Mini Project

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Mini Project

  • Grade: 6th
  • Goal: using the computer as a tool of communication and research.
  • by
  • Gila Fridler
  • And
  • Jenny Petito
  • Sdot Yoav



  • You are going to make a mini project about friendship.
  • This assignment is virtual.
  • Due day: 10.01.10
  • Send it to my e-mail:
  • If you have questions, write me.
  • Enjoy

Task 1

  • Open your e-mail and look for an e-mail from your English teacher.
  • In this e-mail you will find the e-mail address of your new virtual friend. Save it.
  • He/She will get your e-mail address too.
  • Make a list of ten questions that you would like to ask and find out about your virtual friend. You can find ideas in the link below: www.
  • Send this list to your new friend- using the e-mail.
  • Your virtual friend will send you his/her questions list too, answer and send it back.

Task 2

  • After receiving the answers from your virtual friend:
  • Use the information that you have to make a Power Point presentation about your new friend. It can be a fact file or an essay.
  • You can ask for pictures ( using the e-mail).
  • Add your own decorations and/or design.
  • You can use the site below for animations:
  • Send this presentation to your English teacher.

Task 3

  • Find something in common with your virtual friend. It can be a hobby or something else that you both like or dislike. This is going to be your research subject.
  • Together with your friend ( use the computer communicational programs- such as skype, facebook etc.) search the net for more information and details about your subject.

Task 4

  • Together prepare a list of 5-10 facts that you didn’t know about your subject.
  • You can use any computer program that you want in order to present it to your classmates.
  • Send it to your English teacher.
  • I Hope that you enjoyed knowing a new friend.
  • Don’t forget to save and send it to your English teacher.
  • The End

Download 3.23 Kb.

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