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A Accepts digital memory cards.

B Adjusts various camera settings.

C To frame and compose your picture.

D Press this button all the way to take a picture.

E Magnifies or reduces the size of the image.

F Turns the camera on or off.

G Press this button to review the pictures you’ve already taken.

H Access for a USB cable.


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Let’s listen!

Before you listen…

a) Go back to the magazine covers on the first pages of the unit. What do they do to stand out and entice the buyer to pick them up in a newsstand?

b) What kind of product, service or idea are they selling?

c) Look at two covers of Zhin Magazine. Do you think they are similar to the magazines you know?


Concentre sua atenção em possíveis palavras-chave que remetam às ideias centrais do texto.

Challenging Traditions

A number of female journalists in Iraqi Kurdistan are shaking up a male-dominated domain with a magazine that aims to highlight the problems and abuse many women still face. They are reporting on women’s success stories and addressing controversial issues such as female genital mutilation. Melissa Tabeek visited the editorial team in Sulaymaniyah. […]

Available at . Accessed on May 11, 2016.

Zhin Magazine/ID/BR

ÁUDIO 15 1. Listen to some statements by Brigitte Sins, Editor-in-chief of Zhin Magazine, and read the audio transcription. Your task is to write in your notebook the missing parts.

A but that women have a tool in their hands that makes them grow, that makes them develop.”

“Development is not just about economic development as I talked about before.B especially in this society. Where women have something to develop themselves in, as in their jobs, but also in their own well being, their personal well being.”

C and that voice is so much needed because only women can talk about women and to women as they are women. Only they feel the pain, the worries, the happiness that other women can feel.”

Available at

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