Miss Dictator 2015

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Miss Dictator 2015

For your final project, you and a partner are going to be given a dictator to research. Following the “5 Paragraph Biography,” you are going to learn all that you can about your person, specifically how they became a dictator and how their rule affected their country and the world. THEN, you are going to compete for Miss Dictator 2015. Following a series of 5 questions, the class is going to vote on who they believe best fits the role of Miss Dictator 2015 (Who accomplished the most? Who killed the most people? Who succeeded in hiding their destruction the best? Etc.). The winner will be crowned on ____________________ and will receive a 100 for the project.

Dictator Biography Outline
I. Early Life (Introduction)

a. Birthplace and date of birth (if you can find it)

b. Family background and childhood

Parents, growing up, housing, cultural experiences, etc.

c. Schools, teachers, colleges and early/young adult experiences
II. Adult Life (Body)

  1. Marriage, children, personal life

  2. Goals, ambitions, future plans, ideology

III/IV. Famous years (Body)

a. What makes this person a dictator? How did they come to power?

  1. What makes this person stand out?-Characteristics

  2. Accomplishments-what was their goal(s) as dictator? Did they succeed?

d. Did they make the world a better place, or a worse place? How?

e. How did their rule affect their country/the world? (Positives/Negatives)

f. Did they get away with their goals/accomplishments? What happened to them?
V. Conclusion (Summary)

a. Give your opinion of your dictator based on what you have learned doing

your research-were they a successful dictator? Do you think they did more good or bad?

b. Summarize your information.

Requirements for Biography

  1. Name and date, top left hand corner

  2. 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced

  3. 1-2 pages, SPELL CHECK!

  4. Title: Dictator’s name

  5. Picture of the person

5 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER: remember, you are answering these as if you were the dictator himself!

  1. If you won the lottery and received 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?

  2. What has been your greatest achievement?

  3. What does “success” mean to you?

  4. What advice would you give to your subjects?

  5. If you are crowned Miss Dictator, what will be the very first thing you do?

Download 32 Kb.

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