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. Accessed on November 25, 2015.

2. O Titanic sempre foi motivo de interesse popular. Podemos inferir pela manchete acima que, em Belfast:

a) foi aberto um museu no local da construção do Titanic.

b) foi criada uma página na web para visitantes do Titanic.

c) foi iniciada uma viagem semelhante à do Titanic.

d) foi lançada uma réplica do Titanic para novas viagens.

e) foi produzido um filme sobre o naufrágio do Titanic.

3. Este texto é uma carta de uma leitora publicada na Teen Ink, uma revista mensal que divulga textos e trabalhos de arte de adolescentes. O que a autora critica na carta?

Teen Magazines Lack Substance

By Alysha S., Dell Rapids, SD

I agree with Natascia L. I sometimes wish I could read about topics other than Paris Hilton or how to apply eyeliner correctly. I think that if we had a magazine that talked about actual news, it would sell. Most teenagers need to be more informed about politics and world issues. Teenagers today need a magazine with substance.

Available at . Accessed on November 25, 2015.

a) A ausência de outros tópicos sobre Paris Hilton.

b) A imprensa, por divulgar notícias sobre celebridades.

c) Natascia, por escrever sobre futilidades na revista.

d) Os temas das notícias que são publicadas na revista.

e) Paris Hilton, por não usar delineador de forma correta.

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time TO reflect


In your notebook, use the following phrases to think and write about what you’ve learned so far. You can start with…

Hands: Macrovector/

Heart: Iktash/

… and finish with one of the options below:

… understanding words related to magazines.

… expressing opinions.

… distinguishing facts from opinions.

… distinguishing states from actions.

… creating a letter to the editor.

Examples: I liked expressing opinions. I need to get better at creating a letter to the editor.

What can I do to learn more?

Manage my time more effectively.

Do more exercises.

Use more multimedia/digital resources (videos, music, apps, clips, podcasts, etc.).

Read more.

Make international friends in social networks.

Read more newspapers and magazines in English.

Chat with my friends in English.

Watch a movie/series with subtitles in English.

Watch some tutorial videos in English.

Ask for help.


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Illustrations: Catarina Bessell/ID/BR Photographs: Sergey Nivens/

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PART 4 Video


Talking about the future, offering help, and expressing decisions, willingness, consequences, predictions, and promises
Talking about the weather Giving instructions
Talking about likes/dislikes and presenting reasons
Using linking words and learning how to write a tutorial

Let’s learn how to make a video

You can use one of these programs: muvee Cloud

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