Master Scholarship List National Merit Scholarship Corporation

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Master Scholarship List

  1. National Merit Scholarship Corporation (PSAT/NMSQT Related)

  2. National Achievement Scholarship Corporation (PSAT/NMSQT Related/Minority)

  3. Student Investors Scholarships (COLLEGE)

  4. Student Video Scholarships (Contest)

  5. Coca-Cola Scholars Program (College)

  6. Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships (Contest)

  7. Gates Millennium Scholarships (major-Stem)

  8. Xerox Scholarships for Students (Minority)

  9. Sports Scholarships and Internships(sports)

  10. National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships (Journalism)

  11. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund (Minority)

  12. FinAid: The Smart Student's Guide to Financial Aid Scholarships (Search Engine)

  13. Microsoft Scholarship Program(Computers)

  14. SallieMae Scholarship Search (Search Engine)

  15. Hearst Journalism Awards Program (Journalism)

  16. Multiple List of Minority Scholarships (List)

  17. Study Abroad Scholarships

  18. Actuarial Scholarships

  19. College Board Scholarship Search (Search Engine)

  20. Burger King McLamore Foundation Scholarship Program

  21. Siemens Westinghouse Competition (STEM)

  22. CollegeNet’ s Scholarship Database (Search Engine)

  23. Union Sponsored Scholarships and Aid (Child of Union Member)

  24. HBCU Packard Sit Abroad Scholarships (for study around the world)

  25. Act-SO bEURoeOlympics of the Mind ‘A Scholarships

  26. Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarships

  27. ScienceNET Scholarship Listing

  28. The Roothbert Scholarship Fund

  29. The Comcast Foundation (School Recommends)

  30. Paul Shaffer Scholarships (JA - IPFW)

  31. MLK Club – Glyn R. Gleason Memorial Scholarship

  1. Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne (Local Scholarships)

  2. Coliseum Lions Club Scholarship (Search Engine)

  3. Questa Foundation Scholars Program (Loan/Forgiveness Program)

  4. USA Funds: Access to Education Scholarships (Several Scholarships per State)

  5. Zinch Scholarships (Search Engine)

  6. Indiana Black Expo-Circle City Classic

  7. A. Phillip Randolph scholarship (FW Chapter)

  8. Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places You Will Go” (Essay Contest)

  9. Olive Garden Pasta Tales (Essay Contest) .

  10. Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship (Women-Technology)

  11. William B. Ruggles Right to Work Journalism Scholarship

  12. Applegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher Scholarship

  13. Saul T. Wilson, Jr. Scholarship Program (STWJS)

  14. USDA/1890 National Scholars Program

  15. USDA/1994 Tribal Scholars Program

  16. KFC Colonel's Scholars Program (Essay Contest - Entrepreneurial drive)

  17. Scholarships4Students (Search Engine)

  18. Education Start (Search Engine)

  19. Discover Scholarship Program (Essay Contest)

  20. Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

  21. Bayer Foundation (Science/Medical Studies)

  22. Verizon Wireless Scholarships (Several)

  23. Sam Walton Scholarship 2014

  1. Automotive Hall of Fame (Automotive Careers)

  2. Sears DECA Scholarships (Employee)

  3. Home Depot Scholarships

  4. Bank of America

  5. Association for Women in Geoscience (Minority Women)

  6. AXA Achievement Scholarship

  7. National Black Police Association (Minority)

  8. Grants For Women (Search Engine/Women)

  9. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Undergraduate Scholarship Program

  10. PMI Educational Foundation (Search Engine)

  11. National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs: Halle Q. Brown Scholarship (Minority Women)

  12. Scholarship America (Search Engine)

  13. Indiana Dollars for Scholars: Hoosier Heroes (Essay)

  14. Davidson Fellows Scholarships (Gifted Students)

  15. Ron Brown Scholar Program (Minority)

  16. Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund (Activist)

  17. Siemens Competition (STEM Related)

  18. U.S. Bank Internet Scholarship (Other)

  19. United Negro College Funds - UNCF (Minority/Search Engine)

  20. EMPOWER Scholarship Award (Minority)

  21. Entertainment Software Association (Women/Minority)

  22. Fulbright Scholar Program

  23. Tatget Stores (CSFA) All Around Scholarship Program

  24. The Point Foundation (LGBT)

  25. 2011 Best buy @15 Scholarships

  26. Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program (volunteer work)

  1. Hispanic Scholarship Fund - (Minority- Hispanic) (multiple listed)

  1. HSF/ALPFA Scholarship Program (Minority-Hispanic)

  1. HSF/ Altria Group, Inc. Scholarship (Minority-Hispanic)

  1. HSF/ Bakersfield Scholarship (Minority-Hispanic)

  1. HSF/ BB&T Charitable Scholarship Program (Minority)

  1. HSF/ Cummins Scholarship Program (Minority-Hispanic)(College)

  1. HSF/ Erie Insurance Scholarship (Minority-Hispanic)(College)

  1. HSF/ ExxonMobil Scholarship Program  (Minority-Hispanic)(College)

  1. HSF/ Freddie Mac Scholarship Program (Minority-Hispanic)(College)

  1. HSF/ Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Business Leadership Award (Minority-Hispanic)(College)(women)

  1. HSF/ Honda Scholarship Program (Minority-Hispanic)(College)

  1. HSF/ Hormel Scholarship Program (Minority-Hispanic)(College)

  1. HSF/ Macy’s Scholarship Program (Minority-Hispanic)

  1. HSF/ Marathon Oil Corporation College Scholarship Program (Minority)(College)

  1. MassMutual Multicultural Scholars Program (Minority)(College)

  1. HSF/ McNamara Family Creative Arts Project Grant (Minority-Hispanic)

  1. HSF/ Morgan Stanley Foundation Scholarship Program (Minority-Hispanic)

  1. HSF/ Procter & Gamble Company Scholarship  (Minority-Hispanic)

  1. HSF/ Qualcomm Q Awards Scholarship (Minority-Hispanic)

  1. HSF/ Staples Scholarship (Minority-Hispanic)(College)

  1. Gates Millennium scholars (Minority)

  1. Clorox Gracias Mamá Scholarship Program (Minority- Hispanic)

  1. Haz La U Scholarship  (Minority- Hispanic)

  1. Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship (Minority- Hispanic)

  1. AT&T Foundation Scholarship (Minority)

  1. All-State Community Colleges Academic Team Scholarship

  1. Indiana Minority Teacher Scholarship

  1. Art Academy of Cincinnati Entrance Scholarship (competition)

  1. Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship (Minority- African American)

  1. Fellowship in Jewish Studies

  1. Oratorical Speech Contest Scholarship (Contest)

  1. Verne R. Dapp Memorial Scholarship (Nuclear Science)

  1. Dental Student Scholarship (College)

  1. DWET Dedicated Scholarship (Care for Dogs)

  1. Suburban Hospital Scholarship (Medical)

  1. Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Award (Contest)

  1. National Honor Society Scholarship(Contest)

  1. Scholarship for professional degrees scholarship (Architect)

  1. Nursing Fund Scholarship (Nursing)

  1. Special Education Services Scholarship (Education)

  1. Summer Honors Scholarship

  1. Chancellor’s Scholarship

  1. Edmond A. Metzger Scholarship (Radio)

  1. Chicago FM Club Scholarship (Radio)

  1. Americanism and Government Contest

  1. Earl I. Anderson Scholarship (Radio)

  1. CDV – Remission of Fees

  1. Child of Veteran and Public Safety Officer (CVO) Supplemental Grant

  1. Advertising Federation of Fort Wayne

  1. Fort Wayne Press Club Scholarship

  1. Indiana Sheriff’s Association Scholarship

  1. IDEA Scholarship (radio)

  1. Glenn D. Peters Law Scholarship

  1. Chancellor’s Merit Award

  1. Incentive Scholarship

  1. Young Survivor Scholarship Program

  1. Betty Frato Scholarship (education)

  1. Top Ten Scholarship

  1. Indiana Academic Honors Diploma Scholarship

  1. National Balanced Man Scholarship

149) (Search Engine)

150) Dr. Julianne Malveaux Scholarship

151) Junior Achievement

152) World Studio AIGA Scholarship Foundation

153) Foster Care to Success

154) PHCC Educational Foundation Scholarship Program

155) Toyota/Telacu Scholarships

156) CHCI Scholarship

157) National Sculpture Society Scholarship

158) Comision Femenil Scholarship (Minority)(Female)

159) National Association of Campus Activities

160) Walmart Foundation

161) IU Credit Union Scholarships

162) Comcast Leaders and Achievers

163) Prudential Spirit of Community Award

164) Carson Scholars Fund, Inc

165) Heidelberg scholarships

166) AQHF Indiana Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship Program

167) Frank O'Bannon Grant Program

168) ACMPE Scholarship Fund Program

169) Find the Right Scholarship (Search Engine)

170) Annexstad Family Foundation

iupui Scholarship List

IU-1) IUPUI Chancellor's Scholarship

IU-2) IUPUI Valedictorian and Salutatorian Scholarships

IU-3) IUPUI Dean of the Faculties Scholarships (DOFS)

IU-4) IUPUI Outstanding GED Scholarships

IU-5) IUPUI Honors College Scholarships

IU-6) IUPUI Bepko Scholars and Fellows Program

IU-7) IUPUI International Scholars Program

IU-8) IUPUI Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars Program

IU-9) IUPUI Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

IU-10) IUPUI Diversity Scholars Research Program (DSRP)

IU-11) IUPUI Norman Brown Diversity & Leadership Program

IU-12) IUPUI The Olaniyan Scholars Program

IU-13) IUPUI Sindoqua Scholarship for Native American Women

IU-14) IUPUI Nina Mason Pulliam Scholars Program

IU-15) IUPUI Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship Program

IU-16) IUPUI “Make a Difference” Scholarship

IU-17) IUPUI & Life Science Scholarship

IU-18) IUPUI Math & Science Education Scholarship

IU-19) IUPUI Sam Masarachia Scholarships

IU-20) IUPUI Melba Schumacher Scholarship for Mechanical Engineering

IU-21) IUPUI Commitment to Engineering Excellence

IU-22) IUPUI Carrier Corporation Scholarship

IU-23) IUPUI CARA Motorsports Engineering Scholarship

IU-24) IUPUI Women in the Winner’s Circle Scholarship

IU-25) IUPUI Freshmen Portfolio Scholarships

IU-26) IUPUI Shared Heritage Scholarship

IU-27) IUPUI School of Informatics Freshman Scholarship

IU-28) IUPUI OfficeWorks Informatics Scholarship

IU-29) IUPUI Kelley School of Business – Key Bank Scholarship

IU-30) IUPUI Kelley School of Business Sam Jones Diversity Scholarship

IU-31) IUPUI Kelley School of Business – Simons Bitzer & Associates Scholarship

IU-32) IUPUI James R. East Scholarship

IU-33) IUPUI School of Public and Environmental Affairs Scholarship

IU-34) IUPUI School of Physical Education & Tourism Management Freshman Scholarship

IU-35) IUPUI Anna V. Wessel Memorial Scholarship

IU-36) IUPUI Jeff and Susan Vessely Scholarship

IU-37) IUPUI Bo L. Hagood Scholarship

IU-38) IUPUI Anna K. Suter Freshman Scholarship

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