Msma scholarship Applicants

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MSMA Scholarship Applicants

June 1, 2010

As the Medical Assisting program director we would like you to inform all of your students of the available $500.00 scholarship. 

To be eligible the students need to meet the following criteria:

1. Successful completion of a minimum of one semester
2. Strong academic standing based on GPA and attendance
3. Displays professionalism and dedication to the Medical Assisting Program
4. Write a 300-word minimum essay, “Why I Chose Medical Assisting As My Career.”

The essay needs to be submitted to the Scholarship chairperson, listed below, no later than February 12, 2011.  In addition to the above criteria, one letter of recommendation from an instructor at the program should also be submitted.

The members of the Executive Board will review the essays and decide who should receive the Scholarship Award.  The award will be presented at the MSMA Spring Educational Meeting which will be announced at a later time.

Currently the essays should be sent to Sophie Williams CMA (AAMA) 986 Guelphwood Road Southbridge, MA 01550.  If you have any questions regarding this award or the criteria requirements please send an email to or contact our MSMA state president Dawn Jordan at


Linette Warren, CMA(AAMA), LPN       

Scholarship Committee
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