Mark Patrick Cain, M. D., F. A. A. P. Hospital Address

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Mark Patrick Cain, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Hospital Address: Indiana University School of Medicine Riley Hospital for Children

702 Barnhill Dr. Room 4230

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

(317) 274-7446

FAX: (317) 274-7481


Date of Birth: December 15, 1960

Frankfurt, Germany

Citizenship: U.S.A.

Family Information: Wife: Charla Ruth Cain – Married 1987
Children: Chelsea Camille Cain – 3/4/90

Alexandra Leigh Cain - 7/19/94

James Monroe Cain - 3/15/96

Education: Undergraduate:

Willamette University

Salem, Oregon

B.A. Chemistry May 8, 1983

Medical School:

Oregon Health Sciences University

Portland, Oregon

M.D. June 12, 1987

Postgraduate Education:
1987 - 1989 Surgery Resident

Albany Medical Center Hospital

Albany, New York
1989 - 1991 Urology Resident

Albany Medical Center Hospital

Albany, New York
1992-1-1992 Chief Resident, Urology

Albany Medical Center Hospital

Albany, New York
1992 - 1994 Pediatric Urology Fellow

Mayo Clinic

Rochester, Minnesota

Current Appointment: Professor of Pediatric Urology, Tenured

Department of Urology

Indiana University School of Medicine


Previous Appointments: Associate Professor of Pediatric Urology, Tenured

Department of Urology

Indiana University School of Medicine

2002 - 2007

Assistant Professor of Pediatric Urology

Department of Urology

Indiana University Medical Center

1996 - 2002

Assistant Professor of Urology and Pediatrics

Division of Urology and Dept. of Pediatrics

Georgetown University Medical Center

1994 - 1996

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics

University of Virginia School of Medicine


Certification: National Board of Medical Examiners,

Part I, II, III Completed 1988

Diplomate, American Board of Urology

Part I, 1992 Part II, 1996

Recertification, 2004-2013
Diplomate, American Board of Urology

Subspecialty Certification in Pediatrics, 2008

Medical Licensure: Indiana: 01045572

New York: 181418-1 (inactive)

Minnesota: 35599 (inactive)

D.C. 20758 (inactive)

Virginia: 0101050704 (inactive)

Maryland: D46023 (inactive)

Medical Societies: American Urological Association

American Urological Association,

North Central Section Member

American Academy of Pediatrics,

Section of Urology

Society of University Urologists

European Society of Pediatric Urologists

Society for Fetal Urology

Society of Pediatric Urology

Fellow, Society of Pediatric Urology

American Association of Pediatric Urologists

Indianapolis Medical Society

Indiana State Medical Association

Indiana Urologic Society

Societe International d’Urologie

Honor Societies: Omicron Delta Kappa

Mortar Board

Beta Alpha Gamma

Alpha Lambda Delta

Eagle Scout

Committees/Service Local:
Georgetown University Hospital Operating Room

Re-engineering committee, 1996

Clarian Health Web Council, 1997-1999

Riley Hospital Ambulatory Care Committee 1997-2000

IUSM Compliance Committee, 1997-present

IUSM Managed Care Committee, 1997-99

IUPUI Faculty Handbook Committee, 1997-2001

Department of Urology Compliance Officer, 1998-present

Department of Urology Finance Committee 2000-2001

Children’s Oncology Group, Urology Rep, 1999-2005

Indiana University School of Medicine, Data Driven

Decision Making, Clinical Design Team, 2004

Physician Feedback Committee, Clarian Health Hospital

Systems, 2004

Riley Hospital for Children, OR Scheduling Guidelines

Sub-Commitee, 2005

Riley Hospital Regional Relations Committee, 2006-8

Riley Hospital, Physician Director Telemedicine, 2006-8

Clarian Health Operations Improvement Program

Committee, Riley Hospital OR Turn Around Time, 2007

Indiana University Medical Group - Specialty Care Finance Committee, 2007-8

Riley Hospital Marketing Committee, 2010-

Committes/Services National:

American Academy of Pediatrics, Section on Urology:
Moderator, Poster Session, 1997 Annual Meeting

Program Committee, 1999 Annual Meeting

Moderator, Podium Session, 2001 Annual Meeting

Moderator, Podium Session, 2002 Annual Meeting

Unified Coding Committee, 2003-2006

Program Committee, 2004 Annual Meeting.

Program Committee, 2005 Annual Meeting.

Program Committee Chairman, 2006 Annual Meeting

Long Range Planning Committee, 2005-2007

Executive Committee, 2006-2009

Coordinating Council, 2006-2009

Program Committee, 2007 Annual Meeting

Publications Chairman, 2007-2008

AAP/ESPU Traveling Fellowship Chair 2008-2011

Manuscript Oversight Chair, 2010

American Urological Association, North Central Section

Young Leadership Committee, North Central Section,

American Urological Association, 1998-04

Vice-Chairman, 2001-2002

Chairman, 2002-2003

Board of Directors, 2002-2003

Long Range Planning Committee, 2002-2003

Moderator, Podium Session, 2002 Annual Meeting

Moderator, Podium Session, 2003 Annual Meeting

Moderator, Midwest Pediatric Urology Group, 2003

Moderator, Young Urologists/Residents Seminar, 2003

Nominating Committee, Indiana Representative, 2004

Moderator, Midwest Pediatric Urology Group, 2005.

Local Arrangements Chair, 2006 Annual Meeting

Program Committee, 2006

American Urological Association:
Program Planning Committee, 2007 National Meeting

Program Planning Committee, 2008 National Meeting

Moderator, 2010 Annual Meeting

Society of Fetal Urology:
Executive Committee, Member at Large, 2003-2008

Program Chairman, Spring 2004 Annual Meeting

Moderator, Spring Meeting, 2004

Publications Chairman 2004-2005

President 2005-2006

Indiana Urological Association:
Board Member, Indiana Urological Association, 2005.

Editorial Reviewer: Journal of Urology

Journal of Pediatric Surgery


European Urology

Digital Urology Journal

Urology Editorial Board, Medscape from WebMD

Journal of Urology Pediatric Urology Editorial Committee 2010-2013


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Infections in Urology 4: 43-48, March/April, 1991.
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Should Relate to Economic Issues. AUA Today 5: 9,20, December, 1992.

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