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Daniel Rouse is a C.

Charles O'Rear/Photographer's archive

Charles O’Rear is a D.

Can you name other areas of expertise or specialization in photography?

2. Would you like to be a professional photographer? Which area would you choose? Why?
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Let’s act with words!

Let’s write a letter to the editor

A letter to the editor is an example of a formal letter expressing an opinion, a complaint, an argument, or giving information. You read an article and decide to react to it by sending a letter to the editor. This is your goal here.

Letter to the Editor (Response Genre)


• Use the conventions of a formal letter

• Introduce the topic and your opinion early

• May be a reference to a previous letter or article

• Usually a mix of fact and opinion

• Organize paragraphs with details to support your opinion

• Paragraph length may vary

Language features

• Formal term of address (Dear Sir/Madam or Dear Editor)

Persuasive language

• Subjective but not too emotional

• Language should be formal

• A direct appeal to the editor or readers

Available at . Accessed on April 13, 2016.

OLJ Studio/

Writing Steps


• Choose a magazine or newspaper in print or on the Internet.

• Select an article or a news report, and write a letter to the editor showing support or disagreement.

Preparing the first draft

• Make a first draft.

Peer editing

• Ask a classmate to revise it.

• Make the necessary corrections.


• Write the final version of your letter and e-mail it to the magazine or newspaper. Post a copy on Wikispaces or keep a copy in your portfolio.

Genre: Letter to the Editor

Purpose: To express opinion for or against a news report

Tone: Formal



Writer: You

Audience: Magazine and wiki readers

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let’s study for enem

ATENÇÃO: todas as questões foram elaboradas nos moldes das provas originais do Enem. Responda a todas as questões no caderno.

Too Much Temptation

It was hard for these teens to give up Facebook, YouTube and texting while doing their homework.

Distractions are all around us – Facebook, YouTube, texting, TV. It’s sometimes so overwhelming that it can be hard to focus on homework. So we challenged teens to do their homework without distractions for three days. They were allowed to take breaks to do things like check their Facebook, go on YouTube, talk to their friends or watch TV, but they couldn’t do those things while doing their homework. […]

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