Multimodal Project Reflective Essay

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Mercy Anti

UNIV 200

Multimodal Project Reflective Essay

I’ve constantly struggled with this project. At the beginning, I did not even know what to write about. The topic question seemed too vague. I did not even know what makes a useful adult in the first place. UNIV 200 started out a bit rocky for me. With my computer breaking down while due dates were coming up, and while I was struggling to keep up with other course right, I pushed through and I made it out alright. I always made sure to visit Professor Wescott when I was having problems, she played a critical role in the completion of this project. Through her help, I made it through pretty fine, and even better than I had hoped.

Unit 1

Drafting this paper proved to be the most difficulty I’ve ever experienced in drafting a paper. At first I thought writing the shitty rough draft would be a piece of cake. Well, boy did I prove myself wrong. Oh well, through that process I learned that I’m more of an outliner. Writing this paper helped me learn more about myself. The main reason I struggled in writing the Useful Adult paper is because I was over thinking the topic. I later realized that I was not in charge of finding out what it means to be a useful adult universally; what was important was what it meant to ME. I also learned to have patience while writing because I can’t always expect words to just click and come to me then just flow out into a well written essay. Sometimes you have to force yourself to sit down and think, and even when you believe you will not come up with anything, you still have to try.

I also learned not to be afraid if my first draft comes out very shitty. It’s a first draft; it is not supposed to be perfect, there is always room for improvement. And if I’m scared and having problems with the essay; Professor Wescott is always there to help. And she’s actually pretty bomb at that. She even helped me structure and organize the essay, in which I experienced a lot of trouble in doing. And I should give yourself some credit sometimes, although my first essay could have used some work, I was strong in some parts. I incorporated my story of Fola and being exposed to amputees and the world of prosthesis pretty well, and the analysis of it was pretty good too. Even though the paper as technically late; you turned it in earlier than the adjusted due date and time, I’m proud of myself for that.

Unit 2

This part of the project proved to be the most difficult part for me, specifically the annotations. I had had a couple of setbacks with my health which put me behind in the class already. The other assignments in this unit such as the yet the annotation assignment was the most strenuous task to complete. I had already had some anxiety about this huge project, the annotations made it worse. I would feel so anxious about this assignment that I would actually just set my computer down and walk away. A d it was not as if this assignment was hard in anyway, it was just overwhelming.

Unit 3

The Outline, Abstract , Context Section, and Introduction and Conclusion, and multiple drafts actually helped me better develop my paper and actually helped with my writing process. As for the final draft, I had initially missed the due date, I could not attend the previous class because I was sick. I still did not have much trouble turning in my project. My only concern was that my thesis kept changing as I progressed in writing my research paper. I thought that was a bit strange because your research should follow your thesis not the other way around. This was the main reason for my visit to the writing center. And honestly, despite the constant amount of hype from my professor, the writing center was not what she made it out to be, at least not in my experience. The writing center tutor I was assigned with knew next not nothing about my topic, she was near ignorant about it. That did not bother me as much as, she just genuinely seemed disinterested in me or my paper. My one hour appointment lasted less than fifteen minutes. Thank god, I had already scheduled a mandatory appointment with my professor beforehand. We sat down and we talked about how far I had gotten in my paper. She greatly helped in the development of my thesis and the formatting and elongation of my paper.

In writing the Unit 3 paper I learned some things about myself as a writer. As a writer I need to work on some things. The first thing is editing. I need to make sure to always proof-read my paper to avoid grammar issues and sentence splices. Second is organization and structure. I need to organize your paper so that it flows, and also make sure I have transitions when I move on to new ideas in my paper. Also, I need to make sure to double check my citations, it’s pretty easy if I just check the handbook. I also need to do my best to avoid minor mistakes because it can undermine my paper.

Unit 4

This was the most enjoyable part of the unit. I was a bit skeptical about how to make prosthetics and amputation tastefully funny. But I discovered that if I focused on the healthcare/health insurance portion of my paper, making someone get a chuckle out of it did not seem that difficult. This part of the unit was also the least stressful, and I’m glad for that because I’m also juggling projects and finals from other classes.

I chose to use Tumblr for my translation project. I made a parody account called “Real Government Officials” which includes posts from ‘government officials’ and how they feel about healthcare issues and military veteran benefits. I felt like this would be the best medium for my translation project because, I am most familiar with this platform and I would be able to visually show my argument while also adding a bit of background information about each post for my audience to get the inside jokes. This would be the best medium to effectively explain and portray my argument to a broader audience because I believe that pretty much everyone in the general audience who has access to any form of social media is familiar with internet memes, they are a very popular and common medium for humor on the internet. Memes are quickly spread and closely linked with internet culture and humor. I tried my best to make my claim comedic but also include undertones of the wider context and bigger message.
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