Mr. Ganesh Shrikrishna Khaparde, Advocate, Umraoti G. S. Khaparde Diary

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Shirdi Diary of The Hon'ble

Mr. Ganesh Shrikrishna Khaparde,

Advocate, Umraoti

G. S. Khaparde Diary

1910 December 4 Sunday

In the morning, by the time I finished my prayer, Waman Rao Joshi came but went away soon to see Mr Khopkar. Rambhau showed me his papers and I sat reading them. His case appears good but would require work in England & I told him accordingly. After the midday meal I lay down for sometime &then sat reading Morpant ’s life by Pangarkar. Waman Rao Joshi, Anuva Anand whose present real name is Himmatlal Dirvidi also came. Padhya High Court Vakerl came with Purandare & sat talking. He has a Privy Council case to give. After they went, Purandare came again with Pathare. The latter wishes to give his daughter in marriage to Bodhankar’s nephew. We sat talking for a long time. I intend going away today or rather tonight. Baba went out in the afternoon & came in the evening. Dhaujisha, Waman Rao Joshi, his brother Baba Purandare, Pathare & others are present. We shall leave by 10.15 P.M. train.
(from page 339)

like that. When I woke up I found her &was very much surprised. I requested her to go &from what she said I made out that she was insane. So I woke up Madhavrao Deshpande who took her to another part and told her to sleep there on pain of being beaten.

(from page 340)

other people came &the conversation was interrupted. We were so sorry for it but it could not be helped. We returned talking about it. Tatyasaheb Nulkar was not present during the first part of the conversation but came later on. Balasaheb Bhate came in the evening &we sat again talking about the conversation.

(see p.339)

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