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or you can join an existing group.

What is a “wiki?”

A wiki is a space on the Web where you can share works and ideas, pictures and links, videos and media.

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UNIT 1 Making connections

Language in action

• Learn how to read and make infographics
• Learn how to give tips and instructions
• Talk about things that are always true and things that happen regularly
• Talk about things happening around now and actions in process

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1. Take a look at the text on the previous page. Which words are you familiar with? What do you know about them?

2. Now, answer these questions:

a) What does the image show?

b) What is the purpose of this text?

c) Who is the intended audience for this text?

d) Which of those social media are popular in Brazil?

e) What do colors represent?

3. Here is a list of typical features of this textual genre. Which of these characteristics can you find in the text? Find examples from the text to support your choices. Answer in your notebook.

a) It highlights tons of reliable and interesting data.

b) It is focused on a valuable topic or relevant data.

c) It isn’t overly self-promotional.

d) It creatively visualizes data and information.

e) It cites data sources.

f) It presents information simply.

g) It isn’t too long or too short.

h) It incorporates branding.

i) It provides clear and obvious conclusions.

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