Megalith to Chorten Speak up for the Khas

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Lpndon-'based Tibet Inforriia-tion Network (TIN); ^etjing's 'change of srrategy.tG incfud^ "'

and violating the principles of Puddhism; At the National '" People's Congress session in Beijing in March, Baidi, the Chairman of the Tibet People's Congress Standing Committee, referred to the dual role of "jppiitical hdbilgSn-.. and spiritualJeader" played by the Dalai

Lama. ■■■ ■■ . ...-.■

Recent articles in the Tibet DaHy reveal official concern overthe tendency of the : population to equate Tibetan Buddhism with Tibetan national ism, warning that such "erroneousconcepts Politicathoofigan?

were gaining a following"/ especially among theyoung. "We must make a serious-distinction between correct.... religious activities and cp u nter-re volutipnary activi­ties under the cloak of reli-

personal attacks on the Xenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama, were taken in July at a policy-rrtaking conference of the Third National Forum on Work inTibet. TIN quoted an unidentified Tibetan party

member as saying: "The main spirit of the Third Forum is to.., separate tjie^DaJai Lama from Tibetan Buddhism." .■•:• As it evolves, the strategy seems tp-be to try and prove that the Oelugpa school whjch the Dalai Lama leads is not the : leading sect ^mong the four ■ -main sects of Tibetan Buddhism; And; as the word goes'; even among the Gelugpa the Dalai Lama is only one of ; • ^eyeral leaders.

Attempts have been made to promote leaders of ot her s^cts- as the $pritua! leader of all/ Tibet: particular !y the Karmapa, the li-yearKjidieaderof the Kagyu school of ". Tibetan Buddhism. The present Karmapa is considered to be the 17th incarnation in a line stretching back to the 12th century, while the present Dalai Lama is the 14th in a line going back to the 14ttt century.

Yojana Sharma (IPS}

"Chyoputsering Himal"

fromHanwvane Bhanjyang.

Bus riders are bound for Jiri to

celebrate Vharwith their families.

Picture by Chandra Shektiar Karki.

HIMAL Maytlune 1995


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