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. Accessed on May 6, 2016.

Available at . Accessed on November 19, 2015.

a) Who may be interested in this weather forecast?

b) Are the temperatures displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit? How do you know that?

c) What other information was relevant for people visiting Orlando at the time?

d) What was the temperature when the website was accessed on May 2, 2016?

e) What was the forecast for May 2, 2016 in the evening?

f) What good news would a TV reporter give about the weather on May 5, 2016?
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Vocabulary Corner

In your notebook, write the correct combination of letters–numbers to match the weather idioms to their meanings.

A A snowball’s chance.

B A storm in a teacup.

C Come rain or shine.

D Every cloud has a silver lining.

E Take a rain check.

F Shoot the breeze.

I A disturbance about little or nothing

II To chat casually

III To postpone something

IV Very little chance

V There is usually a good aspect of a bad situation

VI Whatever happens

2. Read the following predictions. Which one(s) is(are) true for your region this week?

a) It will be warm and dry.

b) Rain will fall during the night.

c) It will be sunny.

d) Thunderstorms are possible.

e) It will be hot and wet.

f) Temperature will be high.

g) It will be cold.

h) It will be windy.

i) It will be cloudy.

j) There is just a small chance for an isolated shower.

3. In your notebook, write the correct combination of letters–numbers to relate the word to the images.

A Rainy

B Windy

C Cold

D Cloudy

E Storms

F Showers

G Sunny

H Snowy









Illustrations: Psonha/ID/BR

Did you know…?

The indigenous Brazilian people have used their own ecological knowledge to predict the weather. A thousand years ago, the Guarani people created an "application" for solar observation.


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