Math Writing Prompts-8th Grade

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Math Writing Prompts-8th Grade
1. Many things in Mathematics are discovered through patterns. Our daily lives are filled with patterns; patterns on tiles on the floor, patterns in flowers in nature. Write a letter to a friend describing patterns you have observed either at home or school.
2. You have just been assigned ‘Principal of Student Success’. Your main duty is to motivate your fellow students and figure out why some students are not successful doing calculations with formulas. Write a speech to your classmates explaining what steps a student will need to complete to succeed in using formulas.
3. Congratulations! BIG ROOMS 4 YOU, a local retail store, will give you a remodeled, redesigned bedroom if you can successfully complete the entry essay. Your essay will need to explain the steps you would take to enlarge your current room and its contents.
4. Your principal needs your help. She has asked that you organized a “Family Math Night”. The event will stress the importance of mathematics through different activities. Write a report to your principal explaining how you would organize the event. Be sure to include specific math activities and why math learning is important.
5. The school lunch program has asked your grade level to conduct a school-wide survey to decide which food item out of three to add to the school lunch menu. Write a discussion paper including the sampling methods, steps your group would engage in to determine an unbiased result, and what format you would use to display the results.
6. Math computation and math elements occur in most career fields. Choose a career field you are interested in and discuss three examples how math skills pertain to that career field.

7. Describe real life situations where you would use slope intercept form to calculate cost.

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