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Did you know…?

Figures are numerical symbols.

2. Take a look at some of the characteristics usually found in infographics. Which of them can you find in the one above? Answer in your notebook.

a) title

b) connected visual

c) charts

d) information presented in a simple way

e) figures

f) color

g) frames

h) graphics

i) numbered sequences

j) information divided in parts

k) arrows and verbal information

l) statistics

m) boxes

n) sources
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Let's create an infographic about making connections

Your task here is to instruct your classmates about making connections by means of an infographic. Use the infographics in this unit as a reference.

Typical grammar patterns: Imperative

Structure: Facts and instructions in frames; visual information;

Suggested theme: Instructions on making connections.

Writing Steps


• Before you start, find more infographics on the Internet, in magazines or in newspapers and make a collection of them. Observe their characteristics.

• Read the infographics in this unit. Read your collection of infographics.

• Make a list of elements to include in your infographic.

Preparing the first draft

• Make a first draft.

• Use a glossary or dictionary to help you.

• Find icons to illustrate it.

Peer editing

• Evaluate and discuss it with a classmate.

• Make the necessary corrections.


• Write the final version of your infographic and include it in your portfolio or publish it on Wikispaces.

You can also build an online infographic with free diagramming tool.

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