Megalith to Chorten Speak up for the Khas

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Unlike ):he onesided view of the singlerfile Himalayan .crest that is available in the e^-K^thmandu mountain flights, the Karakoram rs scattered peak arrangement and the flight-path PlA's pilots

have selectedensure that passengers on both sides benefit.(LatheEverest ;
mountamfiight; passengers oh the starboard side have to wait for the ttetu rti leg to view the tine of peaks.)

After one has had one's fills of the mountains, it is time to look further afield. Beneath ■ the; fuselage, there is the progression of towns and

vajleys whose names are straight out of the books of colonial adventurers: Hun2a^ Chilas, Astor, ?kardu,.,fp the north, where the iruauntains give away to ari undulsitihg yelliftwrtessin the horizon, lies the Taklamakan desert of Western China. Beyond the Hindu Raj mountains in the: northwest is the Wakhan Corridor-where Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and [Tadjikistan] meet. And there, a couple of hundred kilometres away towest-West-north,, stands Tirch Mir (7708km), the highest mountain of the Hindu Ktish:


FIA's Air Safari charges U$225orPRs6225fora window se^f. For those travelling together.and willing to share a window, aft aide seat is sold for half the priee. The flights fake off at 10 a.m. eyery alternate Saturday,

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