Monday through Wednesday night only, when there is an assignment to be completed

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Mrs. Buhler‛s Weekly Update 12/2

Good afternoon! It is hard to believe winter break is so close! The last day to take AR quizzes is Wednesday, Dec. 20, so continue to have your child READ, READ, READ!
Students will be able to bring their Chromebook home, this week, possibly tomorrow. A letter or message about home use will also be sent home. In short it says…
Mary Castle will be letting 5th and 6th students take home their Chromebook Monday through Wednesday night ONLY, when there is an assignment to be completed. The chargers will stay at school. All Chromebooks MUST come back to school the following day, as we use them in class, and there are no extra Chromebooks for students to use.
On a side note, some students are putting stickers on their Chromebooks, and writing on them. Please discourage your child from doing this. This device needs to last them for 4 years.
Thank you,
Mrs. Buhler

A note from Mr. Davis
This is the time of the year that many of us take for granted. We over-stuff ourselves with delicious foods at family gatherings, not even thinking that there are many people out there that don't know where their next meal is going to come from. Many of those people are kids right in our school. If you are able to donate, I would really appreciate it - but even more so, the child who is receiving the back sack would appreciate it. They need our help right now, more than ever. We are about to be off of school for two weeks. Many of these kids' main meals are ones that they eat at school. Please consider helping make someone's holiday brighter by donating. If you are interested, please email me back so that we can get the ball rolling for our students. Thank you and have a great day!
Microwaveable Soups/Chili

·         Microwaveable Pastas- Spaghetti & Meatballs, Ravioli, Mac & Cheese, etc.

·         Graham Crackers

·         Cereal Bars

·         Peanut Butter and Jelly

·         Granola Bars

·         Fruit Bars

·         Peanut Butter/Cheese Crackers

·         Pudding

·         Juice Boxes

·         Cereal

·         Dried Fruits- Apples, Bananas, Mangoes, Raisins, etc.

·         Goldfish

·         Pretzels

·         Fruit Snacks

·          Instant Oatmeal/Cream of Wheat

·         Bread- closer to Dec. 19th
*You can also donate cast, and we will do the shopping!!
Thank you!

Calendar Dates


Dec. 5-9th Book Fair in Music Room

Dec 8th 2nd grade Musical/Art Showcase 6:30-7:30 Students arrive at 6:10 pm

Dec 10th VEX IQ Robotics competition at FCV   MEC is Competing.

From our room Trey, Kamryn, Makhi, and Mauricio are on the team! Wish them luck!

***Spirit Week sponsored by Student Council

Dec 15th Crazy Hair Thursday

Dec 16--Sports Day Friday

Dec.19th--Mismatched Monday

Dec 20th--Tie Dye Tuesday  

Dec. 21st--PJ Wednesday   Last Day for Students

Curriculum for the Week


Flocabulary Unit #8 – Second week of activities.

Please have your child practice for the quiz by going to need to type in Flocabulary Unit 8 green.




Novel: Around the World In 80 Days

We will be reading this for the next three weeks.

  • Grammar: identifying participle phrases

Writing: Students will begin writing a compare and contrast essay that ties in with their research on Earth and another planet.


Book: Envision Math 2.0

Unit 4: Representing and Solving Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 4.9 –Using Patterns to Write and Solve Equations

Lesson 4.10 – Graphing

District Unit 1 – 4 test this week.


Project comparing the Earth to another planet in the solar system.

Social Studies

Hopefully - We will be starting a project on a holiday in December. Students will research, write an essay, and put together a power point to be presented in class to teach others about this holiday.

Tentative HOMEWORK Schedule for this week! Anything not finished in class also should be going home to be completed.


  • Math – Monday Review #15

  • Second Read of Ch. 6 from the novel and questions

  • Independent Reading – 30 minutes (Students must read 7 books this 9 weeks)

  • 1 Journal Writings due Friday

  • Voc slides using Padlet - see Canvas for instructions; due Thursday.


  • Math – Worksheet #36

  • Second Read of Ch. 7 from the novel and summary done on Google Docs and submitted through Canvas

  • Independent Reading – 30 minutes

  • 1 Journal Writings due Friday

  • Voc slides using Padlet - see Canvas for instructions; due Thursday.


  • Math – Worksheet #37

  • First Read of Ch. 9 from the novel with assignment

  • Independent Reading – 30 minutes

  • 1 Journal Writings due Friday

  • Voc slides using Padlet - see Canvas for instructions; due Thursday.


  • Math –NONE

  • First Read of Ch. 10 from the novel with annotations

  • 1 Journal Writings due tomorrow.

  • Independent Reading – 30 minutes

Weekly Assessments:
Grammar quiz, DMR Quiz, Voc Quiz, Reading Quiz

Have a wonderful evening,

Mrs. Buhler

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