Marianne Gingher 30l E. Hendrix Street Greensboro, N. C. 2740l

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Curriculum Vitae
Marianne Gingher

30l E. Hendrix Street

Greensboro, N.C. 2740l

Telephone (home) 336-272-7888

A. EDUCATION: B.A. (art and English), Salem College, l969

M.F.A. (creative writing), UNC-Greensboro, l974


1975—1981: Full-time or part-time lecturer, UNC-Chapel Hill.

(Courses taught: Introduction to Fiction, Intermediate and Advanced

Creative Writing, Children’s Literature, Modern British and American

Literature, Stylistics)
1987—1989: Part-time lecturer, UNC-Chapel Hill

(Courses taught: Introduction to Fiction, Intermediate Fiction Writing

workshop, Senior Honors in Fiction Writing)
Fall, l987: Visiting Writer at Elon College, Burlington, NC
1989—1991: Assistant Professor of English, Hollins College, Roanoke, VA

(Courses taught: The Modern Novel, Introduction to Fiction and Poetry

Writing, Form and Theory in Fiction and Poetry Writing, Studies in

The Contemporary Short Story, Modern American Literature, Graduate

Writing Tutorials)
Summer, 1989: Bennington Writing Workshops, Bennington, VT, faculty member

Summer, l989: Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, Middlebury, VT, faculty member

Summer, l990: Duke University Writing Workshops, faculty member

Summer, l990: Sewanee Writers’ Conference, University of the South, Sewanee, TN

  1. faculty member

l993—l998: Lecturer in Creative Writing, UNC-Chapel Hill

l998— 2003 Assistant Professor of English, UNC-Chapel Hill

(Courses taught: Freshman Honors in Fiction Writing, Intermediate

Fiction Writing, Introduction to Fiction Writing, Advanced Fiction

Writing, Senior Honors in Fiction Writing, Independent Studies and Directed Readings in Creative Non-Fiction, Novel Writing, Short Story Writing, Literature and Writing for Children, Writing the Personal Narrative, focusing on “Coming of Age in America,” Stylistics, in partnership with Daphne Athas: a course in creative grammar and the musicality of language; Gram-o-Rama, my own version of Stylistics; Dramatic Writing and PUPPETRY! (developed for and taught during first session Summer, 2016); Flash Fiction: the really shortest story of the short (began teaching this course, fall 2016 and continuing.

1997 to 2002: Director of the Creative Writing Program, UNC-Chapel Hill

2003—to 2009 Associate Professor of English, UNC-Chapel Hill

2002—and ongoing, Co-Director, Thomas Wolfe Scholarship in Creative Writing

2009—promoted and continuing, Professor of English and Comparative Literature

2011-2016 Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Term Professor

Spring 2016, Acting Director, Creative Writing Program, UNC
Other experience includes lectures, readings and/or workshops at the following institutions: Wake Forest University, Meredith College, UNC-Greensboro, Winthrop College, Greensboro College, Guilford College, UNC-Wilmington, Queens College in Charlotte, Hollins College, Davidson College, UNC-Asheville, Salem College, University of Vermont-Burlington, NC Center for the Advancement in Teaching at Cullowee, NC Governors’ School, Virginia Polytechnical Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University, Washington and Lee, South Carolina Arts Council Readers’ Series, Historical Book Club of North Carolina, UNC-Chapel Hill Literary Festival, UNC-CH Vacation College, UNC-CH Program in the Humanities and Human Values,

Topeka, KS Writers-in-the-Schools Program, University of the South at Sewanee, Clemson University, St. Mary’s College, Florida International, Catawba Community College, Center for Appalachian Studies in Abingdon, VA, Appalachian State University, Syracuse University, Mt. Olive College, University of Central Arkansas, Caldwell County Public Library, Canterbury Episcopal School, Grimsley Senior High in Greensboro, Ravenscroft School in Raleigh, Durham County Public Library, Chatham County Public Library, Chapel Hill Friends of the Library, Goldsboro Arts Council, Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, Chatham County Schools Writer-in-Residence, Fayetteville Friends of the Library, Asheboro Friends of the Library, Second Sunday Reading series at UNC-CH, Greensboro Day School Writer-in-Residence, NC Wesleyan College, Tennessee Williams Literary Festival panelist (New Orleans), Isothermal College, Carolina Summer speaker, Witherspoon Art Gallery at UNC-G, UNC-CH Alumni Association seminar leader, Bennington College, VT, Bread Loaf Conference at Middlebury, VT, Alleghany County Public Library, featured guest at West Virginia Writers’ Conference, August 2001, Hubbard Speaker for NC Medical Alliance, High Point, NC, May 2002, NC Museum of Art, Barton College in Wilson, NC, Chatham Hall Preparatory School (Chatham, VA), Raleigh Fine Arts Society Tea and Banquet speaker South Carolina Book Festival, Columbia, SC; North Carolina Literary festival 2004, NCSU, Raleigh, NC, Bookmarks Book Festival in Winston-Salem, NC, 2004, Crystal Coast Book Festival in Morehead City, NC, November 2005; Book Marks Festival panelist in Winston-Salem, Fall 2006; NC Writers’ Network Workshop in memoir, UNC-Greensboro, June 2, 2007; NC Writers’ Network presentation on flash fiction, Wilmington, NC 2009; Friends of Wilson Library presentation, Wilson, NC, October 2010; Girls Rock Fund Raiser, reading, The Barn, Fearrington Village, March 2010; April 1, Carolina College for Lifetime Learning, Alumni Center, flash fiction presentation, April 2010; coming up Camden, Salem College, etc. What follows now are speaking engagement highlights from 2009 to spring 2017: 2009: Interview with Frank Stasio on “The State of Things,” W-UNC, about my memoir, Adventures in Pen Land; Interview taped with D.G. Martin for UNC-TV’s “Bookwatch” show; Friends of Library Guest Speaker, Eden, NC; Interview with Frank Stasio on “The State of Things” about the flash fiction collection I edited, Long Story Short; Launch party at Fearrington Barn for Long Story Short. Raised $50,000 to benefit Chapel Hill Public Library. Moderated guest writers with co-host D.G. Martin; North Carolina Writer’s Network presentation on flash fiction, Wilmington, NC; 2010: Girl’s Rock fundraiser speaker, The Barn at Fearrington Village; Carolina College for Lifetime Learning, Alumni Center Presentation; 2011: Camden Friends of the Library Guest Speaker, Camden, SC; NC Writers’ Network workshop leader on “Writing Memoir,” UNC-Greensboro; Salem College guest writer, Winston-Salem, NC; panelist on Frank Stasio’s “The State of Things” to discuss the work of Doris Betts; December 4, 2011, took group of my Gram-o-rama students to Durham to perform excerpts from grammar exercises on “The State of Things;” 2012 : NC Writer’s Network Workshop Leader, “Starting from Life,”workshop in personal narrative, UNC-Greensboro; Emeritus Studies Program presentation and puppet performance, UNC-G; November presenter of talk, “Eudora Welty: My Literary Hero,” for the UNC Alumni Association, Wayne County Community College, Goldsboro, NC; 2013: SEAC/UNC-Greensboro, presenter with collaborator Deborah Seabrooke: “How to Start a Puppet Company from Scratch: The Nitty-Gritty on Making It (Or Not);” 2015: August 5-10, National Puppetry Festival, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA. Taught workshop on writing for the puppet stage: “Bare Naked Puppets: Writing Adult Puppet Comedy; Asheville, attended National Book Sellers’ Convention at Grove Park Inn to promote Amazing Place for UNC Press; April, reading with contributing writers to Amazing Place, at Motorco in Durham, NC; Park Road Books, Charlotte; More readings and promotion of Amazing Place in various Outer Banks venues and Elizabeth City, NC, Greensboro, NC; Workshop Leader on Memoir, NC Writers’ Network, UNC-G April 18; hosted and introduced writers Lydia Millet and Jenny Offill at Bull’s Head, UNC and Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill; Park Road Books, Charlotte, presenter; readings for 27 Views at Wellspring Retirement Community, Greensboro and Scuppernong Books, Greensboro; Southern Cultures food issue launch reading, Chapel Hill; October 10, 2015 Speaker on panel that included Chancellor Folt, UNC President Tom Ross, etc. for a special Program in Humanities and Human Values. My topic was how writing is important to a liberal arts education. 2016: Wednesday Study Club speaker, Greensboro Country Club, Greensboro NC; Friday Book Club, Greensboro; Introducing novelist Quinn Dalton, September, Donovan Lounge, UNC; East Chapel Hill Rotary Club speaker, spring 2017

2018 Speaking engagements included a visit to Canterbury School, Greensboro to demonstrate activating the hand puppet; fall presentation of my work for UNC Press to the Chapel Hill “Downtowners” Merchant Association; Chapel Hill “Newcomers’ Club” speaker April 11, and speaker at Friends of Jackson Library Celebration of 60th Anniversary of Friends support at UNC-G, Greensboro Country Club April 28, 2018


Bobby Rex’s Greatest Hit, Atheneum l986 (Ballantine edition l987) 310 pp.

Reprinted by LSU, l998, “Voices of the South” series

Teen Angel & Other Stories of Wayward Love, Atheneum l988

(Ballantine edition, l989) 204 pp. Reprinted by Zuckerman Cannon/John F. Blair, 1998

How to Have a Happy Childhood, Zuckerman Cannon/John F. Blair, 2000

A Girl’s Life: Horses Boys, Weddings & Luck , LSU Press, 2001

A Girl’s Life, Large Print Edition, Thorndike Press, 2003

Editor of Gram-o-Rama: Breaking the Rules, by Daphne Athas, iUniverse, 2007 ( also wrote Foreword and Glossary for this maverick grammar textbook)

Adventures in Pen Land: One Writer’s Journey from Inklings to Ink, University of Missouri Press, 220 pp., illustrated (publication date, October 2008)

Long Story Short: Flash Fiction by 65 of North Carolina’s Finest Writers, curated and edited , wrote introduction, included one original flash fiction to the collection, UNC Press, 2009.

Amazing Place: What North Carolina Means to Writers; curated, edited, wrote introduction and contributed one narrative to the collection of 21 essays, UNC Press, March 2015.

“Haunts,” Greensboro Review, Spring l972, pp. 28-35

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“Work Song,” Carolina Quarterly, Winter l977, pp.80-90

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“The Gargoyle,” Redbook, May l980, pp. 33 (142-149)

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“Mrs. Brownlee’s Beauty Commandments,” Redbook, March l981, pp.95 (130-143)

“The Most Beautiful Lady Balloon,” Redbook, April l982 , pp. 102 (148-155)

“The Boyfriend,” Seventeen, December l983, pp. 118 (145)

“Putting the Babies to Bed,” PEN Syndicated Fiction Award story, recorded for

NPR and published in San Francisco Chronicle, St. Petersburg Times, and The

Village Advocate

“A Passing Fancy,” Ladies’ Home Journal, October l989, pp. 100 (102-103)

“Happy After All,” Redbook, December l989 pp. 93 (l32-134)

“Ted’s Dog,” New Virginia Review, Winter 1991, pp.190-196

“Plutonium Pie,” Southern Review, Winter 1991, pp. 93-100

“Peace,” Southern Review, Summer l994, pp.474-487

“The Elopement,” News & Observer, October 11, l998 Book Section

“Greetings from Pituitary,” Carolina Quarterly, Summer 1999

“Margaret’s War,” North American Review, Vol. 291, May-Aug, 2006, pp.52-56

“The Thing,” Long Story Short, UNC Press, 2009.

“Young and True,” a story, A Shared Voice, edited by Tom Mack and Andrew Geyer, Lamar Univeristy Press, 2013.

Ten stories published in the collection Teen Angel & Other Stories of Wayward Love

Include “The Kiss,” “Teen Angel,” “The Magic Circle,” “Wearing Glasses,” “The Hummingbird Kimono,” “Aurora Island,” “Camouflage,” “Toy Paris,” “No News,” and “My Mother’s Confession.”
Several of these stories were published previously in the following periodicals:

South Carolina Review, The Leader, North American Review, Redbook, Seventeen, and Ladies’ Home Journal.


“Confessions of a Book Critic’s Wife,” New Virginia Review, Winter 1991

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“Fred Chappell,” chapbook of Fred Chappell’s Thomas Wolfe Lecture delivered at UNC-CH in October, 2005, with my accompanying introduction, published by Jan Hensley: Greensboro: December 2005

“Empathy, in Overdrive,” Rambler Magazine, June 2006, part of an ongoing series

“Ode to a Southern Pie,” in the Oxford American, June 2006

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Oct., l996

“Chapter l2: The Hospital.” Contribution to Pete and Shirley, the Great Tarheel Novel,

ed. Dave Perkins. First serialized in News and Observer (Nov. l2, l995) and later

reprinted in book form by Downhome Press.

“My First Marriage,” essay in The Store of Joys: Writers Celebrate the North Carolina

Museum of Art’s Fiftieth Anniversary, John F. Blair Publishers: Winston-Salem,

Summer, l997

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Ten Years of Good Southern Writing, Hill Street Press: Athens, GA

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“The Capitol of Normal,” essay in Amazing Place: What North Carolina Means to Writers, UNC Press, 2015

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“Pie Love You,” in The Carolina Table, ed. by Randall Kenan, Eno Press: Hillsborough, 2016

“Groovy’s Hat,” forthcoming in IDOL TALK, editors, Tamara Wilson and Elizabeth Searle, McFarland Publishers. Dec. 2018

“A Beautiful Mother,” forthcoming in (tentative title Mothers and Strangers), ed. Samia Serageldin

UNC Press. Spring 2019


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Citations for “Distinction” in Best American Short Stories, ed. Martha Foley for

“No News” (l975) and “The Kiss” (l980)

North Carolina Literary Fellowship Grant l986 ($5,000)

PEN Syndicated Fiction Award, 1986 for the story “Putting the Babies to Bed”

American Library Association “Best Book” citation for Bobby Rex’s Greatest Hit , 1986

Bread Loaf Fellowship Award, 1987

Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction, 1987, presented by the Historical Book Club of

North Carolina

ALA “Best Book” citation for Teen Angel & Other Stories of Wayward Love, 1988

North Carolina Literary Fellowship Grant, 1990 ($7,500)

1999 citation for “Best Director of a Creative Writing Program” by The Independent

Chapman Family Fellowship, UNC-CH Institute of Arts and Humanities, fall 2000

Bronze Medal from Foreword Magazine in Best Book of the Year/ Memoir category

for A Girl’s Life, May 2002

2003 Spray-Randleigh Award, UNC-CH, $15,000 grant for a proposal to edit a grammar

exercise workbook based on Daphne Athas’s original Glossolalia, Summer 2003

UNC /University Research Grant, 2006 for sudden fiction anthology project, $1,000

UNC Arts and Humanities Grant award, 2007 for sudden fiction anthology project, $4500

Chapman Family Fellowship, UNC-CH Institute of Arts and Humanities, spring 2008

Johnston Award for Excellence in Teaching, February 21, 2007

UNC/University Research Council Publication Grant, May 2008, $2,000

New York Times Best-seller List, #8, May 2015 for Amazing Place (Travel category)

Bowman and Gordan Gray Distinguished Term Professor 2011-2016


Old Lady Without Pet Dog: Dispatches from a Solitary Life, non-fiction narratives, the third in a trilogy of autobiographical narratives

The Little Fur Husband, a novel

Pat Tato, An Ordinary Life, a tiny graphic novel

Plutonium Pie & Other Domestic Explosives: stories

Cult of the Vermicelli: three novellas


NBC Movie-of-the-Week version of Bobby Rex’s Greatest Hit (“Just My Imagination”

Starring Tom Wopat and Jean Smart) aired December 22, 1992
“The Hummingbird Kimono” based on the story of that same name premiered as an independent film by Edward Bowen at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC, February

l997. The film, shown later at the New Haven Film Fest, took first prize as “Best Dramatic Featurette.” It was aired on UNC-TV’s “Visions” series and on USC-TV in l998 and l999.

“The Writing of Marianne Gingher in Performance,” presented by the SOUTHERN WRITERS IN PERFORMANCE series in association with Dr. Paul Ferguson and the Department of Communication Studies, Sunday April 1, 2001, Tate-Turner Kuralt Theatre, UNC-CH
“The Writing of Marianne Gingher in Performance,” presented by Paul Ferguson’s Freshman Seminar on literary adaptation, in association with the Department of Communication Studies, Monday April 29, 2002 in Tate-Turner Kuralt Theatre, UNC-CH
Pre-Production activity by Bette Midler’s All-Girl Productions Company for feature film “Aurora Island,” starring Kim Basinger and Joaquim Phoenix. Based on the short story, “Aurora Island” by Marianne Gingher (from the collection Teen Angel).
Launched JABBERBOX PUPPET THEATER with collaborator Deborah Seabrooke, January 2009, a venue for adult puppet comedy.
African Queens, a puppet play, co-authored by Marianne Gingher and Deborah Seabrooke, produced and performed by Jabberbox Puppet Theater; 12 salon-style productions in Greensboro, NC, Chapel Hill, NC, and Wilmington, NC weekends beginning May 1—June 15, 2010
Little Town, Big Stars, puppet play, co-authored, performed, and produced by Marianne Gingher and Deborah Seabrooke. 18 salon-style productions in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Wilmington. May 15—July 1, 2011.
October, 2011 performance of Little Town, Big Stars at Mack and Mack, downtown Greensboro, as part of “17 Days Arts Festival.”
Rumpus in Rome, puppet play co-authored, performed, and produced by Marianne Gingher and Deborah Seabrooke. 18 salon-style productions in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem (performance at The Garage, a downtown venue). May 15-July 1, 2012
October 5-6, 2012 performance of Rumpus in Rome at the Artscenter in Carrboro (two nights only)
Washing, ten-minute playlet for Ackland Museum’s Activated Art Project; written by Marianne Gingher; directed by Greg Hohn; produced by Dana Coen. February-March 2012, Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill, NC

Art Class, 10 minute play (with mask and puppet) for Ackland Museums Activated Art Project, written by Marianne Gingher, puppet and mask designed by Marianne Gingher, directed and acted by Greg Hohn, produced by Dana Coen, Ackland Museum, Chapel Hill, NC April 2013
Unleashed! Puppet play co-authored, performed, and produced by Marianne Gingher and Deborah Seabrooke. 15 salon-style productions in Greensboro and at the Artscenter, Carrboro. (4 weeks in June, 2013 and September 6-7)
Solid Gold, puppet play commissioned by Greensboro Symphony Guild to celebrate 50 years of service to musical enrichment and education in Greensboro, NC. Performed at the Greensboro Country Club, May 7 2014
Linnaeus Forgets, a Musical, One Act Play commissioned by Red Bird Productions, produced and performed during March, 2015, at the Artscenter, Carrboro, NC . The play was part of a festival that celebrates North Carolina writers. Linnaeus Forgets is based on the eponymous short story by Fred Chappell
Beauty and the Botanist (three shows every weekend, May 19-June 18, 2017), by Jabberbox Puppet Theater, Greensboro, NC (see website and reviews,; A fully puppetized rendition of “Linnaeus Forgets” (see above), this play introduces and inserts a feminist theme into the original stage play. New puppets made, new original music and lyrics. The play—50 minutes in length, no intermission-- spans 2017-1751, going backwards in time. Sold out in advance of performances; Play includes original music by Sam Gingher with lyrics by Marianne Gingher.
My Shit Job,” a story by Daniel Wallace that Jabberbox Puppets performed for the Greensboro Bound Literary Festival, May 2018. Performance included a Q & A with Daniel Wallace and Deborah Seabrooke and Marianne Gingher on the nature of their collaboration.
FORTHCOMING: Work in Progress for the 2019 Greensboro Bound Literary Festival; commissioned by former NC Poet Laureate Fred Chappell to create a puppet performance based on his new book of verse (a re-telling of Aesop’s Fables) to be released, spring 2019.


UNC-related since 1994—to present


Vacation College at UNC-CH, “Southern Women Writers,” July l994

UNC Library celebration of NC Writers, “Fall Has Come Again,” panel member, l0/95

UNC Teleclass: Panel on NC writers with Daphne Athas, Bill Henderson, April 11, 1995

Introduction of Michael Parker, former alum at Barnes and Noble, May l996

Appearance on “Good Morning Show” with Lee Kinard, WFMY-TV to discuss the

group-written novel, Pete and Shirley, with Fred Chappell, Jerry Bledsoe, Jaki

Shelton Green, Dec. l9, l995

Reading for Salem College Alumni Club, Durham /Chapel Hill, 4/l8/95

American Civil Liberties celebration speaker, Greensboro, Dec. l4, l995

Wednesday Book Club, guest speaker, Greensboro, March l995

Search Committee Member for Creative Writing position, 1995-1996

Member of Morgan Writer-in-Residence Selection Committee, l996 and continuing

UNC Senior and Junior Fiction and Poetry Awards judge, Spring l995 and continuing

Carolina Quarterly Young Writers’ Fiction contest judge, l994-95

Introduction for Caroline Kizer, Pulitzer Prize poet, l997

Introduction of Michael Curtis, Senior Editor, Atlantic Monthly, l997

Planning Committee for library celebration (“Raising Writers”) and participant as

Moderator for a panel on “mentoring.” Fall, l997

Creative and Performance Arts Discussion Group member, l997-l998

Coordinator in conjunction with NC Writers’ Network for HOT INK, a summer

writing workshop for teens, co-sponsored by UNC

Status Report of the Creative Writing Program, presented to Dean Palm, Chancellor

Michael Hooker, and a gathering of English department colleagues, Sept. l7

1997, UNC Campus

Introduction of Fred Chappell and his work, Second Sunday Reading series, Wilson

Library, UNC Campus, Oct. l997

Introduction to Elizabeth Cox and her fiction, sponsored by Creative Writing Program,

Donovan Lounge, Greenlaw, UNC-CH campus, Nov. l997

Introduction to Jill McCorkle and Sarah Dessen, Second Sunday Reading Series, Wilson

Library, UNC campus, Dec. 9 l997

“The Writer Within You: Creative Writing.” Topic of seminar presented for UNC

Alumni Association, March 22, l998

Member of Honors Creative Writing Committee, 1998 and continuing

Truman Capote Scholarship Selection Committee , 1997 and continuing

Thesis director of l5 Honors students in Fiction, l997 and l998

Final Judge for Self-Awareness Symposium essay contest, April l998

Judge for l997 Mayflower Cup for Non-Fiction sponsored by the North Carolina

Literary and Historical Association

Featured speaker for “Landscapes of the Heart” seminar sponsored by UNC-CH’s

Program in the Humanities and Human Values, at Salem College, Oct. 23-24, l998

Arts and Sciences Foundation “University Lights” speaker on “Why Creative Writing

Is for Everybody.” September l4, l998

Introduction to fiction writer Melissa Malouf and to poet Christine Garren, Sept. l998

Second Sunday Reading at Wilson Library, UNC campus

Local readings at various bookstores, including Bull’s Head, Quail Ridge Books, Barnes and Noble, The Regulator, McIntyre’s, Waldenbooks in Charlotte, fall l998

Department of English Administration Committee, l997 and continuing

Department of English Curriculum Committee, l997 and continuing

Member of Committee for the establishment of the Doris Betts Distinguished

Professorship, l997--99

Member of search committee for Arts Carolina Director, l997-l999

Featured speaker for Program in the Humanities and Human Values on “The Life of

Doris Betts in Story and Song,” Kenan Center, UNC-CH, April 30-May l, l999

Selection Committee for Willie Lavonse Moore Prize in Creative Non-Fiction, l999

Selection Committee for Wanda Chappell Scholar, l999 and continuing

Wrote citation and presented it before faculty Council Meeting to Doris Betts,

1999 recipient of Thomas Jefferson Award, April 23, l999, Wilson Library

Member of Search Committee for the Doris Betts Distinguished Professorship, Fall 2000

Member of Search Committee for Kenan Writer in Residence, Spring 2000—2002

Reading with Sarah Dessen, Daniel Wallace, Michael McFee to promote the anthology,

This is Where We Live, Wilson Assembly Room, September 28, 2000, UNC Campus

Presentation about the Writing Life, Institute of Arts and Humanities, UNC, Oct., 2000

Dialectic Society reading, UNC, April 2000

Ages Panel on Teaching Creative Writing, guest panelist along with Doris Betts, Fred

Chappell, John Kessel, Betty Adcock, Johnston Center for Excellence, UNC, March 2000

Moderator, Panel on Films made from the fiction of Russell Banks, April 2000

Moderator, Town Meeting on Books, Greensboro Historical Book Club, October 2000, 2001 and continuing.

Television guest on UNC-TV for “NC Now” to discuss writing How to Have a Happy Childhood, May 2000

Writer–in-Residence at Charlotte Country Day School, November 2000

Featured Speaker for Family Reading Night, Timberlake School, Garner, NC Mar.8, 2001

Featured Speaker for IAH Board of Director’s Dinner Meeting, UNC-CH, April 2001

Panelist for Admissions Carolina 101 Project, Great Hall, UNC-CH, April 21, 2001

Reading, Barnes and Noble, Greensboro, May 10, 2001

Reading, McIntyre’s Books, April 28, 2001

Reading, High Point Public Library, Blumenthal Readers’ Series, May 21, 2001

Speaker, Grimsley Senior High School, Greensboro, April 26, 2001

Speaker on the occasion of Doris Betts’s retirement, Faculty Council, UNC-CH, April, 2001

Member of Dean’s Committee to Establish a Screen Writing Curriculum, 2000 --2004

Interview about A Girl’s Life, WFDD radio, Wake Forest Univ., May 2001

Guest speaker, Woodland, NC Book Club, August 26, 2001

Public Fellows Program volunteer, Institute of Arts and Humanities

Speaker, Literary Round-Table Book Club, Greensboro, October 12, 2001

Bull’s Head Bookstore reading, September 18, 2001

Barnes and Noble reading, Durham, September 25, 2001

Co-Director of the newly established Thomas Wolfe Scholarship, 2001 and continuing

West Virginia Writers’ Conference featured guest and workshop leader, August, 2001

Speaker, Blumenthal Writers’ Series, High Point Friends of the Library, May 2001

Panelist on Southern Writing, NC Literary Festival, UNC campus, 4/5/02

Speaker, NCWN Fall Conference, Charlotte NC November, 2001

NCSU Women’s Club speaker, Raleigh NC, February, 2002

High Point Book Club, High Point, NC, March 2002

Fisher Park Book Club, Greensboro, NC March 2002

Panel member discussing writing non-fiction with Tobias Wolff, Bland Simpson as part

of Morgan Writer festivities, Donovan Lounge, Greenlaw, UNC campus, March 2002

Irving Park Book Club, Greensboro NC, April 2002

NC Women’s Medical Alliance /Hubbard Speaker, High Point, NC, May 3 2002

Hamilton Lakes Book Club, Greensboro, May 23, 2002

Speaker for UNC Studies in the Humanities seminar, June 26, 2002. Topic:

“Confessions from the Southern Writers’ Love Fest”

Introduction of fiction writer Elizabeth Spencer as Thomas Wolfe Prize recipient on the

occasion of Ms. Spencer’s celebration by the Thomas Wolfe Society, Oct. 3, 2002

Barnes and Noble, Durham, promotional reading for Best of the Oxford American ,

an anthology which included Gingher’s essay, “Horses and Boys,” August 29/02

Town Meeting on Books, moderator, Historical Book Club of NC, Greensboro College

October 13, 2002

Fiction reading given as a Victor R. Small Reading Series performance at Barton

College, Wilson NC, October 28, 2002

Guest speaker at Thomasville Middle School for 8th grade assembly, October 2002

Guest Speaker, American Association of University Women, Chapel Hill,

November 16, 2002

Alamance Arts Council reading and fiction workshop (in collaboration with the NC

Arts Council/ NC Museum of Art), January 24-25, 2003

Reader for “An Evening with Marc Smirnoff,” editor of the Oxford American, on the occasion of a promotional tour to celebrate the publication of The Best Ten Years of Writing from the Oxford American, Regulator Bookstore, Durham, Feb. 20, 2003

Panelist, South Carolina Book Festival, Columbia, SC, February 21-22, 2003

Writer-in-Residence, Chatham Hall Preparatory Academy (April 22—24, 2003), Chatham, Virginia

Raleigh Fine Arts Society, speaker, April 3, 2003

North Carolina Literary Festival (NCSU, Raleigh NC), panelist, April 2004

Thesis director for 12 Senior Honors fiction theses, 2003-2004

UNC freshman and sophomore Honors Advisor, Johnston Center, Fall 2003

September 2004, Bookmarks Book Festival, reading with Lawrence Naumoff, Winston-Salem, NC

Introduction of Thomas Wolfe Award winner, fiction writer Ellen Gilchrist, October 5 2004, Carroll Hall, UNC

Greensboro Historical Book Club moderator for Town Meeting on Books, with special guest, Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish, October 5, 2004

Bookmarks Book Festival, Winston-Salem, NC—panelist along with Luke Whisnant and Ed Falco on writing short fiction, September 2005

Crystal Coast Book Festival, Morehead City, NC, reading with Mary Lucy Daniels and presenter (“Writing Autobiography”), November 2005

Introduction of Thomas Wolfe Award Winner, fiction writer and poet Fred Chappell, October 6, Morehead Banquet Hall, UNC

Reading, Quail Ridge Books, to promote anthology Dixie Christmas, December 3, 2005

Reading, Fearrington Books in Pittsboro, to promote Dixie Christmas, December 10, 2005

Introduction of Lawrence Naumoff, Town Meeting on Books, Historical Book Club of Greensboro, February 2006

Introductions for visiting writers, Susan Kelly and Sarah Dessen, Donovan Lounge, UNC

September 12 and September 19, 2006

Moderator for Historical Book Club of NC, Greensboro, October 3, 2006

Carolina Women’s Leadership Council: featured speaker, February 23, 2006

Speech: “Creative Writing at Carolina: Why I Love My Job”

N.C. Caroliniana Society-- Banquet honoring Fred Chappell, guest speaker, May 15, 2007

NC Writers’ Network/ UNC-G Memoir Workshops, June 2, 2007

“How to Be a Southern Lady,” talk given to welcome new Provost of Wake Forest University at the home of Emily Herring Wilson, fall 2007

Presentation, “My Leaf of Absence” at banquet for donors, Institute of Arts and Humanities, UNC, November 2007

Presentation for Adventures in Ideas Seminar on Professors’ Favorite Books, UNC, the Friday Center, fall 2007 (Lectured on Ana Veciana-Suarez’s The Chin-Kiss King)

Introduction of Morgan Writer Alice McDermott, Hill Hall Auditorium, UNC, Feb. 27, 2008

Presentation, Institute of Arts and Humanities seminar group: “Writing Memoir” and “What is a Short-Short Story?” April, 2008

Independent Study Director for five Stylistics students in a continuation of fall semester Stylistics work, “Taking the Show on the Road: Grammar as Performance Art.” Gave live performances of original grammar-based writing sketches and songs to community audiences, including Chapel Hill High School AP English classes, The NC School of Science and Math, and performed a “just for kids” grammar show at DSI theatrical space in Carr Mill, Carrboro, Spring 2008.

Faculty Advisor for Cellar Door, undergraduate literary magazine, 2008

Faculty Advisor for CHIPS, undergraduate improve performers, 2007 and continuing

Fall 2008-Spring 2009, thesis director for 10 senior Honors students in Fiction

Fall 2008 (began 3-year term on Advisory Board, Institute of Arts and Humanities/ UNC

Spring, 2009—Thesis director for 10 Senior Honors students in Fiction writing

April 29, 2009—Association of University Professionsla speaker

October, 2010—Introduction in Carroll Hall of Thomas Wolfe Award Winner, Lee Smith

2010—Served on University Teaching Awards Committeee, the Chapman Awards

2009-2011—Apart from committee work in Creative Writing, I served on two (2) Department of English committees, including the Lecturers’ Promotion to Senior Lecturer Committee; I observed and wrote documents pertaining to the promotions of Susan Irons and Michael Chitwood; I also served on the Tenure Review Committee, during which time I observed and reviewed Minrose Gwin.

2011 Introduced Daphne Athas, author of In Plain Sight, to Friends of the Library in Wilson Library, UNC

2011-12 Served on the Bowman and Gordon Gray Search Committees

April 2012: Institute of Arts and Humanitites, 25 Year Celebration performance (with puppets)

2012 UNC Alumni Dinner-with-a-Prof Program/guest and conversation facilitator

2013 Introduced Mary Karr, Visiting Distinguished Writer series, on the evening of her lecture , late February, UNC Genome Center auditorium

2013-2014 Served again on the Bowman and Gordon Gray Search Committee

2015-16 Rank and Tenure Committee for Dept. of Engl-Compl—observed and wrote reports for Jennifer Ho and Heidi Kim

2016 Designed, developed new course to test-fly in summer school, Dramatic Writing and PUPPETRY! Taught Summer Session I

2016 Acting Director, Spring, Creative Writing Program

2016, Chair, Search Committee, Kenan Visiting Writer

2016 UNC Press, reading for fund-raiser in Wilmington

Fall, 2016 Wrote Program Notes for Jill McCorkle, Wolfe Prize awardee and presenter

2016-17 Tenure Review Committee for ENGL-COMPL department (reviewed all materials and wrote reports for Pam Durban and Alan Shapiro)

2016-17 Summer School Administrator for Dept. of Engl-Compl

Faculty Advisor, Charles Carter, Campus Literary Review Group, 2017
Spring 2017, SABBATCAL

February 2018, Gave introduction to Julia Alvarez, Hanes Distinguished Writer-in-Residence, Genome Center

Directed 10 Honors Thesis Projects and facilitated Public Readings by Students in April, Graham Memorial

2009, July 14-12, attended National Puppetry Festival, Atlanta, GA

2011, July 12-17, attended Nathional Puppetry Festival, Athens, GA

2013, Aug 5-10, attended and taught at National Puppetry Festival, Swarthmore, PA

2015, August 6—12, attended National Puppetry Festival, Storrs, CT


Puppeteers of America

Inducted into Caroliniana Society and acting member

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