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easel: cavalete de pintor

eaves: beiral do telhado

purr: ronronar

3. Write in your notebook the subject on which Hemingway dwells in this short story.

a) Exiles in faraway countries

b) Life in Paris after the war

c) A young woman trying to find her place in life

d) Post war lack of purpose in life
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4. Write in your notebook the characteristics represented in Ernest Hemingway’s short story “Cat in the Rain”?

a) The narrative is fragmented.

b) There is a resolution in the end.

c) It shows a slice of life.

d) The couple is facing a crisis.

5. What’s the setting of the short story?

6. Who is the main character in the story?

7. How are the exiles depicted in the short story?

8. In this story, the expression “cat in the rain” is used in its normal literal meaning and figuratively as well. To what/whom does it refer in the literal meaning and in the figurative meaning? Answer in your notebook.

9. What verb tenses are used in the narrative part of the short story? Why?

10. Write in your notebook the phrase(s) which best describe(s) the narrator in this short story?

a) first person

b) second person

c) third person

d) alternating person

e) omniscient

f) unreliable

g) objective

h) subjective

11. The author uses a foreign language in the short story. In your notebook, write the correct combination of letters–numbers to match the sentences and their meanings.[

A “Avanti.”

B “Ha perduto qualque cosa, Signora?”

C “Il piove.”

D “Si, Il gatto.”

E “Si, Si, Signora, brutto tempo.”

I “It’s raining.”

II “Yes, yes, Madam, awful weather.”

III “Have you lost something, Madam?”

IV “Yes, the cat.”

V “Come in.”

12. To what literary genre would you say this short story belongs to? Write the answer in your notebook.

a) Adventure – a story where the characters undergo a series of perils.

b) Comic – a funny story that makes you laugh.

c) Epistolary – a story told through an exchange of letters.

d) Magic realism – where real life is mixed with fantastic beings.

e) Erotic – stories involving sex.

f) Historical – created fiction which happens in the middle of real historical events.

g) Horror – a story with unlikely events that frighten the reader.

h) Superhero – a story involving a superhero like Superman or Spiderman.

i) Romance – a story that tells of a love story.

j) Urban – a story that takes place in a city or town.

k) Saga – a story that tells the tale of various generations of characters.

l) Thriller – a story in which there is a crime and an investigation.
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1. In your notebook, write the correct combination of numbers–letters to match the names of the following Internet careers to their corresponding definitions.

I Blogger

II Internet judge

III Network engineer

IV Social media consultant

V User operations analyst

VI Web designer

VII Web developer

VIII Webmaster


A writes articles and/or posts for online publications.

B is responsible for installing, maintaining and supporting computer communication networks within an organization or between organizations.

C is an individual who is employed by a search engine to review and rate websites.

D is someone who creates web-based applications by using programming languages.

E is someone who works with the visual elements of a Web page.

F can be either a Web developer or a Web designer. He or she usually works alone doing both jobs as he or she maintains a website. In addition, he or she may be responsible for search engine optimization (SEO), web content writing, and/or marketing.

G is someone who sets up and maintains accounts on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and any other social media site that pops up. He or she might work for a public relations director or alongside a branding consultant. Whatever the case, this person needs to keep the content fresh, monitor user feedback and create a persona for the company – all through the click of a mouse.

H monitors how users interact with the site, answers users’ questions or listens to their feedback to see what they want in a site and reports the results to the site owner.


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