Mathematics Department

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Mathematics Department
First Year Post Examination Essay/Project

Examples of Topics/Titles

History of Mathematics

What contributions did the Babylonians make

Egyptian mathematics

Were Egyptians mathematicians? Ancient Representations


Pythagoras' Theorem

The Pythagorean Golden Section Beginnings of Mathematics in China Chinese Mathematics History

The Life and Mathematical Contributions of Descartes

Tycho Brache

Galileo Galilei

Sir Isaac Newton

History of Mathematics: Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton and his anni mirabiles A man and his apple

The intellectual and mathematical development of the young Isaac Newton The History of the Calculus

The Golden Ages

The Life and Work of Michael Faraday

The Life and Work of Carl Frederich Gauss

Mathematical Contributions of Gauss Life and Works of Euler

Euler and Lagrange

Joseph Louis Lagrange

A mathematical study of the life and work of Cauchy

The first true analyst

The Evolution of Mathematics The History of Mathematics

The History of Trigonometry Exploring infinity

The mathematics of the calendar Mathematics in the Bible

Greek Astronomy

The history of Greek Astronomy Classical Greek Mathematics

Euclid's Fifth Postulate - the scandal of geometry


Euclid's Elements

Euclid of Alexandria and Leonhard Euler

Ancient Greek Mathematicians

Comparing and Contrasting the effect on Mathematics made by Pythagoras and Euclid

The Pythagorean Theorem

Pi and its historical development Magic Pi

The History of Pi

George Green: Miller and Mathematician 1793-1841

Whose fault is it that I have to work so hard

A 'student' and his beer: work of William S. Gossett

Life and Work of William S. Gosset Charles Babbage: Thinking Mathematically

Is the work of Einstein and Newton any less credible because they developed their ideas from their predecessors?

Who and what have been the major influences in the

development of mathematics in Europe Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher

Mathematics Department
First Year Post Examination Essay/Project

Examples of Topics/Titles

Specific Topics/Interests

Celestial Mechanics

Models of the Universe

Mathematical Methods in Astronomy So how big is the earth?

Arguing over the Universe

The search for extraterrestial intelligence Faster than a speeding bullet Einstein's Twin Paradox

A time to tell

Special Relativity

The life and work of Stephen Hawking Look what the cat's been dragged into Schrodinger: the man behind the equation Don't blame the weather

The theory of catastrophe

Fractals: To infmity and beyond

"Just another pretty picture?" - Fractals to-day Mandelbrot's Solution

Benoit Mandelbrot and fractal geometry The Chaos Theory

Mathematics in a Chaotic World The Fibonacci Series

A brief look at prime numbers Fermat's Last Theorem

The law of quadratic reciprocity A study of the genius Ramanujan The Aerodynamics of Birds' Wings

The aerodynamics of Formula 1 Race Cars

Mathematics in Sport The Function

PEG ratios: useful or misleading

Algorithmic (musical) composition with focus on iterating

Interplay of mathematics and music

A classical view of music, mathematics and the cosmos

Mathematics of musical scales and temperaments

Taming the Wolf Cryptography and the Enigma


The Beale Ciphers My first theorem

Euclidean Rings

The Regular Four-Dimensional Solids

Conics and Quadrics

The Scientific Revolution

Introduction to the financial concepts of forward, futures and options contracts A study of Leontief economic models

Critical Path Analysis Game Theory

Magic Squares

Trinities: a mathematical investigation

Mathematical Tricks Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers and its applications

The Origins of Counting and Reckoning

Naïve and Axiomatic Set Theory

Mathematics Department
First Year Post Examination Essay/Project

Examples of Topics/Titles

Specific Topics/Interests (continued)

Opinion Polls

The mathematics of Electoral Systems

The National Lottery

Fear of Mathematics

Mathematics Re-education

Mathematics is difficult to learn and hard to teach The science of art according to Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci and the Science of Art

The mathematics of M. C. Escher

Maths in Film
A mathematical analysis of rowing techniques Mathematical and Physical Explanations in Sport Painting by numbers

Can Intelligence be Calculated

Dyscalculia- is it just an excuse?

An investigation into Consumer Views on Greeting Cards The Mathematics of Nature

An introduction to Mathematical Methods in Genetics Population Growth

The Millenium bridge

Math living in real society

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