Manual of cbse state kalotsav 2015 co-hosted by kerala cbse management association

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The CBSE State Kalotsav -2015 will be a joint venture by the All Kerala CBSE Schools Management Association and the Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes. It is the first time in the history of the CBSE fraternity in Kerala that both these organizations have taken a decision to discontinue the practice of holding separate Kalotsav for the students in the state and join hands to co host the Kalotsav with a common Manual.
Kerala State CBSE Schools Management Association is registered under the Travancore- Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955 and provides a forum to exchange views in the area of imparting education and running the schools by promoting amity, good relations and co- operation. This organization aims at taking care of all the issues related to the management of CBSE schools in the state.

A Sahodaya School Complex is a cluster of CBSE affiliated schools coming together to share their innovative practices in all aspects of school education and also providing support services for teachers and students. Sahodaya introduces the relevance of co-operative learning and collaborative networking. At present there are about 20 such Sahodaya clusters in Kerala.

The CONFEDERATION OF KERALA SAHODAYACOMPLEXES is an independent academic body consisting of the various Sahodayas and is registered under the Travancore- Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955.

After much deliberations and discussions, the joint executive committee meeting of the Kerala State CBSE Schools Management Association and the Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes held at Hotel Presidency, Ernakulam on 17th August 2015 decided to join hands to hold a common Kalotsav for all the CBSE affiliated schools in the state in November 2015. The said meeting took a policy decision to organize preliminary rounds of competition at Sahodaya level. A school can be a member of only one shaodaya and the winners at the sahodaya level competition shall be registered for the state level completions by the office bearers of the respective sahodyas. The same meeting decided to have all the banners and posters for the Kalotsav be printed as CBSE STATE KALOTTSAV-2015, co-hosted by KERALA CBSE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION & CONFEDERATION OF KERALA SAHODAYA COMPLEXES and formed a 13 member team for the conduct of the Kalotsav.
This MANUAL for the CBSE STATE KALOTSAV 2015 is prepared in line with the Kerala State School Kalotsav Manual. This is approved both by the CBSE Management association and the Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes

We hope that CBSE State Kalotsav 2015 will be a great event in the history of the CBSE fraternity in Kerala and will definitely pave way for exploring common areas of activities among different organizations working for the progress of the CBSE schools in the state.

with warm regards,

Dr. Indira Rajan Fr. Tomy Nambiaparambil CMI Mr. K. A Francis

Secretary Convener Secretary

Management Association Core Committee Confederation

Core Committee Members
1. Adv. T.P.M Ibrahim Khan (President, Management Association)

2. Dr. Indira Rajan (Gen. Secretary, Management Association)

3. Sri. K. Unnikrishnan (President, Confederation of Sahodaya)

4. Sri. Francis K A (Gen.Secretary,Confederation of Sahodaya)

5. Sri. Abraham Thomas (Treasurer, Management Association)

6. Bro. Varkey P T (Treasurer, Confederation of Sahodaya)

7. Sri. C P Kunju Mohammed (Vice President, Management Association)

8. Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi (Vice President, Management Association)

9. Mr. Mathew K M (President,Ananthapuri Sahodaya)

10. Mr. Frederic Leon Fernandez (President,Trivandrum Sahodaya)

11. Mrs. Suchitra Rajan (District President,Management Association)

12. Mrs. Latha Prakash (President,Palakkad Sahodaya)

13. Fr. Tomy Nambiaparambil CMI Convenor



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Mr. K Unnikrishnanan


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Mr. George K.V.

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Mr. Haridas

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Mr. Joji Paul

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Mr. Abdul Rasheed

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Mrs. C. Latha Prakash

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Fr. Sijan OOnnukallel

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Mr. Juby Paul

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Mr. K.M. Mathew

Ph: 0475-2271793, Mob: 9447332240


Mr. Frederic L Fernandez

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Mrs. Smitha P K

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Dr. K M Muhammed

Ph: 0483-2794141


Ramachandran M K

Ph: 9895491260




Co-hosted by

Kerala CBSE Management Association


Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes
I . Categories.

The competitions in various items are conducted in four categories on the basis of the class in which a student belongs to:

Category 1 - Class III &IV

Category 2 - Class V, VI and VII

Category 3 - Class VIII, IX and X

Category 4 - Class XI and XII

II. List of items of Kalolsavam
A. Category l (Classes lll &lV) : Common for Boys and Girls

Item Item Time Remarks

101 Pencil Drawing 60 mts.

102 Painting Crayon 60 mts.

103 Recitation-Malayalam 5 mts.

104 Recitation-English 5 mts.

105 Recitation-Hindi 5 mts.

106 Light Music-Malayalam 5 mts.

107 Folkdance 5 mts.

108 Elocution-English 5 mts.

109 Elocution-Malayalam 5 mts.

110 Digital Painting 30 mts.

111 Painting water colour 60 mts.
B. Category ll (classesV, Vl &Vll)
201 Pencil Drawing 2 hrs.

202 Painting (water colour) 2 hrs.

203 Cartoon 2 hrs.

204 Elocution-English 5 mts.

205 Elocution-Hindi 5 mts.

206 Elocution-Malayalam 5 mts.

207 Recitation-Malayalam 5 mts.

208 Recitation-Hindi 5 mts.

209 Recitation- (English) 5 mts.

210 Recitation- (Sanskrit) 5 mts.

211 Recitation- (Arabic) 5 mts.

212 Essay writing (English) 1 hr

213 Essay writing (Malayalam) 1 hr

214 Light Music (Malayalam-Boys) 5 mts.

215 Light Music (Malayalam-Girls) 5 mts.

216 Classical Music (Karnatic) 10 mts. (Common for boys and girls)

217 Folk Dance (Girls) 5 mts.

218 Folk Dance (Boys) 5 mts.

219 Group Dance (Girls) 10 mts. 7 Participants

220 Bharata Natyam (Boys) 10 mts.

221 Bharata Natyam (Girls) 10 mts.

222 Mohiniyattom (Girls) 10 mts.

223 Mono Act 5 mts. (Common for boys and girls)

224 Digital Painting 30 mts (Common for boys and girls)

C. Category lll (Classes Vlll to X)
301 Pencil Drawing 2 hrs.

302 Painting (Oil Colour) 2 hrs.

303 Painting (Water Colour) 2 hrs.

304 Cartoon 2 hrs.

305 Essay writing (English) 1 hr.

306 Essay writing (Malayalam) 1 hr.

307 Essay writing (Hindi) 1 hr.

308 Story writing Malayalam 1 hr.

309 Story writing Hindi 1 hr.

310 Story writing English 1 hr.

311 Versification English 1 hr.

312 Versification Hindi 1 hr.

313 Versification Malayalam 1 hr.

314 Extempore Malayalam 5 mts.

315 Extempore English 5 mts.

316 Extempore Hindi 5 mts.

317 Recitation Malayalam 5 mts.

318 Recitation Hindi 5 mts.

319 Recitation English 5 mts.

320 Recitation Sanskrit 5 mts.

321 Recitation Arabic 5 mts.

322 Light Music Malayalam (Boys) 5 mts.

323 Light Music Malayalam (Girls) 5 mts.

324 Classical Music (Karnatic-Boys) 10 mts. Sruti allowed

325 Classical Music (Karnatic-Girls) 10 mts. Sruti allowed

326 Mappilapattu (Boys) 5 mts.

327 Mappilapattu (Girls) 5 mts.

328 Mono Act 5 mts. (Common for boys and girls)

329 Bharata Natyam (Girls) 10 mts.

330 Bharata Natyam (Boys) 10 mts.

331 Kuchippudi (Girls) 10 mts.

332 Kuchippudi (Boys) 10 mts.

333 Mohiniyattom (Girls) 10 mts.

334 Folk Dance Girls 5 mts.

335 Folk Dance Boys 5 mts.

336 Ottanthullal 10 mts (Common for boys and girls)

337 Mimicry 5 mts. (Common for boys and girls)

338 Group Dance (Girls) 10 mts. (7 Participants)

339 Mridungam (Eastern) 10 mts.

340 Tabala (Eastern) 10 mts.

341 Guitar Western 10 mts.

342 Flute 10 mts.

343 Violin Eastern 10 mts.

344 Thiruvathirakali (Girls) 10 mts. (10 participants)

345 Oppana (Girls) 10 mts. (10 participants)

346 Margam Kali (Girls) 10 mts. (7 participants)

347 Kol Kali (Boys) 10 mts. (12 participants)

348 Dufmutt (Boys) 10 mts. (10 participants)

349 Anchoring 7 mts (Single) (Common for boys and girls)

350 Power Point Presentation 1 Hr. preparation +10 mts presentation

(Common for boys and girls)

351 Poster Designing 2 hrs (Common for boys and girls)

352 Collage 2 hrs (Common for boys and girls

353 Digital Painting 30 mts (Common for boys & Girls)

D. Category lV (Classes Xl & Xl1)

401 Pencil Drawing 2 hrs.

402 Painting (Water Colour) 2 hrs.

403 Painting (Oil Colour) 2 hrs.

404 Cartoon 2 hrs.

405 Essay Writing (Malayalam) 1 hr.

406 Essay Writing (English) 1 hr.

407 Essay Writing (Hindi) 1 hr.

408 Story writing (English) 1 hr.

409 Story writing (Malayalam) 1 hr.

410 Story writing (Hindi) 1 hr.

411 Versification Malayalam 1 hr

412 Versification Hindi 1 hr.

413 Versification English 1 hr

414 Extempore Malayalam 5 mts.

415 Extempore English 5 mts.

416 Extempore Hindi 5 mts.

417 Recitation Malayalam 5 mts.

418 Recitation English 5 mts.

419 Recitation Hindi 5 mts.

420 Recitation Sanskrit 5 mts.

421 Recitation Arabic 5 mts.

422 Classic Music (Karnatic-Boys) 10 mts. Sruthy Allowed

423 Classic Music (Karnatic-Girls) 10 mts. Sruthy Allowed

424 Light Music Malayalam (Boys) 5 mts.

425 Light Music Malayalam (Girls) 5 mts.

426 Mappilapattu (Boys) 5 mts.

427 Mappilapattu (Girls) 5 mts

428 Bharata Natyam (girls) 10 mts.

429 Bharata Natyam (Boys) 10 mts.

430 Mohiniyattom (Girls) 10 mts.

431 Folk dance Boys 5 mts.

432 Folk dance Girls 5 mts.

433 Mono Act 5 mts. Common for Boys & Girls

434 Mimicry 5 mts. Common for Boys & Girls

435 Flute (Eastern) 10 mts.

436 Mridungam (Eastern) 10 mts.

437 Tabala (Eastern) 10 mts.

438 Violin (Eastern) 10 mts.

439 Guitar (Western) 10 mts.

440 Thiruvathirakali Girls 10 mts. 10 participants 8+2

441 Oppana 10 mts. 10 participants

442 Margam Kali 10 mts. 7 participants

443 Kuchi pudi 10 mts. (Boys)

444 Kuchi pudi 10 mts. (Girls)

445 Anchoring 7 mts. single

446 Power Point Presentation 60mts preparation+10 mts presentation

(Common for boys and girls)

447 Poster Designing 2 hrs (Common for boys and girls)

448 Collage 2 hrs (Common for boys and girls)

449 Duffmut (Boys) 10 mts 10 participants

450 Digital Painting 30mts (Common for boys & Girls)

Group items (Common for Boys & Girls and category)
501 Group Song 10mts. 7 participants Sruti allowed.

502 Patriotic Song 10mts. 7 participants Sruti allowed.

503 Mime 5mts. 7 participants

504. One Act play (English) 15 Mts. + 5 mts. (Max. Charactors 10+3 for stage arrangements)

505. Western Music Concert 15 mts.

506. Band Display 20 mts Maximum participant 25


1. One school shall represent only one Sahodaya in the state Kalotsa. Only studetns form schools which are affiliated to CBSE and having membership in a sahodaya complex shall participate in the state Kalolsav. The list of participants for the state kalolstav is to be registered by the respective sahodaya.

2. One student shall participate in a maximum of five single items and 2 group items. Of the single items, only 3 shall be stage items.

3. A student cannot compete in category other than his or her own in the case of individual items.

4. Identity Card issued by the organizing committee of the Kalaosav is compulsory for participating in any event.

5. Participation in the following common group items shall be irrespective of category or sex.

(1) Group Song

(2) Patriotic Song

(3) Mime

(4) One act Play (English)

(5) Western Music Concert

(6) Band

6. Even if there is only one entry for an item, the competition shall be conducted and grade, prize and points will be awarded

7. The CBSE Kalotsav shall be held at three levels

(a). School level – to be completed before 15thSeptember

(b). Sahodaya level – to be completed before 31st October

(c). State level – to be completed by 30th November

8. Only one participant/ team form a school can participate in the Sahodya level competition

9. Each Sahodaya shall organize Kalotsav framing rules and regulations in accordance with the state Manual.

10. First and second position winners in each item and in each category shall be selected in the Sahodaya- level, to participate in the State Kalotsav with a restriction that only two participant/ team from a sahodaya is eligible to register in the state level competition. The General Convener of the Sahodaya Kalotsav shall prepare the list of the winners of the first two places in each item and forward to the General Convener of the State Kalotsav within four working days of the Sahodaya Kalotsav. He/she shall ensure that only two entry is made for any event.

11. The mark sheets, Tabulation sheets, Result sheets etc shall be kept in the safe custody of the General Convener of the Sahodaya Kalotsav and must be handed over to the convener of the core committee after the Kalotsav.

12. All decisions pertaining to the conduct of the State Kalotsav shall be taken by the core committee.

13 The following sub committees shall be constituted for the smooth and effective conduct of the Kalotsav.

1. Registration.

2. Reception

3. Programme

4. Stage, Panthal, Light & Sound

5. Finance

6. Food

7. Accommodation

8. Prizes & Certificates

9. Publicity

10. Judges

11. Discipline

12. Transport

13. Appeal.

A member of the core committee shall be the Chairman of these committees and shall give necessary direction in tune with the core committee decisions. Convener of the committee ( and a few members, if necessary ) shall be selected and nominated by the Core committee. Joint Convener and other members shall be selected and nominated by the host school

14. Appeal Committee

The Appeal committee shall consist of the following members. The quorum for meeting shall be a minimum of 5 members

1. Convener of the Core committee ( Chairman of the appeal committee)

2. Presidents of the Management Association and Confederation.

3. General Secretaries of the Management Association and Confederation.

4. General Convener

5. Expert of the concerned item.

6. Judges committee Chairman

6. Programme committee Chairman.

15. Judges Commitee

The Core Committee in collaboration with Judges committee shall appoint judges for the State Kalotsav.

16. Finance

The funds for the state Kalotsav shall be raised through four sources. All payment shall be made through D.D drawn in favour of General Convener, CBSE State Kalolstav, Devamatha Public School, Trichur.

a) Contribution from Sahodaya Complexes.

Each Sahodaya shall pay an amount of Rs 25000/- for participating in the state Kalotsav.

b) Individual participation fee

Each participant of the State Kalotsav, irrespective of the number of items, shall pay a participation fee of Rs.300/-

c) Sale of food coupons

Participants and escorting teachers shall purchase food coupons at the venue , as per the rates fixed by the organizing committee.

d) Sponsorship


Participant / team failing to get the nomination in the two entries from a Sahodaya and come for the state level competition with order form court of law will be allowed to participate in their respective event and grades /prizes / awards shall be given to the participant / team. The points for grade and prize ( if any) will not be added to the school and to the sahodaya in deciding the toppers of the Kalolsav.

18. Group items can be registered with two standby to substitute the performers in case of emergency. However substitution while performing on the stage will not be allowed. Certificates and prizes will be given only to those students who perform on the stage. Students registered as standby need not pay any registration fee. They will not be issued any Participation Certificate.

19. The qualifications and credentials of the judges shall be announced on the stage, before the commencement of each item.

20. Once the competition is over, the stage managers shall do the tabulation work in the presence of the judges. When the tabulation is completed, the code number and the grade of the winners shall be announced on the stage by one of the judges.

21. In case the prize winners are not participating in the State Kalotsav Sahodaya can promote the next position holder to participate, provided all disputes arising out of such promotion is to be settled by Sahodaya heads at their level. State Committee will approve only the list forwarded by each Sahodaya heads.

22. Procedure to be followed in participating in an Event.

i). Participant / team manger shall report at the respective stage at least half an hour before the commencement of the competition along with the Identity card of the participant /s. If you fail to report at the venue on time, you may be disqualified without further enquiry.

ii). If the number of participants is above 20, clusters shall be formed by the organizing committee in advance. If there are clusters for the competition get the time of reporting for that event form the stage manager.

iii). If there are no clusters / or if you come at the time given for your cluster, surrender your Identity card, get the order number through a lot, get your Chest number, wait for your chance to perform.

iv). Perform on the stage as and when your chest number is called out

v). After the performance, give back your chest number to the stage manager and get your Identity card before you leave the venue.

1. The participants who secure first, second and third positions with a minimum of 50 % marks shall be awarded merit certificates in both individual and group items.
2. Participation certificates shall be given to all participants other than the winners of the first, second and third places.
Grade and points for prize in individual items
Grade A : 70% and above.- 5 points

B : 60% to 69 % - 3 points

C : 50% to 59% - 1 point

No grade /points for 49% marks and below

Prize point I - 5 points

II - 3 points

III - 1 point
Grade and points for prize in group items
Grade A : 70% and above.- 10 points

B : 60% to 69 % - 6 points

C : 50% to 59% - 2 point

No grade /points for 49% marks and below

Prize point I - 10 points

II - 6 points

III - 2 point

1. Schools securing first and second positions in every category shall be awarded Rolling Trophies.

2. Schools securing first and second position in total points shall be awarded overall Ever Rolling trophies.

3. In ranking the schools, the grades and positions of the participants shall be considered

1. Sahodyas securing first and second positions in every category shall be awarded Rolling Trophies.

2. Sahodyas securing first and second position in total points shall be awarded overall Ever Rolling trophies.

3. In ranking the schools, the grades and positions of the participants shall be considered

V. Appeal
(i) Appeals on genuine grounds shall be entertained, if submitted by the participant within one hour of the announcement of result to the Chairman of the appeal committee. The appeal shall be submitted along with an appeal fee of Rs. 2000/- . Appeal shall be filed only by the Principal of the concerned school or the Team manager. In the case of State Kalotsav the appeal shall be duly counter signed by the concerned Sahodaya head / official delegate.

(ii) The appeal committee shall have the right to accept or reject an appeal after scrutiny . The decision of the appeal committee shall be final and binding.

(iii) The appeal fee ( ie,Rs. 2000) shall be forfeited, if the complaint is rejected by the appeal committee.
VI. Food & Accommodation
1. Food and refreshments shall be arranged at the venue for the participants, escorts and the officials. Food coupons at the rate fixed by the food committee shall be purchased by the team in advance.

2. Guidance can be given to the participants for availing accommodation.


1. In the manual where an item shown as common for boys and girls, means that there will be no separate competition for boys and girls. A Group item shown as common for boys /girls / category, means that boys alone or girls alone or both boys and girls together irrespective of category shall perform the item.

2. For the items where back stage singing is allowed, singers shall belong to the same category and sex. In the case of common items singers shall be boys / girls / mixed.
3. In all competitions both stage performers and back stage performers are eligible for certificates and prizes. In the case of One act play, characters and 3 persons for stage arrangements will be given certificate.
4. In the case of Thiruvathira, Margamkali and Oppana, both stage per formers and back stage performers shall wear the same costume and make up.
5. For Ottanthullal, back stage singers can be non students as well.
6. For writing and drawing competitions, participants shall bring pen, pencil, colour etc Only paper shall be provided at the venue. The subject / topic shall be decided by the judges.
7. For elocution, topics shall be given in advance. But for extempore, topic shall be decided by the judges and given to the participants five minutes before the competition.
8. For classical music competition, sruthi box shall be allowed and participants can sing any raga.
9. In Mappilapattu filim songs shall not be allowed.
10. tIm¡fn¡v C¼-amÀ¶ ]pcm-X\ am¸n-f-¸m-«pI-fpsS CuW¯ns\m-¸n¨v sabvh-g-¡-t¯msS Nph-sSm-¸n¨vv Nmªpw

Ncnªpw adnªpw hmbv¯m-cn-bnepw tIme-Sn-bnepw Xmfw ]nSn¨v ]s¦-Sp-¡p-¶-hÀXs¶ Ah-X-cn-¸n-¡-Ww. ]n¶Wn ]m-SnÃ

11. Z^vap-«n\v ss_¯nsâ‚ sshhn-[y-amÀ¶ CuW§Ä¡-\p-kcn¨v Nmªpw Ncnªpw \n¶pw Ccp¶pw hnhn[ Xmf-§fn Ah-X-cn-¸n-¡-Ww. Aan-X-amb Nph-Sp-Itfm \r¯tam ]mSn-Ã. Ad_n ss_¯p-I-tfm, aZvl ]m«p-Itfm BImw. efn-X- Km-\-tam, am¸n-f-¸mt«m ]mSn-Ã. ]n¶Wn ]mSn-Ã.
12. For Thiruvathira, the simple traditional dress should be used.

Originality of the dance must be maintained. The singers must be students . Nilavilakku and Nirapara will be provided at the venue

13. H¸-\bv¡v ]¡-ta-ftam ]n¶-Wntbm ]mSn-Ã. ap³]m«p-Im-cn Iă\nÀ_Ô-am-Wv. ]n³]m«pw thWw. aäp-Å-hÀ Gäp-]m-S-Ww. ]m«pw Xmf¯n-s\m¯ ssI¿-Sn-bp-amWv apJy LSIw. \r¯-a-Ãm¯ cq]-¯n Nmªpw Ncn-ªp-apÅ I¿Snbpw Npän-¡-fnbpw BImw. Hcp aW-hm-«nbpw thWw. aÕc-¯n ]s¦-Sp-¡p¶ ]¯p t]cpw tÌPn AWn-\n-c-¡Ww. aÕc-¯n ]s¦-Sp-¡p-¶-h-cpsS F®w 10.

14. For group patriotic song, both boys and girls shall sing. The theme of the song shall be related to national integration. The song shall be of any language.

15. Power point presentation. – (3 Participants)

Time allowed: One hour for preparation and 10 minutes for presentation.

a) Number of slides and the topic will be announced at the time in the venue

b) The file should be saved in the folder named Power Point Presentation created on the desktop

c) The file name should be compulsorily participant’s chest number. All other file names will be considered as invalid entry.

d) Confirm the folder and check that your file is saved in the specific folder before logging off. Organizers will not be responsible for any lost file

e) The images needed for the slide will be provided in the folder named Power Point Presentation created on the desktop. Choose the appropriate images and backgrounds. MS Power Point 2007 version will be provided in the computer.

f) No CD or pendrive is permitted, and internet shall not be used.

16. Digital Painting:. (Time allowed:30 mts)

a) Image size in MS Paint should not exceed as given below.

Width = 10 inches, Height = 7 inches, Resolution = 102 x 81 dots per inches.

b) No external images should be used. The images should be created by the participants on the spot.

c) The file should be saved in JPEG file format. The file should be saved in the folder named Digital Painting created on the desktop.

d) The file name should be compulsorily participant’s chest number. All other file name will be considered as invalid entry.

e) Confirm the folder and check that your file is saved in the specific folder before logging off. Organizers will not be responsible for any lost file.

f) Text can be used to specify the theme, but the participants name or other details should not be mentioned on the images created.

g) Theme will be announced by the judges.

i) Systems will be provided with MS paint 2007.

17. Collage Designing – (Time allowed : 2 hrs.)
a) Waste magazine cuttings and newspapers can be used for collage designing.

b) Size of the design will be based on the paper distributed at the time of competition. (A3 size paper)

c) If needed water colour can be used for designing.

d) Only paper will be provided at the time of competition, all other materials necessary for the designing should be brought by the participants.

e) Theme will be announced by the judges.
18. One Act Play (English) - (Time allowed : 15 mts.)

a) The play shall be based on any theme.

b) The play should not exceed 15mts

c) No major backdrops (stage settings) allowed but the props that cannot be avoided for the character is allowed. (eg. When you depict a palace scene, no screen backdrops of the palace is needed but the props like crown, sword of the king can be used)

d) Sound effects (only extra music effects) appropriate for the scene is allowed but the dialogue should be presented live.(no recording allowed for the dialogue.) Use of Key board for background music is allowed.

e) No light effects allowed for the play

f) Number of characters in the play should not exceed 10 persons.3 persons are allowed for stage prepration. 5 mts. time is allowed for stage prepration.

g) Prior settings on the stage will not be permitted.

19. Anchoring- (Time 7 minutes)

To promote the Presentation Skill of students ‘anchoring’ is introduced in the new generation items for CBSE School Kalotsav. The details of the competition is given below.

Name of item : Anchoring

Category : III and IV (common for boys and girls)

No. of participant : Single

Time limit : 7 minutes

Mode of conduct : A theme will be given one hour before the competition


* Perform with ease in naturality behind a microphone.

* The Subject matter will be based on any event which should be

anchored completely

(Eg: Award meet, Film Show etc.)

* The participant should be able to speak continuously on the given theme. There should be no gap in between.

* Collar mike or cordless mike will be provided.

* The participant can utilize the entire stage if necessary

* Presentation should be entirely in English and within the time limit.

* Use your facial expressions correctly.

* Modulate your voice appropriately.

* Portray your personality at its best.

* Theme will be given one hour before the competition.

* Dress to impress – in the style and colour which suit you. No vulgarity in dress code allowed.

* Make up can be used.

* Get your messages across in a simple/media friendly manner.
20. Poster Designing – (Time allowed : 2 hrs.)

a) There should be one Logo or Emblem created by the participant based on the theme given.

b) The poster design should be of commercial nature.

c) Words or text not compulsory while designing, but if wordings are used, it should be relevant to the theme.

d) The participants can use any media for designing (water colour, poster colour, fabric colour, crayons or colour pencil can be used)

e) Cutting and pasting pictures not allowed. The design should be purely done by the participants themselves.

f) Size of the design will be based on the paper distributed at the time of competition.

g) Only paper will be provided at the time of competition, all other materials necessary for the designing should be brought by the participants. (A3 size paper)

h) Theme will be announced by the judges.


1. Songs can be of any pure western genre. No fusion allowed.

2. Each team shall have maximum of 8 people in which 3 should be singers. Interchange of persons are allowed after the completion of a song.

3. Devotional songs are not allowed.

4. The members of the orchestra can also provide vocal support.

5. A total of 15 minutes is allocated to each team to perform

6. All the instruments will have to be brought by the participating team.

7. Keyboard used should be played live. No earlier sequencing, feeding allowed.

8. Use of floppy disk, memory card not allowed.

9. A total of 6 microphones and 4 instrument ports will be provided.

10. Common group item- No category and no male – female separation.

11. Key Board and drum set will be provided by the organizers on the stage, which will be common for all and no keyboard from outside will be allowed.

1. ART
A. Drawing, Painting and Cartoon.

The paper or canvas required shall be provided to the participants. The theme or the topic shall be given by the judges at the venue. The time allowed shall be 2 hrs. The participants shall bring materials like, pen, pencil , colours. Etc. Size of paper provided will be A3 size.



Proportion-shading -neatness-imagination and beauty of the strokes.


Ability in doing portraits and scenery-Light and shade ,imagination-


Clarity of the theme-sense of humor-uniqueness -beauty of the strokes.


a. Essay writing, Story writing, Poetry writing, extempore, Elocution, Recitation. The paper for writing shall be provided at the venue. Other materials shall be brought by the competitors. The topics for elocution shall be announced in advance and the topics for other items shall be announced at the venue.

b. Value points :
Essay writing

Suitable introduction and conclusion-systematic and logical arrangement of points, in - depth knowledge of the topic-flow of language-grammatical correctness, correct spelling.

Story writing

Correct understanding of the theme-flow of language-correct Spelling

Poetry writing

Rhythmic arrangement of words in poems -Imagination, flow of language-correct spelling


Time Limit, in-depth knowledge of the topic -logical arrangement of points-flow of language-grammatical correctness ,appropriate poise-gestures-facial expressions-voice modulation-confidence.


Suitable facial expressions-imbibing the meaning and message of the poem -clarity and correct pronunciation-appropriate introduction and voice modulation. Only poems are allowed in Recitation.


a. Light Music

Film Songs, album songs or Devotional songs shall not be allowed.
b. Classical Music

Sruthi can be used in classical music. Any ‘raga’ can be sung.
c. Group Song

Only Malayalam songs shall be allowed. Number of participants shall be 7. No Musical Instruments shall be allowed except Sruthi Box .

d. Group Patriotic Song

Malayalam, Hindi or English songs shall be allowed. Should be related to the theme of national integration. No musical instrument, no sruthi box shall be allowed
e. Instrumental Music

Instrument shall be arranged by the participants.

(Thabala, Mrudangam, Violin (Eastern) Flute, Guitar.)

Value points
Light Music

Sangeetha Njanam-Shareeram -Sruthilayam- Njana bhavam

- Shabda Shudhi-Thalam-Manodharmam

Classical Music

Shareeram -Sruthilayam- Njana bhavam-Bhava Shudhi- Thalam-Manodharmam.
Group Song

Harmony Rhythm-Tune-Njanabhavam-Group Singing, Sangeetha Njanam-sareeram-Sruthilayam-Shabda Shudhi- Thalam.

Fingering, Chollu, Gamagam, Thalam,


Fingering, Chollu, Nadham, Thalam

Violin (eastern)

Fingering, Swarasthanam, Nadham, Thalam

Swarasthaanam, Thalam, Nadham, Manodharmam

Nadham, Thalam, fingering, Notation.

Music recorded on cassettes/CDs shall only be used for Group Dance, Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchupudi and Folk Dance,The Cassettes/ CDs shall be handed over to the stage manager 10 minutes before the performance.

Oppana : There shall be 10 participants (three singers and seven
performers). No background music shall be allowed Only girls can participate.

Time : 10 minutes.

Thiruvathira. There shall be 10 participants (2 singers and 8 performers) Only girls shall participate. Time : 10 minutes.
Group dance: 7 participants shall be allowed. Time : 10 minutes.
Value Points
Folk Dance

Akara Sushama, Bhava Prakadanam, thalam, Mudhra, Chalana bhangi, Costume.
Classical Dance

Vesham, Akara sushama, Bhava Prakadanam, Mudra, Thalam, steps.

Rhythm of Singing, expressions, Dress, Movements, Thalam, Combination of clapping, originality of presentation.

Costume : (Traditional Kerala Dress preferably Kasavuset) Originality of the item, Chalanam, Thalam, steps.
Group Dance

Harmony between the performers, dress, music, movement, rythm, presentation.

Time : 10 minutes.

a. Traditional costume is necessary

Kuzhi Thalam (Cheriya Ilathalam) can be used in singing. No back ground music. Only girls can participate. (6+1) members. Time : 10 minutes.

Value Points
‘Veshathanima, thalam steps, music and clarity of singing, Presentation.
Kol Kali
a. Participants themselves shall sing. Only boys can participate. No. of participants. 12.
Time 10 minutes.

Value Points
Originality of Song, thalavum Koladakkavum, Meythayam, steps. presentation.
Daff Mutt
a. Arab byth or Mahath Pattukal only shall be used. The expressions are of Veeram, Roudram, bhayananakam, Bakthi and Unmadham. Only boys shall participate. 10 participants.

Time : 10 minutes.

Value Points
Correct rhythmic singing, expressions, dress
Mono Act
Time allowed - 5 mints. Common for boys and girls
Value Points

Clarity, expressions, theme

Time allowed - 5 mints. Common for boys and girls.
Value Points
Theme, acting, imitative skill, originality.
Time allowed - 5 mints. Common for boys and girls.

No of participants - 7. Music recorded tape or CD only can be used.

Value Points
Contemperory value of themes, expression, originality, clarity.
1. Clarity of theme 20 marks

2. Optimization of images 20 marks

(make the best use of image display quality)

3. Synchronisation of colour settings 20 marks

4. Perception 20 marks

(The way of seeing something so that they seems

to have Height, width, depth and relative distance)

5. Uniqueness 20 marks


1. Subject composition 20 marks

2. Creativity 20 marks

3. Visualization 20 marks

4. Approach of emblem and logo 20 marks

5. Colour scheme 20 marks


1. Appoach to subject 20 marks

2. Recycled materials used 20 marks

3. Neatness 20 marks

4. Creativity 20 marks

5. Colour scheme 20 marks


1. Clarity of the theme 20 marks

2. In-depth knowledge of the topic given 20 marks

3. Appropriate animation and transition used 20 marks

4. Appropriate use of colour code and images 20 marks

5. Suitable introduction and conclusion 20 marks

One Act Play (English) (COMMON GROUP ITEM)

1 Presentation (Theme) 20 Marks

2 Flow of language 20 Marks

3 Expression (Acting) 20 Marks

4 Stage use 20 Marks

5 Costume 20 Marks


1. Presentation : 20 marks

(Body language, cheerfulness)

2. Aptness of dress: 20 marks

(Style of dressing, colour and pattern)

3. Flow of language: 20 marks

(Voice modulation, accent, language)

4. Expression: 20 marks

(Emotions, actions)

5. Subject knowledge: 20 marks

(Indepth knowledge of the event, clarity)
Western Music Concert

1. Rhythmic control (20 marks)

with reference to instruments used like guitars, drums etc.

2. Interpretation of style (20marks) approach to using unusual chord progressions in the chorus, the alternation between major and minor chords , the conflict in the lyrics...

3. Technique (20 marks)

Guitar tuning - flat/sharp. Solid guitar playing – developing technique, drumming technique, guitar solo with fluid accuracy and articulation. pitching in vocals - flat/ sharp.

4. Band Dynamics (20 marks)

Create connection between all band members . work as a unit and not as individuals.

5. Voice Modulation & Pronunciation (20marks)

the correct pronunciation and voice modulation as the original song.

Number of participants : Not more than 25 persons common for boys and girls and category.

Time allowed is 20 minutes.

Value Points:-

1. Marching and formation : 20 marks

2. Standing and playing      : 20 marks

3. Neatness and functioning of instruments : 20 marks

4. Turn out                        : 20 marks

5. National anthem playing  : 20 marks


1. Core committee shall be the only official body to decide up on all matters regarding the State Kalotsav.

2. The Core committee shall fix the Venue for the State Kalotsav after making a physical inspection of the infrastructure availability at the venue-school.

3. The venue school shall abide by the rules and regulations given in the mannual of CBSE State Kalotsav.

4. The venue school shall collect the participants’ fee of Rs.300 form a participant and the contribution of Rs.25000/- form a sahodaya as well as make the sale of food coupons and also raise funds through local sponsors.

6. Banners, posters, arches and other hoardings for the publicity of the State Kalotsav shall bear the name of the Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes and that of Management Association.

8. There shall be a room for the core committee members and another one for the state level office bearers.

9. Food for the Committee members and the judges shall be arranged by the host School.

10. The President of the Management Association shall preside over the inaugural function and the valedictory function shall be presided by the President of the Confederation. The general secretary of the Confederation shall deliver the welcome address in the inaugural function and the Welcome address for the valedictory function shall be given by the Secretary of the Management Association. Other prominent members of the Management association and confederation shall be given chance to address the gathering during the cultural evening to be held on the second day of the Kalolstav. The details of the programmes shall be fixed by core committee.

1. A separate room is arranged for the judges when they are not involved in judgement.

2. Before going to the judgment seat, every judge shall deposit his/her cell phone with the judges in charge and get a slip against it.

3. In no case there shall be any public contact. Even talking to the people in the premises is to be avoided.

4. Judgment of an item in a particular category will take place at a stretch inclusive of all clusters.

5. There is no separate lunch break. As and when one particular category competition is over, the judges shall be escorted to the mess hall for lunch by the judges in charge. If the item prolongs, tiffin will be served at the judgment seat which they shall consume when a particular cluster in a category gets over.

6. After the judgment the tabulation work will be done by the tabulators in the presence of the judges and one of the judges will announce the result on the stage.

7. There will be three lights on the stage – Red, Green and Yellow. Green indicates the starting of an item. Yellow indicates there is only one minute left. Red indicates the time limit is over. If a participant exceeds the time limit, the person is not eligible for any prize. In the stage where light indicator is not provided, bell system will be followed.

8. In case, a technical fault occurs before half the time of an item, that event will be restarted; but if it happens after half time, that item can be performed again at the end of that particular cluster.

10. Before starting the judgment, the stage manager will announce the profile of the judges in each stage. So the profiles of the judges are to be given early enough to make necessary arrangements.

Annexure – A

(Organized by confederation of Kerala Sahodaya complexes)


(to be executed by the judjes)

I hereby declare that none of my wards, relatives or students is taking part in the item for which I am appointed as a judge / appeal committee member in the State Kalotsav 2012.

I shall be responsible if anything occurs contrary to this declaration.

Name and Signature:

Date :

Annexure – B

(Organized by Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Conplexes)
Proforma for Appeal

(to be filed in with in one hour of the declaration of result)
1. Name of the student :

2. Name of the school :

3. Name of Sahodaya :

4. Participated item

5. Stage No :

6. Register No :

7. Code No :

8. Place in the competition :

9. Date and time of competition :

10. Date and time of declaring result :

11. Reason for filing appeal :

12. Signature of the participant:

13. Name and Signature of the team manager :

14. Name and Signature of the Sahodaya President/Secretary :

15. Date and time of filing appeal :
For office use only

1. Appeal No :

2. No. of appeal fee receipt :

3. Date and time of appeal received :

4. Time of hearing of the appeal :

Remarks :


Chairman, Appeal committee


Annexure – C

(Organized by Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Conplexes)

Order on appeal


Order No. and date

Details of complaint

Detailed Report

Decision on appeal

Name and address of the participant



Appeal committee

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