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Meghanne White

STEM EE Scholars
Sarah Eulitt
20 April 2016


When I was applying to colleges my last year in high school, I thought that the Scholars program here at The Ohio State University was a very unique experience, so I opted to apply to it over the Honors program because I wanted a different college experience. I remember having to write a similar essay about the Honors and Scholars G.O.A.L.S. and how they applied to my four years in high school, not really knowing why I had to do so when I had already written another essay about my similar accomplishments. After my first full year in college, I can say that Leadership Development and Academic Enrichment have become my biggest focuses for this current semester and my next two years here.

I chose to come to Ohio State over my other options for many reasons. Those included Ohio State’s Pharmacy School rankings (currently 6th in the nation!), the unique BSPS program, the generous AP credit the school offers, the Scholars program, the scholarships, and the many opportunities that come with the name behind OSU. After a year in Chemistry and Biology here, I know that Ohio State’s science programs are not easy. However, the constant challenge is what has motivated me to do better this semester academically. Although my first semester was harder than I expected, after talking with my academic advisor many times, I am happy that I am still on the right path to graduate in three years from the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program here at OSU. This is not very common, and I am proud that I have stayed on track and have developed a path for the next two years to complete this academic accomplishment. While this requires taking both Organic Chemistry lectures over the summer, I know that my hard work will pay off in the long run. While I am still unsure of my goals in the future, I know that I would like to either pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy degree or complete the Masters of Clinical and Preclinical Research program here at Ohio State. These high ambitions are what are driving me to work harder and push myself to do better academically.

Along with academic enrichment, I know that leadership development is a necessary component of success later in life. First semester, I was overwhelmed by all that Ohio State had to offer and I wasn’t sure how to utilize my resources. This semester, I have joined Alpha Chi Omega here at Ohio State. I have never talked more in my life, building connections that I didn’t even knew existed! Along with my sorority, I have recently applied to an Office Assistant position for my dorm in Houston House next year. With Sarah’s help, I also have a lab tour in my schedule for a chemistry lab that hopefully either leads to another possible opportunity or that I can use to motivate myself to apply to other lab experiences. All of these opportunities test my comfort zones and require me to challenge myself, enriching my leadership skills daily.

Before coming to The Ohio State University, I wasn’t sure why I had to write an essay about G.O.A.L.S. that I didn’t know much about. In high school, I tested the constraints of my comfort zone to become involved in order to build my personnel for college applications. I had high hopes of going to a good school with scholarships and in an esteemed program. After I had accomplished all of these goals, I realized I had to start over and build new goals. My first semester of college required a lot of adjusting, and I lost sight of what my goals were for the future. Now, I hope to challenge myself academically and socially in the next year in order to graduate from the BSPS program here at OSU a year early with ambitions of graduate school to then lead to a steady career, focused around heavy leadership skills, in the next ten years. While I know that these goals won’t be easy to complete, I know that I have to remain open to any possibilities that may come my way, learning more about myself along the way.

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