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By submitting work for assessment in this module, I am confirming that:

  • I have read and understood the University’s Use Of Unfair Means In The Assessment Process at and the SEAS Referencing Guidelines – find these in the Supporting Documents tab of the SEAS Course Information site.

  • The work submitted is entirely my own, and has not previously been submitted in fulfilment of any other assignment;

  • All material taken or paraphrased from any other source has been appropriately acknowledged at point of use, typically by citation of author, publication date and page number;

  • Any material quoted from the work of others (with or without minor changes) has been clearly indicated as quotation and appropriately acknowledged;

  • Full bibliographic information for all sources used is given in the List of References at the end of the work;

  • I understand that plagiarism – the unacknowledged use of material from the work of others – or the submission of work other than my own, will be considered grounds for failure in this assignment and, in severe cases, in the degree examination as a whole.

I am entitled to specific learning difficulty stickers – known as ‘yellow stickers’

(see guidance for students at

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.there is no need to leave this space blank or to use any additional cover sheet

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