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Project 3: Spectrum through water

Create a spectrum using a beam of light passing through water to form rainbow colors on the ceiling.

These are the materials you will need:

• a shallow bowl

• water

• a mirror

• a flashlight

This is the procedure for your experiment:

• Fill a shallow bowl with water.

• Place a mirror in the shallow bowl with water so that it is at an angle of about 30 degrees to the surface of the water.

• Make the room dark (turn off lights/cover windows with dark cloth or paper).

• Shine the flashlight on the mirror. Remember: The angle at which the mirror is placed is crucial to the formation of the spectrum on the ceiling.


When a beam of light from the flashlight is shone on the mirror immersed in water, a small spectrum of rainbow colors appears on the ceiling.


The experiment proves that white light is composed of different colors of the spectrum, each possessing different wavelengths. Each water molecule acts as a simple prism causing the refraction of each wavelength of light at a different angle, ultimately leading to the formation of the colors of the spectrum on the surface on which the reflected beam of light falls.

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Audio transcripts


Page 34

Track 3

– Let’s talk about Facebook quizzes.

– Yeah, that’s fun.

– Why those are bad?

– Oh, okay, it’s not fun.


– So, everyone with a Facebook account will probably notice all these quizzes that, you know, come by your feed, through your friends, there’s a lot of these personality tests. Friend comparisons, you know, year in review… All these things, and they are all done by, you know, third parties, right? The article that I’ll link in the show now goes in a little bit more detail into this and specifically calls out one company… Miao or something? Mow that they are called? M-E-A-W-W is the name of this company.

– Meaww…

– Meaww, right. And they talk about some of their quizzes and digs into their privacy policy and what they really do. When you click on these links to take the quiz, they automatically… Now these are all Facebook applications that develops, and because they are Facebook applications, what they do is, they prompt you and say “By taking this quiz you are giving access to your email, your friends lists…” .You know, anything that you make public, and all these information are harvested by this third party developer and they clearly state in their privacy policy that: “Well, when you click on that link, you thereby give us this information by taking the quiz” and who knows what happens to their data after that? A lot of times, from the research that I’ve done, you know, if they have your email address, you are probably gonna see an up ticking spam. They have your name, they have your friends names… Think about all that information that can be used all because you wanted to have a little fun with your friends and, you know, do some silly comparison, right?

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Unit 5 - EXTRA! EXTRA!

Page 84

Track 9

Newscast 1

The Guardian

Welcome back to Film Weekly. I’m Jason Solomons. The cream of British screen acting visits the show this week. I meet actress Emily Watson to discuss her role in Stephen Spielberg’s adaptation of War Horse and Ralph Fiennes releases his directional debut – an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, a tale of power, war and betrayal. I discuss the challenge of starring and directing this thorny political tragedy. Myself and Guardian critic Xan Brooks will be reviewing the week’s other big releases as well as War Horse. We’ve got Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan in Shame and Jeremy Irons and Kevin Spacey, among others, in Margin Call.

When it comes to film podcasts, it’s a one-horse race. It’s Film Weekly.

Available at . Accessed on May 16, 2016.

Newscast 2

At times, it doesn’t even look like a regular soccer field. It is someone’s desperate home, not a manicured pitch, and cattle sauntered by. But the players are not regular soccer players either – they kick with the same leg they stand on. Goalies play with the only arm they have. These are the members of Haiti’s amputees soccer teams, men and women who lost limbs almost all during the earthquake in 2010. A balcony collapsed on Judith Facile: she had two choices: amputation or death. Soccer soothes her pain.

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