Monographs under general editorship of e. F. K. Koerner

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General Editorship of Monographs published in THE FIVE MONOGRAPH SERIES ORGANIIZED UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF ‘Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Lin­guistic Science’ (AMSTER­DAM & PHILADELPHIA: JOHN BENJAMINS Publishing CO.)

1. SCHLEGEL, Friedrich (1772–1829). Ueber die Sprache und Weisheit der Indier: Ein Beitrag zur Begründung der Altertumskunde (Hei­delberg, 1808). New ed. with an introduction in English by Sebas­tiano Timpanaro (transl. by J. Peter Maher), ed. with a pre­face by E.F.K. Koerner. 1977, lvii, 172 pp.

2. RASK, Rasmus Kristian (1787–1832). A Grammar of the Icelandic or Old Norse Tongue. Translated by Sir George Webbe Dasent (London, 1843). New ed. with an introduction by Thomas L. Markey. 1976, lx, viii, 273 pp.

3. BOPP, Franz (1791–1867). Analytical Comparison of the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Teutonic Languages, shewing the original identity of their grammatical structure (London, 1820). New ed. with an in­troduction in English by E.F.K. Koerner. 1974, xxxviii, 68 pp. (2nd ed., 1989.)

4. SCHLEICHER, August (1821–1868). Die Sprachen Europas in syste­matischer Über­sicht: Linguistische Untersuchungen (Bonn, 1850). New ed. with an Intro­duction by Konrad Koerner. 1983, lxii, viii, 270, 4 pp.

5. LEPSIUS, Richard (1810–1884). Standard Alphabet for Reducing Un­written Lan­guages and Foreign Graphic Systems to a Uniform Ortho­graphy in European Letters (2nd rev. ed. London, 1863). New ed. with an Introduction, bibliography and indices by J. Alan Kemp. 1981, x, 99*, xvii, 336 pp.

6. SCHLEICHER, August (1821–1868), [Ernst Haeckel (1834–1919),] and Wilhelm BLEEK (1827–1875). Linguistics and Evolutionary Theory: Three Essays by Au­gust Schleicher and Wilhelm Bleek. New edition, with an Intro­ductory article by J. Peter Maher, a select bibliography, and a list of references. Prepared by Konrad Koerner. 1983, xlvi, 84, 78 pp. (= altogether 210 pp.)

7. HEHN, Victor (1813–1890). Cultivated Plants and Domesticated Ani­mals in their Migration from Asia to Europe: Historico-lin­guistic stu­dies (London, 1885). Ed., with an Introduction in Eng­lish, by James P. Mallory. 1976, lxxv, 523 pp.

8. DELBRUECK, Berthold (1842–1922). Introduction to the Study of Language: A critical survey of the history and methods of com­parative philology of Indo-European languages (Leipzig, 1882). With an Introduction in English by Konrad Koerner. 1974, xix, 148 pp. (2nd ed., 1989.)

9. Wilbur, Terence H. (ed.). The Lautge­setz-Con­tro­versy: A doc­umentation: Essays by Georg Curtius (1820–1885), Berthold Del­brück (1842–1922), Karl Brugmann (1849–1919), Hugo Schu­chardt (1842–1927), Herman Collitz (1855–1935), Her­mann Osthoff (1847–1909), Otto Jes­persen (1860–1943). 1977, xcv, 161, 49, 144, 39, 40, 20, 33, and 6 (= altogether 587 pp.)

10. POTT, August Friedrich (1802–1887). ‘Einleitung in die Allgemeine Sprachwis­senschaft’ (1884–1890), together with ‘Zur Literatur der Sprachenkunde Euro­pas’ (Leipzig, 1887). 1974, xlvi, 502 pp. in small-4º.

12. HOLTZMANN, Adolf (1810–1870). ‘Ueber den Umlaut: Zwei Abhand­lungen’ (Karls­ruhe, 1843); ‘Ueber den Ablaut’ (Karlsruhe, 1844). New ed., with a fore­word by E. F. K. Koerner. Introduction by Wilbur A. Benware. 1977, xxix, 48, and 81 pp.

13. TYTLER, Alexander Fraser (Lord Woodhouselee, 1747–1813). Essay on the Prin­ciples of Translation. Reprint of the 3rd rev. ed., 1813, with an introduction by Jeffrey F. Huntsman. 1978, li, xvi, 457 (= alto­gether 524 pp.).

14. WEIL, Henri (1818–1909). The Order of Words in the Ancient Lan­guages compared with that of the Modern Languages: Translation into English, with notes and additions, by Charles W. Super (Bost­on, 1887). New ed. [of the pioneering work on word order, which orig­inally appeared in French in 1844 (3rd ed., 1879)], with an Intro­duction by Aldo Scaglione. 1978, xxxix, 114 pp.

15. GYARMATHI, Sámuel (1751–1830). Grammatical Proof of the Affin­ity of the Hun­garian Language with Languages of Fennic Origin (Göttin­gen, 1799). Translated, annotated, and introduced by Vic­tor E. Hanzeli. 1983, xl, 327 pp.

17. JESPERSEN, Otto (1860–1943). Progress in Language: With special reference to English (London, 1894). New ed. with an Intro­duc­tion by James D. McCawley. Foreword and bibliography by Kon­rad Koerner. 1993, xviii, 186 pp.


1. THUMB, Albert (1865–1915) & Karl MARBE (1869–1953). Experi­mentelle Unter­suchungen über die psychologischen Grundlagen der sprachlichen Analogiebil­dung.(Leipzig, 1901). New n. article by David J. Murray, an appendix by Erwin A. Esper, and a fore­word by Konrad Koerner. 1978, lxiii, 108 pp.

2. MERINGER, Rudolf (1859–1931) & Carl MAYER (1862–1936). Ver­spre­chen und Verlesen: Eine psychologisch-linguistische Studie (Stutt­gart, 1895): New edition, together with an introd. article and a select bibliography by Anne Cutler & David Fay. 1978, xl, xiv, 207 pp.

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4. ELING, Paul (ed.). Reader in the History of Aphasia: From Franz Gall to Norman Geschwind. 1994, xvi, 392 pp.

5. WEGENER, Philipp (1848–1916). Untersuchungen über die Grund­fragen des Sprach­lebens (Halle, 1885). New ed. prepared by Kon­rad Koerner, with an introduction in English by Clemens Knob­loch. 1991, lii, viii, 214 pp.
Series III: Studies in the History of the Language Sciences (SiHoLS)
2. Taylor, Daniel J., Declinatio: A study of the linguistic theory of Mar­cus Terentius Varro. 1974, xv, 131 pp. (2nd printing, 1988.)

3. BENWArE, Wilbur A., The Study of Indo-European Vocalism from the Beginnings to Whitney and Scherer: A critical-historical ac­count. 1974, xii, 126 pp. (2nd printing, 1995.)

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1* For a recent appraisal of this series, see Remo Bracchi in Salesianum: Periodicum inter­nationale trime­stre editum a professoribus Pontificae Studiorum Universitatis Salesia­nae 58:3.623-624 (Rome, September 1996).

2* For an appraisal of this series, see Social’nye i Gumanitarnye Nauki; ZarubeÏnaja litera­tura: Referativnyj Ïurnal; serija 6: Jazykoznanie (Moskva: Institut Nauãnoj informacii po ob‰ãestvennym naukam, Rossijskaja Akademija Nauk) 1995/3.99-100, followed by reviews of individual volumes, such as Nos.12 (Spillner), 19 (Troike), 21 (Ostler), 22 (Nevis et al.), 24 (Kess & Miyamoto) by F(edor) M(ixajloviã) Berezin (100-102, 102-103, 103-104, 104-105, and 105-106, in that order).

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