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NEWS LETTER 02 (2000-2001)
March 2001

Dear Parents/Guardians:
On behalf of the Mukul Hindi School's Management Committee, I would like to welcome all of you once again to the year 2001.

We hope this newsletter finds you in good health and spirit. We are well into the new year of 2001 and our Hindi language program has been going very smoothly. So far we have nearly 80 students registered in the elementary program and 26 in the credit program.

With the help of the teachers and the students we have continued our efforts to promote the values of learning Hindi language. The following contains some of the highlights of the activities that took place since the last newsletter in December 2000.

Open House

On Saturday December 9th, 2000 at the Viscount Alexander Elementary School location, the students and the teachers of the elementary program organized an open house. This gave the teachers and the students to show their work to their respective parents/guardians. The open house was declared as a major success and was very well received by the parents/guardians, teachers and the students as well. Mr. Zulfi Khoza of the OCDSB (Ottawa Carleton District School Board) gave a presentation on the ILP and some of the recent changes in the management of the program. Mr. Khoza emphasized the involvement of community members in developing the curriculum, hiring and reviewing of teachers, all leading to the improvement in quality of the program. A suggestion to OCDSB was made from the floor to recognize ILP evaluation (grades etc.) as a line item in the day school report card.

We would like to thank all of you for participating in the event and also would like to thank the volunteers and teachers to help it make an enjoyable and successful event.

Christmas Gift Exchange

The students also enjoyed a gift exchange in their respective classes on the December 16th the last school day of the year 2000. The management committee served the students Pizza and soft drink on this closing day.

Republic Day-Ganatantra Divas"
The students of Mukul celebrated Republic Day in their respective classes. They also took part in the

Republic Day function of the India Canada Association (ICA) of the National Capital region held on the

27th of January 2001 at the St.Patrick High school. The items were patriotic action songs. More than 35

students participated in this program. Thanks to Mrs. Sashi Abrol, Mrs Usha Sahi and Mrs. Laxmi Gupta.

Celebration of “Holi” in the Museum of Civilization:
The students of Mukul participated in the celebration of “HOLI” at the museum of civilization in Hull on the 18th of February 2001. The students from the elementary program participated in this event and the program was very well done and much appreciated by all the spectators.
We would like to extend many thanks to Mrs. Indu Sahay one of our substitute teachers and the principal organizer of this event and a lot of parents and volunteers specially, Pushpa Patnaik and Geeta Chowdhury for their effort.

Use of Computer and Hindi Software:

The user-friendly Hindi software has now been installed in the school computes. Parent volunteers Anshuman Tyagi and Gautam Shaw are helping to get started soon.

1. There will not be any class on the next three Saturdays March 10,17 and 24, 2001. March 10tthand 17th are for the March break and 24th as the teacher’s PD day. The school will reopen on the March31st, 2001.

2. The children in Grades 3-8 have been given assignments by their respective teachers. These assignments are for the Poster and Essay contest. These must be brought back to school on the 31st of March and submitted to their respective class teachers. Their teachers will assess them. The best ones will be sent to University of Montreal and entered into a national competition. All others will be displayed at the Museum of Civilization during the Voices of Canada week (TBA later).

3. The annual function of the Mukul Hindi School will take place on the 27th of May 2001, Sunday. The details will be communicated later.

Mukul Management Committee(2000-2001):

Prakash Patnaik (Chairperson) 830-5282 Mohan Bhardwaj (Vice-Chairperson) 837-6014

Kamal Sharan (Secretary) 742-8985 Gautam Shaw (Ex-Officio, Web Page Manager) 736-6702

Anshuman Tyagi (Education Coordinator) 228-0234 Mala Agarwal (Fund raising Coordinator) 737-0213

Ena Jain (Cultural Coordinator) 271-7456 Nita Goel (Treasurer) 226-1140

Sarita Khubchandani (Public Relations) 820-2549 Arvind Anand (Fund Raising) 829-0803

Sudhanshu Varma (Advisor) 834-3173

We encourage all those parents who did not register their children this year, to visit our school and witness the quality of education and care, the level of organization, and the importance given to Hindi language and Indian Culture in the school. If you have any questions related to school, curriculum and other issues please do not hesitate to talk to one of the teachers or a committee member.

On behalf of Mukul Hindi School Management Committee,

Prakash Patnaik (Chairperson)

Mukul Hindi School


Viscount Alexander Public School,

55 Mann Avenue


Phone: 239-2213 (Saturdays only)

Time: Saturdays 10am - 12:30pm


Glebe Collegiate School

212 Glebe Avenue, Ottawa

Phone: 239-2425 (Saturdays only)

Time: Saturdays 9am - 12:30pm
Mukul Hindi School is a registered non-profit charitable organization operating in the National Capital Region since 1971 and is run by a committee of volunteer members elected each year by Mukul parents and teachers as per Mukul constitution. For a detailed history of Mukul Hindi School and the level of involvement of the volunteer committee please refer to the following web page:
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