MS2013 Assignment – Test 1 Make-Up

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MS2013 Assignment – Test 1 Make-Up.

Completing this assignment may earn you up to 50% to Test 1 mark (depending on the quality of your answers).

1. Euclid’s parallel axiom. Write a short essay about Euclid’s parallel axiom (also known as Euclid’s fifth postulate, or parallel postulate). Your essay should address these items:

a) What is the difference between a Definition, an Axiom and a Theorem?

b) Statement of Euclid’s Parallel Axiom in its original formulation or a more modern form;

c) Some Historical background on the development of Euclidean geometry.

d) Non-Euclidean geometries (Elliptic Geometry, Hyperbolic Geometry): in which aspect(s) do they differ from Euclidean geometry?
e) (Optional) Projective geometry: How does it differ from Euclidean geometry?

Download 104.02 Kb.

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