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. Accessed on April 15, 2016.

2. Use the suffixes -ion, -tion, and -ment to transform the verbs below into nouns. Use your notebook.


3. Use the suffixes -ing and -ive to transform the verbs below into adjectives. Use your notebook.


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Before you listen…

a) What do you think a sunny day can represent to people?

b) What about a rainy day, or a cloudy day?

c) How can the weather influence people’s moods?

d) Do you think that a sunny day has the same effect on people who live in very cold and dark climate and on people from a tropical place? Why (not)?


Repare como as palavras são ligadas, fazendo a língua soar mais natural.

ÁUDIO 22 1. Listen to “Rain Will Fall” by Alain Clark. How do you like the song?

Alain Clark is a Dutch musician and producer. “Rain Will Fall” features in his album Live It Out.

Rain Will Fall

(by Alain Clark)

Hang around on a sunny day it’s alright

Picking flowers at the dawn of May it’s all bright

Safe people don’t go to pray and it’s alright

Saying sorry when you know you’re wrong it’s all good

Sing these lyrics to another song and it’s all good

Just as long as you go along it’s all good

But where there are clouds

Rain will fall

Cold love looks you in the eye and that’s okay

Two lovers with an alibi that’s touché

Ask no questions and you hear no lies is what they say

Ride the storm and laugh about it

It’s just a breeze if you look the other way

No sky’s ever been clear without it

Take a dive when the water’s warm

Blow the smoke away from the smoke alarm

Hurt no one and you do no harm

But don’t you know

That where there are clouds

Rain will fall

Where there are clouds

Rain will fall

Available at . Accessed on April 15, 2016.

Peter Van Breukelen/Redferns/Getty Images

Alain Clark, 2014.

2. Some weather expressions were used as metaphors in this song. In your notebook, write the correct combination of numbers–letters to match the metaphors to their possible meanings.

I Something which will pass quickly/something which causes no harm

II Sign of anger

III Problems

IV Tears

V Difficulties, challenges

A clouds

B rain

C breeze

D smoke

E storm

3. What idea do the first three verses of the song convey?

4. Do you agree with the advice in the song? Justify your answer.

ÁUDIO 22 5. Listen to the song and sing along!
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1. What is the corresponding symbol for each weather condition? In your notebook, write the right combination of letters–numbers.

A sunny

B stormy

C snowy

D windy

E rainy

F cloudy







Illustrations: TyBy/


1. Replace the letters of the excerpt below with the adverbs carefully, extremely, historically, relatively, relentlessly, seriously, suddenly and only. Use your notebook.

For Teenage Girls, Facebook Means Always Being Camera-Ready

By Randye Hoder

It used to be that the A people B concerned about getting caught in grungy sweat pants, sans makeup, were starlets stalked by the paparazzi. But in today’s hyper-public Internet age, young teenagers are C living their lives camera-ready — and it’s not a pretty picture.

I first noticed this while looking over my 14-year-old son’s shoulder at photos of his “friends” on Facebook. Girls, in particular, seemed to be always posing for the camera: hair swept back, hand on hip, dressed just so. […]

Creating a persona via Facebook is nothing new. Kids have been doing this since the site was first launched eight years ago. By D selecting their own profile pictures, younger teenagers have become quite adept at managing their image. But what is E new is that the glare of the camera is never far away. And that is F affecting how adolescent girls conduct themselves in their actual, everyday lives. Girls this age, who have felt pressured G to look their best most of the time, H seem to feel as if they need to look their best all of the time.

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