Muslim Women’s Coalition Greater Washington, dc area Chapter Newsletter Volume 3: 1 (2004)

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Uzma Farooq, the regional director for MWC’s local chapter in the Greater Washington DC Area, formed a Ramadan Committee with three sub-committees who took charge of delegating responsibilities successfully. A formal letter of appeal with our local MWC brochure and a need-list was provided to the community. The Greater Washington DC Area chapter of MWC is happy to report that it successfully connected the resources to where the need was. Over 115 individuals were served this Ramadan!

MWC’s youth were very involved in collecting, making and delivering the baskets to the teens at INOVA Fairfax Hospital. I must admit that it was very moving to see the youth getting so enthusiastic about this project. They got together a weekend before the actual date of delivery during Ramadan. Each youth had collected the items needed for the baskets. Some had bought colored pens, cameras, body lotion and personal care sets for girls and handheld games for boys. Yet others took out time to buy stuff needed and write personal messages for the sick teens to cheer them up. On the delivery day they came from as far as Leesburg while they were observing their fast to make their final delivery at INOVA Fairfax! Certificates of acknowledgment were given to the youth who served many community hours with MWC. MWC tries to encourage their youth to take part in their community. We hope they will continue with this tradition when they are leading successful lives in the future.

Interfaith Events

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