Muslims in America: Beyond Stereotypes


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Question 2: Answer

There are: 3.45 million Muslims in America

Muslims equal: 1.1% of total US population


Question 3: Answer
White 41%

Asian 28%

Black 20%

Hispanic 8%


Note: Historically, many African Americans converted to Islam, specifically to the Nation of Islam, in the 1960s, which is why the majority of African Americans Muslims are third generation+.
Note on other converts: Today, one-in-five American Muslim adults who were raised in a different religion converted to Islam. However one-in-five American Muslims who were raised Muslim no longer identify with Islam.

Question 4: Answer
Almost six out of ten Muslim Americans, or 58%, were born in another country, or are first-generation American. Muslims who were born in the U.S., but have at least one parent who was an immigrant, second generation Americans, represent 18% of all Muslim Americans.
This means that almost one-quarter, or 24% of all American Muslims are U.S. natives whose parents were born in the U.S. These Muslims are called third generation Americans.


Question 5: Answer

1. Pakistan 15%
2. Iran 11%
3. India 7%

4. Afghanistan 6%
5. Bangladesh 6%
6. Iraq 5%
7. Kuwait 3%
8. Syria 3%
9. Egypt 3%

Question 6: Answer


Question 7: Answer

The answers for this question will vary. They could include: immigration law, revolutions, U.S. wars, civil wars, losing right to live on ancestral land, family reunification, employment opportunities etc.

Note: The passage of the 1965 Hart-Cellar Immigration Act lifted the quotas on immigration from most parts of South and West Asia that had been put in place in1924.

Question 8: Answer

Muslim Americans live in every state in the U. S..

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