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Essay to Miss Catharine Jay (by Charles C. Bombaugh)

1. Read the poem Essay to Miss Catharine Jay, by Charles C. Bombaugh, and try to rewrite it in your notebook decoding the abbreviations and numbers. Saying the letters and numbers aloud can help in some cases. For example: “U” sounds like “You.”

Essay to Miss Catharine Jay

by Charles C. Bombaugh (~1847)

Private Collection. Facsimile: ID/BR

Charles C. Bombaugh,c. XIX.

An S A now I mean 2 write

2 U sweet K T J,

The girl without a | |,

The belle of U T K.

I 1 der if U got that 1

I wrote 2 U B 4

I sailed in the R K D A,

And sent by L N Moore.

My M T head will scarce contain

A calm I D A bright;

But A T miles from U I must

M ⏞ this chance 2 write.

And 1st, should N E N V U,

B E Z, mind it not;

Should N E friendship show, B true;

They should not B forgot.

From virt U nev R D V 8;

Her influence B 9

A like induces 10 dern S,

Or 40 tude D vine.

And if you cannot cut a —

Or cut an !

I hope U ’ll put a .

2 1 ?.

R U for an X ation 2,

My cous N? — heart and

He off R’s in a ¶

A § 2 of land.

He says he loves U 2 X S,

U R virtuous and Y’s,

In X L N C U X L

All others in his i’s.

This S A, until U I C,

I pray U 2 X Q’s,

And do not burn in F E G

My young and wayward muse.

Now fare U well, dear K T J,

I trust that U R true—

When this U C, then you can say,

An S A I O U.

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