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B lemon

C bread

Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock. com/ID/BR

D tomato


E lettuce

DNY59/iStock/Getty Images

F parsley

Juanmonino/iStock/Getty Images

G onion

hilmi_m/iStock/Getty Images

H carrot

2. In your notebook, write down the correct combination of letters–numbers to label the actions represented by the pictures.

A put

B season (x2)

C shred

D add (x3)

Photos: Marcelo Parducci/ID/BR

ÁUDIO 20 3. Listen to the recording again and put the instructions in sequence.
Página 130

4. Is the text's genre on the previous page a review or a recipe? Write the answer in your notebook.

5. Was it probably broadcast as a video or a podcast?

6. What time expressions are used to show the sequence of actions in the instructions?

7. Work alone. List five things you have watched on YouTube that you like, love, couldn’t care less about, hate.

8. Now think about reasons for each choice in activity 7. In your notebook, draft your ideas using language from the Useful language box.

Useful language

• I hated watching… since…

• I couldn’t care less about… because…

• I love… as…

• I like… because…

Dmitry Lobanov/

Pronunciation spot – the schwa vowel /ə/

The schwa vowel /ə/ is a very short, quick sound.

ÁUDIO 21 Listen and repeat. Notice how the syllable with the schwa vowel /ə/ receives less stress than the other syllables in the words.

amateur inappropriate aside column amount performance open typical lesson

Página 131

Let’s focus on language!

1. Read the following excerpt from the listening on page 129.

First, shred the chicken breast. Then, put in the chicken onto the bread slice. Next, add the lettuce, the tomato and the onion slices. Lastly, season with the parsley and the lemon juice.”

We use the following words to show the order of instructions:

First, ... Then, … After that, …

Next, …Lastly, … Finally, …

Why were the words used in bold? Copy the answer in your notebook.

a) To introduce an opinion.

b) To indicate the sequence of events.

c) To make a pause to think.

2. The following sentences are used in the instructions for creating a “mangatar.” In your notebook, write the correct combination of letters–numbers to make complete sentences.

A Log in

B Choose

C Click

D Change

E Navigate

F Click

G Save

I the gender of your manga.

II to select skin tone.

III facial expressions by clicking the smileys.

IV at your account.

V changes to your manga and give it a nickname.

VI through the tabs to choose different features.

VII “Create” to continue.

3. Use the sentences from the previous exercise to write the sequence of instructions to create a manga. Follow the numbers in the boxes and use the sequence words from exercise 1.

First, log in at your account. Then...

Face Your Manga. Facsimile: ID/BR

Available at

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