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HBO Latin America/ID/BR

Poster of Game of Thrones, a television show, 2012.

If you don’t have cable TV or DVD player, you can find some new and old TV shows on YouTube.

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time TO reflect


In your notebook, use the following phrases to think and write about what you’ve learned so far. You can start with…

Hands: Macrovector/

Heart: Iktash/

… and finish with one of the options below:

… asking and answering questions.

… offering help.

… expressing decisions and willingness.

… making promises.

… making predictions.

… identifying the final /l/ sound.

… creating a weather forecast.

Examples: I liked creating a weather forecast. I need to get better at expressing decisions and willingness.

What can I do to learn more?

Manage my time more effectively.

Do more exercises.

Use more multimedia/digital resources (videos, music, apps, clips, podcasts, etc.).

Read more.

Make international friends in social networks.

Read more newspapers and magazines in English.

Chat with my friends in English.

Watch a movie/series with subtitles in English.

Watch some tutorial videos in English.

Ask for help.


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UNIT 8 You broadcast

Language in action

• Learn how to give instructions
• Talk about likes/dislikes and present reasons
• Use linking words to write a tutorial

Personal broadcasting and Personal mobile broadcasting are terms for participatory journalism that focuses on television webcasting over the Internet and mobile Internet. The term is akin to “personal publishing” which is synonymous with blogging. However, personal broadcasting is not the same as “vlogging” (a portmanteau of “video web logging”), as vlogging does not stream live material.

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