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1. Look at the magazine covers on the previous page. Which category do they fit in? There are 11 extra categories. Use your notebook to write down the answers.

a) Agriculture & Gardening

b) Art, Literature & Music

c) Business & Finance

d) Cars & Motorbikes

e) Current Affairs, Culture & Politics

f) Computer Games

g) Design, Architecture & Construction

h) Education

i) Fashion

j) Health & Medical

k) Humor

l) Lifestyle

m) Science, Geography & History

n) Sports & Hobbies

o) Travel

p) Youth Issues

2. Think of other magazines you know. Do they fit in any of the categories of exercise 1? If not, what other categories do they fit in?

3. Do you read magazines (both in print and online)? What kinds of magazines do you like reading? Are Afro-Brazilians and Indigenous people well represented? Give examples.

4. Read cover 1 and answer the following questions in your notebook.

a) Does the girl in the cover represent the girls you know?

b) Which elements on this cover convey the idea of happiness and perfection?

c) What can we expect to find in the news “Crash Course”?

5. Read the text with cover 1. Which statements below are true? Answer it in your notebook.

a) The title indicates that there is a good level of ethnic diversity on magazine covers.

b) The words in orange represent the key words of the text.

c) The study investigated the covers of 16 magazines during one year.

d) The results of the research surprised the author of the text.

e) Only one magazine included women of color on its cover.

f) The author of the text does not identify herself with the girls on the cover.

6. Read the following headlines and decide which category of magazine they were probably taken from. Then write down the answers in your notebook.

a) Airlines Are Swimming in Profits

Thanks to Cheap Fuel, High Fees

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