Multiple Choice where is it? why is it there?

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Chapter 1


Multiple Choice

where is it? why is it there?

  1. Which of the following refers to the relationship between the distances shown on the map and the actual distances on the earth’s surface?

    1. Scale* [Pg. 2, 4]

    2. Spatial analysis

    3. Cartography

    4. Regional geography

  1. Which of the following terms refers to the study of how people, objects, or ideas are, or are not, related to one another across space?

    1. Regional geography

    2. Physical geography

    3. Cartography

    4. Spatial analysis* [Pg. 2]

  1. Which of the following terms refers to the making of maps?

    1. Scale

    2. Spatial analysis

    3. Cartography* [Pg. 2]

    4. Regional geography

  1. Which of the following does not refer to basic information about a map?

    1. Title

    2. Caption

    3. Legend

    4. Date of production* [Pg. 5]

  1. Which of the following is NOT a unit of relative distance on a map?

    1. Mile* [Pg. 5]

    2. Degree

    3. Minute

    4. Second

  1. Which of the following terms refers to unit of the earth’s surface that contains distinct patterns of physical features or of human activities?

    1. Place

    2. Space

    3. Region* [Pg. 6]

    4. Scale


  1. Which of the following is a term that includes all of the things that people use?

    1. Institutions

    2. Culture groups

    3. Material culture* [Pg. 13]

    4. Immaterial culture

  1. Which of the following is the state of relating to, reflecting, or being adapted to several cultures?

    1. Cultural plurality

    2. Multiculturalism* [Pg. 14]

    3. Cultural transition

    4. Ethnic transition

  1. The term secularism describes what type of society?

    1. One in which all forms of exchange occur through barter

    2. One in which power is shared by multiple ethnic groups

    3. One in which the way of life is not directly informed by religious values* [Pg. 15]

    4. One in which external powers exert control over the political system

  1. What is the term used to describe a society or government that is not based on any religion?

    1. Pluralistic

    2. Socialist

    3. Parliamentary

    4. Secular* [Pg. 15]

  1. Which of the following statements reflects an impact of colonization on the global pattern of languages?

    1. The diversity of languages spoken in the Americas increased.

    2. European languages replaced many local languages.* [Pg. 16]

    3. Bilingual and multilingual speakers in Africa decreased.

    4. Asian languages replaced indigenous languages in parts of Europe.

  1. Which of the following is not an important lingua franca?

    1. Aceh* [Pg. 16]

    2. Arabic

    3. English

    4. Chinese

  1. The term lingua franca refers to which of the following?

    1. A language that was once extinct but has been revived

    2. Language formed of various parts of different languages

    3. A language in the Indo-European family of languages

    4. The dominant, if not universal, language used in trade* [Pg. 17]

  1. What term refers to the integrated system of knowledge, skills, tools, and methods upon which a culture group bases its way of life?

    1. Lingua franca

    2. Norms

    3. Technology* [Pg. 16-17]

    4. Cultural markers

  1. Which of the following is most true about the concept of gender?

    1. It is a biological phenomenon.

    2. It is a cultural phenomenon.

    3. It is both a biological and a cultural phenomenon.* [Pg. 18-19]

    4. Women have generally benefited from the concept of gender.

  1. According to the textbook, which of the following is true about racial differences among humans?

    1. Race has been used as justification for exploitation in many different regions of the world.* [Pg. 20]

    2. Racial markings are significant in explaining the internal biological differences among humans.

    3. Racism originated in present-day England and the ideas were spread through colonization.

    4. Race determines the many different subspecies of the human race.

  1. Which of the following defines the human characteristic of altruism?

    1. Cultural beliefs of one’s culture being superior over other cultures

    2. Willingness to sacrifice one’s own well-being for the sake of others* [Pg. 20]

    3. The belief that physical conflict is a humane way to solve racially rooted problems

    4. The sacrifice of the well-being of others to ensure individual survival


  1. Researchers in which of the following fields study the processes by which the physical landscape is shaped?

    1. Climatology

    2. Cartography

    3. Geomorphology* [Pg. 20]

    4. Biogeography

  1. Which of the following premises best supports the theory of plate tectonics?

    1. The earth’s surface is made up of large plates that float on molten rock.* [Pg. 21]

    2. Large plates formed when meteors struck the earth 65 million years ago.

    3. Present-day plates resulted from the erosion of the supercontinent Pangaea.

    4. The land surface of the earth is rooted on large oceanic plates.

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