Megan James

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Megan James

Period 2

Chapter 10 Essay 2

If I was a boy and my girlfriend told me that she wanted to put her baby up for adoption I would tell her that it was up to her and that if she thought it was best, I would support her. I was adopted and I think that it was a great decision. I love my adopted parents and I don't really have a desire to meet my birth parents. I think if a teenager got pregnant and she was not prepared for the baby, she should put the baby up for adoption. The baby will have a better life if they are with a family who can pay for them. I think adoption is wonderful and a blessing in my life.

Since there are open and closed adoptions the birth parents would get to decide whether or not they wanted connections with the adoptive parents. Adoption can be hard or easy for a child. I think it depends on whether or not the adoptive parents tell the child at a young age that they are adopted. If the parents wait to tell the child until they are older, the child will resent the parents for it. My parents told me at a very young age that I was adopted. We talked a little bit about my birth mom and why she was unable to care for me. I had a closed adoption so my parents didn’t know a lot about my birth parents, but they did know a few things that the adoption agency told them. I always knew that my birth mom loved me and that the reason she put me up for adoption was because she wanted the best life possible for me. I think that any young couple who cannot care for their child should put them up for adoption.

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