Minutes of the Culminating Session of the Virtual Spring Meeting of ailact may 19, 2005, McMaster University, 1: 20 to 1: 50pm

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Minutes of the Culminating Session of the Virtual Spring Meeting of AILACT
May 19, 2005, McMaster University, 1:20 to 1:50pm

The meeting, late because of previous delays, was called to order by outgoing President Bob Ennis, who also served as provisional Secretary for the meeting.

People indicating their presence by signing the sheet were: David Hitchcock, Mark Battersby, Michael Gilbert, Harvey Seigel, Trudy Govier, Lilian Bernejo-Luque, Drewe M Lowe, H. V. Hansen, John Hoaglund , Derek Allen, John Woods, Michael Scriven, Peter D. Asquith, Dan Boone, Chris Tindale, Tony Blair, Dan Cohen, Don Hatcher, Maurice Finocchiaro, Bob Ennis.

The following e-mail addresses were requested to be added to AILACT-D discussion list: <drew.loewe@tcu.edu>, <txfencer@earthlink.net>, <scriven@aol.com>.

Don Hatcher submitted the Treasurer's Report, showing a current balance of US$1932.91 and 149 members, as of May 12, 2005. The cost of the recent election mailing has not yet been deducted and some membership checks have not yet been deposited. Dues for 2006 are $10.

Ennis requested the submission of any remaining ballots for the Board of Director positions. Some members present said that they never received ballots. Ballots were collected to be counted by Don Hatcher.

Membership forms and 2005 Essay Prize announcements were distributed by Ennis with the request that they be taken home and posted.

Ennis noted that during the previous four years,

* The Constitution was amended under the leadership of Maurice Finocchiaro.

* AILACT provided sessions at the three annual APA meetings each year arranged by Program Chairs, Dan Boone, John Hoaglund, Don Hatcher, and Peter Asquith.
* Newsletters came out about three per year
* A Web site was developed under the leadership of David Hitchcock. Its address is http://ailact.mcmaster.ca.
* A somewhat active member discussion list (AILACT-D) was developed under the leadership of Michael Gilbert. A similar list was developed for Board discussions.
* The annual AILACT Essay Prize was developed and awarded for 2004 with a jury composed of Tony Blair, Merrilee Salmon, and Michael Scriven

Ennis then turned over the Presidency to Maurice Finocchiaro; Derek Allen became Vice President; Don Hatcher retained his position as Treasurer. All were elected by acclamation.

Don Hatcher then announced the results of the Board election, after a tie was resolved by a flip of a coin. New Board Members are: Tony Blair, Trudy Govier, Hans Hansen, David Hitchcock, John Hoaglund, Gerry Nosich, Michael Scriven, Bob Ennis (as Immediate Past President).

Tony Blair, as Chair of the AILACT Essay Prize jury, reported that the prize for 2004 was won by Marcello Guarini, who agreed to submit the paper to Informal Logic. The deadline for the submission of papers for the 2005 Essay Prize is August 1, 2005.

Michael Scriven suggested that a book be published containing most of the essays, which were of very high quality.

Michael Gilbert as the organizer of our discussion lists invited people to write him to be put on the AILACT-D list (gilbert@yorku.ca) and to be subscribed to the Arg Thry list.

David Hitchcock, Webmaster, noted that he has served since 2001 and plans to relinquish the post in 2007, if not before. Would someone like to work with David to be prepared to take over the Webmastership? Write David: hitchckd@mcmaster.ca .

Chairs of the APA Group Sessioons reported as follows:

* Don Hatcher (Pacific) reported that there was a good session about assessment, attended by about 15-20 people.

* Peter Asquith (Central) reported an audience of about ten people and very high quality papers and discussion, including the 2004 Essay Prize essay.

* Dan Boone reported that the invited panel on self-deception provided a high quality discussion for an audience of about 22 people.

David Hitchcock said that he would be delighted to make any APA group session papers available on our Web site. The question was then raised whether other publishers, such as Informal Logic, Springer, or Vale Press would then be willing to publish such a paper. The issue needs resolution.

Our time expired. The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Ennis
Secretary for the day

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