Mr. Brown-Davis Due Monday August 31

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Classics of Horror
Fear Paper
Mr. Brown-Davis

Due Monday August 31

One of the central goals of this course is to understand the root of fear, how it affects us and how we perceive and interpret it. All of us have been afraid in our lives. All of us have had a frightening experience. It might have been a car accident or it might have been standing in front of a class giving a presentation. For some the most frightening thing in their lives might never have happened but the knowledge that it could is the greatest fear we possess.

In no more than six pages I would like you to write a story of the moment you were most afraid or, if it hasn’t happened to you, what you imagine would be your greatest fear. When I read these I am not focusing on spelling and grammar unless they are so poor that they detract from the story; I will focus on the story itself. Put me, the reader, there with you. I want the sights, the smells, the sounds. I want to feel your heart pound and your breath whistle. In short I want to be there with you as you experience your greatest fear.

The more effectively you explore the moment the better you will understand the process when it comes time to start creating your movie. What translates on paper will translate well on the screen. This is not an essay it’s a story, have fun with it!

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