Multi- criteria Decision Analysis The Context

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Multi-Variant Analysis

Multi- Criteria Decision Analysis
The Context
Jango Clothing, started in 2016, is a Lahore based, denim-focused initiative that quickly grew locally and became the most prominent players of the denim fashion industry. They were a strictly brick and mortar store, and had opened up shop in different locations.
However, due to the debacle of Covid 19 they had been struggling, to get their sales back on track. Some of the stores had been closed and many staff members was put out of work. Now the marketing manager, understanding the trend and knowing what was required to establish some stronger footings to their business, they have to go digital. Jango clothing began a rather strong crusade to build their digital platforms, and have created a digital persona. Initially they have collaborated with different marketplaces that would enable them to move their merchandise but have come to a realization, that it caters to their box-moving but is undermining and somehow can’t really establish brand-retention. So, now what is required to really enhance their digital movement is an e-commerce platform that will convert this traction to sales and also build their brand name.
Multi Criteria Analysis
In order to come to an optimal decision, it is important to cater to different evaluation criteria. So, in order to come to a particular choice of platform, for them to build their digital asset which is also neutral and un-bias at the same time. Multi Criteria Analysis will be used.
A multi-criteria analysis is a statistical method,
Develop a direct to customer e-commerce website that would enable their sales channel and build their brand.
Decision Makers

  1. CEO of Jango Clothing

  2. CFO of Jango Clothing

  3. IT Head of Department

  4. Marketing Head of Department

  5. Operations Manager

Decision Alternatives
The initial meeting led the to discover different e-commerce platforms, and in the initial explorations. It came down to the following e-commerce platforms:

  • Woo-Commerce

  • Shopify

  • Magento

  • Fishry

Features and Sub-Features Identified by the Team:

  1. Interface

The interface should be simple, both for the customers and the backend team, whereas not compromising the relevant look and feel of their branding

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Low Technical Complexity

  • High Speed

  1. Integration

A key factor, that was important is that the customers should have the luxury of choice, in terms of payment gateways and they can choose delivery times. Meanwhile on the backend, the team should be able to integrate which logistics they want the desired orders.

  1. Marketing and Data Capabilities

This particular factor, is most of the time criminally under-rated, however this is if not the most then one of the important factors that should be taken into account.

Decision Framework:

The primary 3 factors will be weighted upon the importance of the functionality. As per the initial meeting the weights were assigned as follows:







Marketing and Data Capabilities




The other sub factors, are measured on the Ordinal scale out of 5, 5 being the most efficient and 1 being the least e
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