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The Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society

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The Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Chittenden, F. J., ed.

The Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society.
Vol. 56. Part 1.-2. (2x)
Vol. 57. Part 1.-2. (2x)
Vol. 58. Part 1.-2. (2x)
Vol. 59. Part 1.-2.
London: Royal Horticultural Society, 1931-1934.
6 iss.; 200-400 pgs.; 25x15.5x2 cm.
6K 16.967/1-4
6K 16.967/5-8
1H 16.442/1-4
6K 16.967/9-10
Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society.
Vol. 59. Part 3 - 6.
Vol. 60. Part 1 - 12.
Vol. 61. Part 1 – 12.
Vol. 62. Part 1 – 12.
Vol. 63. Part 1 – 12.
Vol. 64. Part 1 – 8.
/London: Royal Horticultural Society/,1934-1939.
60 iss.; 500 pgs./vol.; 25x15.5x0.5cm.
6K 16.967/11-14
6K 16.967/15-26
1H 16.442/5-16
6K 16.967/27-38
1H 16.442/17-28
6K 16.967/39-46

The Keepsake for 1838, 1839.

London: Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1838-1839.
2 vol.; 271+272 pgs.; 24.5x17.5x2.5 cm.
66G 13.028/1-2
The engravings were cut out.

The Ladies' Field.

Vol. 55: 1911, No. 704-709, 711-713, 715
Vol. 56: 1912, No. 724-728, 730, 733, 736, 739, 744-745, 748, 751, 754-757, 760-761, 763, 765.
Vol. 62: 1913, No. 794, 798-801, 803, 808, 810, 812-813, 815-817, 820.
Vol. 65:1914, No. 840-843, 845-846, 848-851, 854.
London: George Newnes, 1911.
44 vol.; 40 - 50 pgs.; 39.5x29 cm.

The Royal Horticultural Society. Report for the Year 1930 (2x), 1931, 1932 (2x) 1933.

/London: Royal Horticultural Society, 1930/.
6 vol.; 150-170 pgs.; 24.5x15.5x1 cm.
1H 16.441/1-6

The Scottish Tourist, and Itinerary; Or, a Guide to the Scenery and Antiquities of Scotland and the Western Islands. With a Description of the Principal Steam-Boat Tours..

Edinburgh: Stirling, Kenney and co., 1836.6th ed.
418 pgs.; 18x11.5x3.5 cm.
62D 12.108
Inscription “M. MacGregor” on title page

The Steam-boat Companion and Stranger's Guide to the Western Islands and Highlands of Scotland.

Glasgow: James Lumsden and Son., 1825.2nd ed.
212 pgs.; 21x9.5x2 cm.
60K 11.510
The Travellers' Guide to Kenya and Uganda.
Nairobi: Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours., 1936.
232 pgs.; 22x14x1 cm.
66E 12.996
Stamp " Ticket-Office, 15.X.1936, PRAHA - ..." on title page

/Thompson, Harriet Diana Calvert/.

The Witch of Melton Hill. A Tale.
London: Burns and Lambert, 1855.
254 cm; 17x10.5x2 cm.
69C 13.439
Stamp “Bibliothek Frauenberg” on the title page.

Town and Country (2x).

London: W. Sams, 1836.
2 vol.; 16 pgs.; 17x10.5 cm.
24H 21.841/1-2

Transactions of the Zoological Society of London.

Vol. 21. - Part 2.-6.
Vol. 22. - Part 2.-6. Zoological Results of the Cambridge Expedition to the Suez Canal, 1924.
Vol. 23. - Part 1.-6.
London: Messrs. Longmans, Green, and Co., 1930-1938.
16 iss.; 900 pgs./vol.; 33x26.5x1.5 cm.
4C 16.648/5-9
4C 16.648/10-14
4C 16.648/15-20
The pages are not cut.

Trolloppe, /Frances/.

Second Love; or, Beauty and Intellect. A Novel.
Paris: A. and W. Galignani and Co.; Baudry's European Library., 1851.
188 pgs.; 24x16x1.5 cm.
6L 17.009
Stamp "Fürstlich Schwarzenbergische Bibliothek zu Frauenberg" on the title page.

Trusler, John.

The Works of William Hogarth; In a Series of Engravings: with Descriptions and a Comment on Their Moral Tendency.
London: Jones and Co., 1833.
226 pgs.; 28.5x22.5x4 cm.
7B 17.014.
Stamp "Fürstlich Schwarzenbergische Bibliothek zu Frauenberg" on the title page.

/Vaughan, William/.

A Comparative Statement of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Docks in Wapping and the Docks in the Isle of Dogs: with General Remarks on the Advantages of Making the Port of London a Great Depot.
London: H. L. Galabin, 1799. 2nd ed.
45 pgs.; 20x13x1.5 cm.
1E 117 part 1.
Wagner Festival, Royal Albert Hall. Sixth Concert, Saturday Afternoon, May 19.
London: Hodge and Essex, s.a.
21 pgs.; 27.5x21 cm.

/Walpole, Horace, ps./ Muralto, Onuphrio.

The Castle of Otranto. Translated by W. Marshal, Gent.
Parma: J. Edwards, 1791. 6th ed.
243 pgs.; 25x17x3 cm.
85A 16.291

Warder, John A/ston/.

American Pomology. Apples.
New York: Orange Judd and Company., /1867/.
744 pgs.; 19.5x14.5x4.5 cm.
11J 18.509

- - -.
Report on Forest and Forestry. Vienna International Exhibition.

Washington: Government Printing Office., 1875.
107 pgs.; 23.5x15.5x1 cm.
69K 13.782
Inscription "Prince Adolf Jos Schwarzenberg/ Vienna Austria/ with respects of the ..." on title page

Warren, Samuel.

Now and Then.
Paris: A. and W. Galignani and Co., 1848.
287 pgs.; 24x16x2 cm.
3B 16.491
Stamp "Fürstlich Schwarzenbergische Bibliothek zu Frauenberg" on the title page.

- - - .
Passages from the Diary of a Late Physician. Collection of Ancient and Modern British Authors. Vol. 220.

Paris: Baudry's European Library., 1838.
402 pgs.; 22.5x14.5x2 cm.
1L 16.477/B
Stamp "Fürstlich Schwarzenbergische Bibliothek zu Frauenberg" on the title page.

Wats, Alaric A. Ed.

The Literary Souvenir.
London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green., 1830.
362 pgs.; 15x10x3 cm.
70B 13.988
Incription “Eleonore Schwarzenberg Liechtenstein” on the flyleaf

Watson, Alfred E. T.

The Badminton Magazine of Sports and Pastimes. No. 13, Aug 1896.
London, New York, Bombay: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1896.
252 pgs.; 23x15x1 cm.
13C 18.840
Weatherby, J., E., J. P., and C. T.
The Racing Calendar, for the Year 1891. Races Past. Volume 119.
London: Weatherby, 1891.
836 pgs.; 17x12x4.5 cm.
53G 9.639

Westall, William; and Thomas Moule.

The Landscape Album; or, Great Britain Illustrated.
London: Charles Tilt, 1832.
120 pgs.; 20x13.5x3 cm.
60G 11.348

/West, Jane/.

A Tale of the Times. In Three Volumes.
London: T. N. Longman and O. Rees, 1799. 2nd ed.
2 vol. (II and III); 312+389 pgs.; 19x11.5x3 cm.
27H 21.970
An illegible signature on the flyleaves.

/White, James/, ps. Martingale.

Sporting Scenes and Country Characters.
London: Longman, Orme, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1840.
332 pgs.; 21.5x15.5x3 cm.
54K 9.962
Pages cut by a reader, the empty ones remain uncut.

Whitby, Daniel.

A Discourse of the Necessity and Usefulness of the Christian Revelation; by Reason of the Corruptions of the Principles of Natural Religion Among Jews and Heathens.
London: by W. B. for A. and J. Chutchil at the Black Swan in Pater-Noster-Row., 1705.
335 pgs.; 19.5x13x3 cm.
13H 2.970
Signature “John Keorney (?)” on the flyleaf.

/Wigand, George H, ed./

Wigand's Pocket Miscellany. Vol.ume I.
Goettingen: George H. Wigand, 1853.
191 pg; 14.5x11.5x1.5 cm.
59A 11.009

Williams, J. L.

The Boy's Own Book: A Compedium of All the Sports and Recreations of Youth.
Paris: Baudry's European Library, 1843.
448 pgs.; 17x11x3 cm.
73B 14.874

/Williams, Robert Folkestone/.

Strawberry Hill, an Historical Novel.
Paris: A. and W. Galignani and Co., 1847.
343 pgs.; 22.5x14.5x2 cm.
1L 16.471
Stamp “Bibliothek Frauenberg” on the title page.
Wilson, John.
British Farming. A Description of the Mixed Husbandry of Great Britain.
Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black., 1862.
569 pgs.; 23x15x5 cm.
70L 14.170
Stamp “Fürst. Schwrzenbergisches Centralarchiv in Wien 1867” on the title page

/Wilson, Lucy Sarah Atkins/.

Mamma's Bible Stories for Her Little Boys and Girls. A Series of Reading Lessons Taken from the Bible and Adapted to the Capacities of Very Young Children.
London: Griffith and Farran, 1864. 12th ed.
196 pgs.; 14x11.5x2 cm.
16J 19.791
Inscription “Eleonore Schwarzenberg from Dearest” on the flyleaf.

/Witteman Brothers/.

Panorama of New York, Brooklyn and Vicinity.
New York: Witteman Bros., 1879.
npag; 12x18x0.5 cm.
58B 10.756

Wood, /Ellen/.Anne Hereford.

A Novel In Two Volumes. Vol. I. Collection of British Authors Tauchnitz Edition. Vol. 998.
Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1869.
311 pgs.; 16.5x12x2 cm.
65A 12.738

Wortley, The Lady Emmeline Stuart.

The Keepsake for 1829.
London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman, 1837.
Npag; 19x13x2.5 cm.
74E 15.313/6

- - - .
The Keepsake for 1840.

London: Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans., 1840.
364 pgs.; 24.5x17x2.5 cm.
66G 13.028/3

Finden's Landscape Illustrations to Mr. Murray's Complete and Uniform Edition of the Life and Works of Lord Byron.

London: John Murray., 1833.
Npag; 22x16x3.5 cm.
85A 16.295

Yamada, Eizo; and Muneyasu Oki.

The New School of Japan Founded for the Purpose of Making the Use of the Newly Invented Letters.
/Tokio, 1909/.
58 pgs.; 27x39x1.5 cm.
74M 15.437
Yonge, Charlotte M/ary/, ed.
A Storehouse of Stories.
London: Macmillan and Co., 1880.New ed.
403 pgs.; 17.5x12.5x2 cm.
58B 10.753

/- - -/.
The Heir of Redclyffe.

London: John W. Parker and Son, 1854. 5th ed.
524 pgs.; 20x14x4 cm.
28J 22.415
Stamp “Bibliothek Frauenberg” on the title page.

/- - - /.

The Little Duke or Richard the Fearless. Ben Sylvester's Word. Series for the Young. Vol. 5.
Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1861.
274 pgs.; 16x12x1 cm.
21K 21.093

Zoological Record.

Sclater, William Lutley.

I. Comprehensive Zoology. Zoological Record Vol. 62-70, 1925-1933.
London: Zoological Society of London, 1926-1934.
8 vol., 20-30 pgs.; 21.5x14 cm.
5C 16.677/1
5C 16.677/7
5C 16.677/13
5C 16.677/20
5C 16.677/26
66D 12.972/4
66D 12.972/12
5C 16.677/32
14.8H 17.349/3

Sclater, William Lutley.

X. Arachnida. Zoological Record Vol. 62-63, 1925-1926.
London: Zoological Society of London, 1926-1927.
2 vol., 40 pgs.; 21.5x14 cm
5C 16.677/2
5C 16.677/8

Finnegan, Susan.

X. Arachnida. Zoological Record Vol. 65-68, 1928-1931.
London: Zoological Society of London, 1929-1932.
7 vol., 50 pgs., 21.5x14 cm.
5C 16.677/21.
5C 16.677/27.
66D 12.972/5
66D 12.972/13
5C 16.677/33
8H 17.349/4
5C 16.677/14

XI. Insecta. Prepared by the Imperial Bureau of Entomology. Zoological Record Vol. 62-67, 69–75, 1925-1930, 1932-1938.

London: Zoological Society of London, Imperial Bureau of Entomology, 1926 – 1931, 1933 - 1939.
11 Vol.; 400-500 pgs.; 21.5x14x2 cm.
66D 12.972/1.
8H 17.349/1
8H 17.349/2
66D 12.972/2
66D 12.972/3
66D 12.972/6
5C 16.677/34
8H 17.349/5
5C 16.677/39
5C 16.677/40
5C 16.677/41

XII. Insecta. Prepared by the Imperial Institute of Entomology. Zoological Record Vol. 74-75, 1937-1938.

London: Zoological Society of London, Imperial Institute of Entomology, 1938-1939.
2 Vol.; 400 pgs.; 21.5x14x2cm.
66D 12.972/18
66D 12.972/19

Flower, Major Stanley S.

XIV. Reptilia and Batrachia. Zoological Record Vol. 62-63, 1925-1928.
London: Zoological Society of London, 1926-1929.
2 Vol.; 60 pgs.; 21.5x14 cm.
5C 16.677/3
5C 16.677/9

Flower, Major Stanley S.

XIV. Reptilia and Amphibia. Zoological Record Vol. 64-65, 1927-1928.
London: Zoological Society of London, 1928-1929.
2 vol.; 30-70 pgs.; 21.5x14 cm
5C 16.677/15
5C 16.677/22

Smith, Malcolm A.

XIV. Amphibia and Reptilia. Zoological Record Vol. 66-70, 1929-1933.
London: Zoological Society of London, 1930-1934.
5 Vol.; 40 pgs.; 21.5x14.
5C 16.677/28
66D 12.972/7
66D 12.972/14
5C 16.677/35
8H 17.349/6
Sclater, William Lutley.
XV. Aves. Zoological Record Vol. 62-70, 1925-1933.
London: Zoological Society of London, 1926-1934.
9 vol.; 70-120 pgs.; 21.5x14.
5C 16.677/4
5C 16.677/10
5C 16.677/16
5C 16.677/23
5C 16.677/29
66D 12.972/8
66D 12.972/15
5C 16.677/36
8H 17.349/7

Sclater, William Lutley.

XVI. Mammalia. Zoological Record Vol. 62-70, 1925-1933.
London: Zoological Society of London, 1926-1934.
9 vol.; 50-90 pgs.; 21.5x14 cm.
5C 16.677/5
5C 16.677/11
5C 16.677/17
5C 16.677/24
5C 16.677/30
66D 12.972/9
66D 12.972/16
5C 16.677/37
8H 17.349/8

Sclater, William Lutley.

List of Abbreviations with Titles of the Journals. Zoological Record Vol. 64, 67; 1927, 1930.
London: Zoological Society of London; 1928, 1931.
2 vol.; 50-60 pgs.; 21.5x14 cm.
5C 16.677/19
66D 12.972/10

Sclater, William Lutley.

Names of New Genera and Subgenera. Zoological Record Vol. 62-70; 1925-1933.
London: Zoological Society of London; 1926-1934.
9 vol.; 20-30 pgs.; 21.5x14 cm.
5C 16.677/6
5C 16.677/12
5C 16.677/18
5C 16.677/25
5C 16.677/31
66D 12.972/11
66D 12.972/17
5C 16.677/38
8H 17.349/9

This thesis is a result of the research of the English books in a private library, which was established by the South Bohemian aristocratic family, the House of Schwarzenberg. The aim of this work is to locate the English books in one of the surviving libraries of the primogeniture of the Schwarzenberg family: the castle library in Český Krumlov. Each book is to be located in the catalogue of the library and then physically.

The thesis divided into two major parts provides the historical background of the library and the Schwarzenberg family in the first part, and a list of the books in the English language present in the library, together with the comments on their choice, special features and personal marks on the books in the second part. The information considering the number and subject of the non-fiction books is directly connected with the activities of the family by the time the books were published (such as the building activities of the family in connection with the number of architectonic designs present in the library); and the fiction is discussed from the point of view of the readers through various marks, inscriptions and glosses.

The focus is laid on the 19th century, in which most of the books in the English language present in the Český Krumlov library were printed, and in which the greatest influence from the English speaking countries on the dominion of the Schwarzenberg family can be observed.


Tato práce je výsledkem výzkumu jazykově anglických knih v soukromé knihovně, která byla založena jihočeským knížecím rodem Schwarzenberků. Cílem této práce bylo vyhledat knihy v anglickém jazyce v jedné z dochovaných knihoven Schwarzenberské primogenitury, zámecké knihovně v Českém Krumlově. Každá kniha byla vyhledána na základě zápisu v inventárním katalogu a následně prozkoumána přímo v knihovně.

Práce se dělí do dvou základních částí, z nichž první se věnuje historickým souvislostem a vývoji knihovny, v té druhé jsou pak knihy rozřazeny do kategorií na základě jejich obsahu. Kompletní seznam anglických knih doplněný o katalogové informace je uveden v příloze. Odborná literatura je uvedena do souvislostí s jejím praktickým použitím při modernizaci Schwarzenberského panství a beletrie je zkoumána z pohledu čtenářů na základě různých vlastnických značek, podpisů, vpisků a věnování.

Práce se zabývá především devatenáctým stoletím, kdy byla zámecká knihovna doplněna o největší počet anglických knih a kdy můžeme pozorovat největší vliv anglického prostředí na Schwarzenberské panství.

1 Exlibris is a printed label attached to the inside of the front cover of the book, which bears the coat of arms or the name of its owner (“Bookplates”).

2 Supralibros is an owner’s mark in a form of the coat of arms or the monogram of the owner of the book, which is embossed (and sometimes gilt) on the cover of the book (“Bookplates”).

33 In this work, the names of the aristocratic families and their members are written in their German forms rather than Czech ones.

4 To avoid confusion, it is probably necessary to remind, that the House of Schwarzenberg split into two independent titled lines in 1802. The primogeniture residing in Český Krumlov and later Hluboká Castle started with Josef II of Schwarzenberg, father of Johann Adolf II (frequently mentioned in this text); while his brother Karl Phillip of Schwarzenberg, famous for his military achievements in the Napoleonic Wars, became the first member of the secundogeniture. Karl Phillip is the direct ancestor of the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg (“Stručné dějiny”).

5 The indirect line continued by Adolf’s adopting his cousin Heinrich as his heir, and Heinrich’s adopting already adult Karel VII of Schwarzenberg, the heir of the secundogeniture. Thus, in the person of Karel Schwarzenberg, the two lines of the family are reunited. Heinrich himself had one child, Elizabeth Regina Pezold, who is still leading the legal fight for Hluboká Castle and other parts of the former property of the Schwarzenberg family (Pelíšek).

6 The library of Maria Ernestine, its cataloguing and development, are the subject of the research of Jitka Radimská, who has written a number of texts about the French collection in the castle library in Český Krumlov. The outcome of her work is her book Knihovna šlechtičny; Francouzské knihy Marie Ernestiny z Eggenbergu na zámku v Českém Krumlově (The Library of a Lady; French Books of Maria Ernestine of Eggenberg in the Český Krumlov Castle).

7 The Mirror Hall is a ball-room with walls covered with Rococo frescoes and with large mirrors incorporated to the decoration. It is situated on the fourth courtyard of the Český Krumlov Castle.

8 As Jitka Radimská states, the opinions considering the number of books in the library today differ. In 1996, 43.249 volumes were counted (Radimská, 18-19).

9 A few of the books falling into these categories are in Czech. Four of them are concerned with the United States of America: Soustátí Americké a jeho Ústava (1872), Máme-liž se stěhovat do Ameriky? (1856), Průvodce katolíka do Ameriky (1815) and Zlatá kniha Československého Chicaga (1926). The rest of them are translations of Shakespeare’s plays (two different publications from 1850s and 1870s called simply Dramatická díla, a translation of Romeo and Juliet from 1847 and Mackbeth from 1786).

10 A catalogue written in 1721 lists 788 books in French, 557 books in Italian and 141 books in Latin (Radimská 20-21) in contrast with this single volume where English appears.

11 “The contemporaries of Eleonore refer to her as ‘the beloved Princess Lori’; this light-haired beauty impressed the court in Vienna with her charm even when she was a grandmother. For over twenty years, her opinion determined the style of fetes, [...] clothing and interior design” (“19. století”). This quote comes from an article published on the official web page of the Hluboká Castle. Unfortunately, both the dating and authorship of this text are unknown. However, its accuracy was approved by the National Heritage Institute of the Czech Republic. In this article, Johann Adolf is described as a pedant, who devoted most of his time to the administration of his lands. Sometimes, the couple argued, when the Princess wanted to cancel some already started work because of some ‘Parisian novelty’ (“19. století”).

12 Walter died at the age of two in Červený Dvůr – a summer residence near Český Krumlov. His funeral was given unusual attention to and a tomb was built for him near Červený Dvůr. The tomb was in neo-Gothic style and it was destroyed in the 1960s. Anna Kubíková wrote an article about Walter’s funeral as a contribution to Obnovená Tradice (35/2006). Sometimes the legitimacy of Walter is doubted (e.g. in “19. století”) and he is said to be a result of Eleonore’s adultery during her stay in England. This discussion, however, is not based on any direct evidence and it is not the subject of this work.

13 Fonthill Abbey was a megalomaniac project of the writer William Beckford in Southern England. Being built of poor material, the excessively tall tower repeatedly collapsed and the whole building did not stand longer than 26 years (Fonthill). The Abbey finally collapsed on 21 December 1825, i.e. during Schwarzenberg’s stay in Britain. He probably saw the Abbey in one of the last months of its existence.

14 More details about John Adolf’s travelling in 1838 can be found in an article by Anna Kubíková published as a contribution to Obnovená Tradice, a journal of the Historical Club Schwarzenberg.

15 In the19th century, levée, originally a ceremony of waking up and dressing a monarch, took a form of an official morning visit (“Levee”).

16 In the library, there is an item named London and Birmingham Railway. Plan of the Line and Adjacent Country by Robert Stephenson, which was printed only 3 years before Schwarzenberg’s visit (1835). It is a green case made to the shape of a book with three large maps inside (74x80 cm).

17 British Farming; a Description of the Mixed Husbandry of Great Britain by John Wilson; How to Farm Profitably; or, The Sayings & Doings of Mr. Alderman Mechi; The Agriculturist's Manual by Peter Lawson; American Pomology and Report on Forest and Forestry, both by John A. Warder.

18 Jiří Kuthan mentions that Nash’s books can be found in the library of the Hluboká castle (Kuthan); there is probably the rest of the ten series.

19 For example the tomb of the Schwarzenberg family in Domanín near Třeboň has architectural elements of medieval cathedrals. Its construction was discussed since the 1850s. The construction itself started after the death of Eleonore in 1873 and was completed in four years (Kuthan).

20 The series consists of The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688 by David Hume (1830, 6 volumes); The History of England from the Revolution to the Death of George II by Tobias George Smollett (1830, 4 volumes) and The History of England from the Accession of George III by T. S. Hughes (1836, 7 volumes).

21 John Debrett published the Peerage and Baronetage in the first half of the 18th century. The company he founded still produces genealogical guides and books on ethics today (Debrett’s).

22 All the biographical data used in this chapter were taken from the genealogic table by Miroslav Marek.

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