving dog Zeus. Then I eat a snack and wait until my mom makes dinner. It’s worth the wait because she makes some of the best food I’ve ever had. I only do one chore and that is recycling. I bring out the recycling every week. I get allowance for the number grade I’m in. So now that I’m in fifth grade in get five dollars a week. One of my favorite things to do is play basketball. I play in a recreation league and now I’m going to a league called Hunterdon Hoops. My friend Sean chucked it from half court and swished it.

One of my favorite after school things to do is theater. I am currently in a play called Oliver. I have four parts: orphan, shoe shiner, young boy, and bookseller’s son. Previous productions I’ve been in include Scrooge, The Emperor’s New Clothes (which I was the king in), and The Princess and the Pea. Theater is a lot of fun, but it’s really annoying when people mess around. For example, there is a third grader in it whose name is Jack, and the whole time all he does is mess around. Then he starts talking about beating up a fifth grader who is twice his size. Of course he can’t, but the fifth grader gets mad and they start a fight.

My brother gets really annoying when he wants to play my iPod (which he does every day). First he asks me and I say he can play in a little while. He says, “ Okay.” About two minutes later he asks again. I say, “ In a little while.” Abut two minutes later he comes back and starts screaming at me about how I’m unfair and I never let him play then he punches, kicks, or any other form of way he can hurt me and then I give him it. Who does he think he is? It’s my iPod.

Another thing I do is piano which I enjoy a lot. I am getting really good and I am going to play a song I memorized to my class. It is called the “Thunderer March” by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is very peppy and took me months to memorize. Now I have it and can walk up to a piano and play it without even sitting down in less than thirty seconds. This probably doesn’t sound very great. This song takes up a whole page in my piano book. Plus my hands have to move around like crazy nonstop throughout the song. I am learning another song called “Radestky March” also by Johann Sebastian Bach. I am just learning it and it might become my new favorite song to play

A hobby I have is pogo sticking. My record is something above 1,000 jumps without falling. My friends say it’s amazing, but all it takes is a little bit of practice. BY a little bit I mean a little bit. I’ve only gone in my driveway about twenty-five times to go pogo sticking. If you think it’s amazing my friend, Casey Byron, who I introduced pogo sticking to would agree.

I also like to pay a sport my friend and I play called room basketball. We get mini hoops in our room and stick them up and shoot at them with mini basketballs. We make crazy shots and name them things like super epic.

The last thing I like to do is hang out with my friends. We play games such as Xboxes, iPod touches, and sports. The sports we pay are basketball, baseball, and sometimes soccer. One time I was at my friend Joe’s house and I was pretending to throw a baseball at him and I let go. Luckily, he is the fastest runner in my grade and was able to get out of the way.

That is my typical day.

Owen Zimmerbaum

Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

A Typical Day For Me

On a typical day such as Thursday, Friday, and Saturday there is a lot going on. On Thursdays and Fridays I get up at 7:10 in the morning. My grandmother gets my sister, my brothers, and me up in the morning. I brush my teeth, brush my hair, and get dressed. Then, I go downstairs to feed my two birds, Boomer and Rico. After I feed my birds, I pack my lunch if I am bringing a lunch to school. Then I eat my breakfast that is usually cereal or toast. When I am done with my breakfast, it is usually 8:05, time to go to the bus. I get on the bus at 8:13.

When I get to school I unpack my backpack and go to my desk. Then I give my math homework to Dr. Kramer. After I give my homework to Dr. Kramer, I start Daily Oral Language or DOL and Daily Word Problem or DWP. When we are done correcting DOL and DWP we correct our spelling homework. When we are done with that we eater do reading or English. When we are done with reading or English we do math. To start off math, we check our homework. After we check our math homework, we do a worksheet from yesterday’s lesson. When we are done correcting that we move on to today’s math lesson. When we are done with math, we have recess and lunch. On Thursday after lunch we have art class. When art is over we have language arts. After language arts, we have science. Ffor the last period on Thursday, we have social studies. On Fridays after lunch, we have science. When we are done with science, we have gym. After gym, we have language arts. And on the last period on Friday, we have social studies.

After school on Thursday I do my homework and sometimes go to the barn to have a horseback riding lesson or just ride. If I do not go to the barn, I sit around watching television. If I do go to the barn, I will get my pony ready to ride. When my pony is ready, I will ride her. When I ride her, I will walk her around the ring to get her warmed up. Then I will go trot her for 20 minutes. I trot her for 20 minutes because when I have a lesson or I go to a show she gets tired quickly. When I am trotting her, I will do a lot o circles, serpentines, half turns, changing direction inside a circle, and shallow serpentines. I will walk her after I trot her so she can catch her breath. I will then go and canter her. When I am cantering her, I will do a lot of circles to make her stronger. When I am done riding her, I will get off, brush her, and put here away. I will clean my tack after I put her away. Then I will go home eat dinner, take a shower, and go to bed.

On Fridays after school, I will go to the barn to ride my pony. I will get her ready to ride. I will ride her. When I ride her, she will trot for 20 minutes. While I am trotting, I will do circles and a lot of other things. Then I will canter and then I will walk and get off. Then I will brush her, put her away, and clean my tack. Then I will go home and eat dinner and watch television.

On Saturday morning I have to get up at 8:00, get dressed, and eat breakfast to leave at 9:00 to go to CCD. We go to Kingwood Township School for CCD. CCD starts at 9:30 A.M. and ends at 11:00 P.M. After CCD, my brother and I get dropped off at the barn to ride our ponies and help get ponies ready for lessons. When I ride my horse trots for 20 minutes. When I am trotting I will do circles and a lot of other things. Then I will walk for a couple of minutes so she can catch her breath. Then I will get off, brush her, and clean my tack. Then I will go home.

When I am home, I will eat lunch. For the rest of the day, I will watch TV and do what my mom tells me to like to clean my room, make my bed, or dust my room. Then when it time to eat dinner, I will go eat. After dinner, I will change from my barn clothes to my pajamas. We usually will watch a movie on our projector. When the movie is over, I will go to bed.

That is a typical day for me for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There is a lot going on for me for those three days.


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

A Typical Day For Me

A typical Thursday, Friday, Saturday for me goes like this: Thursday morning I get up around 7:00 AM to hear my dad yelling for us to finally get up, so I get up and take a shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast. My brothers, Charlie, Christopher, and I fight over who gets Simon, our bird, first. Do not worry; he does not get hurt.

Then I get my instrument, a bass guitar, and put it in the car. Around 8:15, my dad drives my brothers and me out to the bus stop. When the bus comes at 8:22, I haul my bass guitar on the bus and wait until we get to school.

At school I unpack my heavy backpack and start DOL. DOL stands for Daily Oral Language. Then around 11:00 I go to my bass guitar lessons. When I get back I continue my day. The rest is a little boring, so I will just skip right to when I go home. When I get off the bus, I have to haul my instrument and me down our 1/2-mile driveway to get home. That is if my mom is not there to pick me up. When I walk in, I am welcomed by a load sound from Simon, so I take him out of his cage. I then have a snack that is usually popcorn, but it is not just me who likes it. Simon will fly off his play gym and state eating the popcorn right out of the bowl! Next I start my homework. My homework usually consists of a math work sheet, a page of spelling, and studying for any tests or quizzes that might be coming up.

After a while of reading my book, Harry Potter and the Goblin of Fire, watching TV, and playing outside, we have dinner. On a typical Thursday our dinner is pasta, but that may vary. Then around 9:00 PM we go to bed.

Friday morning is very similar except that I do not take a shower or my bass guitar to school, but again I wake up to here my dad yelling at us. I usually have eggs and orange juice for breakfast. Then again my dad drives us out to the bus at 8:15 AM. I will wait for the boring bus ride to get to school to start the typical Friday.

When I get to school I unpack my Nike backpack and start what we do every day, DOL. After DOL and the two periods of English we will go to computers. Right now we are doing a state project. My state is New Mexico. I think the project is a little boring because I have done it a million times before. When we finish the state project, we get to design a design about our state to put on a tee shirt.

After that I have Math. Math is my favorite subject, so I look forward to it everyday. Then finally we have recess. At recess I play Connect Four with my friends: Haley, Mary Grace, and Laurel. Next we have science, gym, social studies, and finally after a long day at school I get to wait even longer for bus F to come. When F finally comes and I get to go home I have a snack of popcorn, which I share with Simon and then I do my homework. Friday’s typical homework is the same as Thursday except I don’t have spelling. After homework, we will have dinner around 6:30. It will usually be homemade pizza. Then again around 9:00 PM we will go to bed.

Ah, finally Saturday morning. Saturday you would think I would sleep in until like 12:00, but I do not! I get up around 7:30 AM. I get Simon out of his cage and go watch whatever is on Nickelodeon until 8:00. At 8:00 we will watch Pet Star on Animal Planet. When my mom get back from the Health Quest (the local gym). She gets up at 4:00 AM, we have a pancake and sausage breakfast. My brothers and I will go play outside, but if it is raining, we will stay inside.

At noon, everybody comes into the kitchen (Mom, Dad, Charlie, Christopher, and me) for lunch. I will have a turkey, basil, tomatoes, and goat cheese sandwich on flat bread, but then if we do not have those ingredients I will just have a salami sandwich with chips. The rest of the day is just hanging around. The dinner for Saturday night will vary, so I do not know what we will have. At 7:00 PM I will watch the Food Network Challenge on the Food Network, but if is not on, we will get a movie from On Demand. When that movie is over we walk tiredly u stairs for a good night’s sleep.

So there you have it, my 844 word essay on what a typical Thursday, Friday Saturday is for me.


Grade 5

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

An Ordinary Day at My House


My alarm clock starts going off. “Dang it,” I say under my breath, I meant to turn that off. I threw it at the wall. It finally turned off!

“Sean, time to get up.” My dad always wants me up early. I turn my head to look at the clock. 7:00 AM. I stand up and walk out to my living room. I plop myself down next to my dog. He starts licking me.

“Dusty, stop!” I tell him, and he obeys my command by running into my room. “Finally” I thought, “I can watch T.V.” There is nothing good on the news. Stock markets crashing, rain is coming, and something about the war in Iraq. I flip through the channels for a while and I finally find a show I like, My Name is Earl.

In few minutes, I start eating breakfast. My dad gives me my backpack. I get into my dad’s car and he brings me down to the bus stop. My mom and brother are already in school, but I’m not at school yet. On the way to the bus stop, my dad and I always pick up my neighbor. He always gets in the wrong side of the car. Sometimes, he opens the car door and some of my dad’s tools fall out!

Up the hill, on my road, I start to see red and yellow lights flashing. “Bus!” I scream as loud as I can. Once I get on the bus, I start talking to my friends. We talk about everything. Like what we did when we got home and what we are doing today. Today is Tuesday and I have ski club. I will get to Shawnee Mountain and snowboard after school. In school, I will first go to Language Arts or Reading. Next, I will go to math. Then recess, at last. I never get my school’s cafeteria food unless I like it. There are only a few things I like. I like the cafeteria’s chicken fries, popcorn chicken, and chicken patty.

At 2:45 PM, I get on a coach bus with other middle school kids and we head to Shawnee Mountain. When we are there, my friends and I go snowboarding. I love to do rails and go off jumps. When I get home around 10:00 PM. I watch T.V. for a while and then I go to bed around 10:30.


Ding, Ding, Ding!!! “Stop ringing,” I yell at my alarm clock!

“What are we doing today, Sean?” I completely forgot Joe slept over.

“Lets go play Call of Duty Modern Warfare2.” After I hang out for a while, I go to my basketball game. We have only won one game this year. It was our first game and I played point guard. We are in the playoffs and have a game today. That was not the most important event to me today though. Today is my birthday. March 13. I am very excited and I hope that I win my basketball game.

At night I will play x-box 360 with my brother and watch T.V. I will go to bed around 11:00 PM. I love to go outside and use my telescope on nice nights.


I open my eyes on Monday. Its 7:15. Yes my alarm clock didn’t go off! Wait, I look out my window. There is at least a foot of snow on the ground. YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS! No school!

My dad comes in. “Sean, you do not have school today, I was going to let you sleep in.” I walk out to my living room. The T.V. says that we are going to get three feet of snow! “You, Stephen, and Mom might be out for a while. “Yes, they already canceled school for tomorrow.”

Of course my brother will still be asleep. He sleeps in until around 10 AM whenever he can.

“Sean” called my mom. Karen called. She said we can go snowmobiling.”

“Yes!” I screamed. Now all I had to do was wake up my brother. This is the hardest task in house. Trust me it is not easy at all! I was walking up the stairs to my brother’s room. I opened the door! He was out cold. “GGGGGGGEEEEEEEETTTTTTT UUUUUUUUPPPPPPP!” I yelled. He jumped out of his bed and onto the ground.

“What the heck was that for Sean?” he asked in an angry voice.

“We’re going to Karen’s to go snowmobiling!” He looked me and then stood up. My mom came running up stairs.

“What is going on up here?”

“I woke up Stephen.” I said proudly.

My mom looked at me like, how did he do that. Then it came to her. She smiled and went down stairs. We got in the car and headed to my favorite place, the house of my mom’s friend Karen. When we got there, she already had snowmobiles out and also, quads. We all got on separate ones and started driving into the 400-acre orchard she owns. Then she stopped. “Do you guys want to get towed on tubes behind the snowmobiles?” asked Karen.

“Sure.” Said both my brother and I.

“AAAAhhhhh.” I said as I am sitting by the fireplace at my house. This was one of the best days. I was having so much fun and I never wanted the day to end. Snow is so much fun here, but too much can be a hassle. You have to shovel out and I have a half a mile long driveway. As the day comes winding to the end, I think about how much fun I had. Then my dog starts going crazy! Someone is knocking on the door! I peer outside, and see a snowball fly across the driveway right at me. Smack, right in the face is a snowball. I fall down and hold my head. My brother runs over laughing.

“GGGGeeeeettttt uuuuuppppp! It is time for a snowball fight!” yells my brother. Then I see my neighbors in our yard.

“All right,” I yell. This is just getting started!

These were three typical days at my house. I hope you enjoyed them.

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