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. Accessed on March 27, 2012.

Suggestions to improve your English with newspapers

1. Start with headlines and make a glossary for the new words. You can use an online dictionary (example: ) to learn more about the words.

2. Then read the leads and try to find answers to questions beginning with when, why, who, whom, what, where, how.

3. Build a grammar pattern bank with examples from the news.

4. Answer a daily news quiz at The New York Times and do the exercises in its special learning section, available at .

(All sites accessed on April 16, 2016.)

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time TO reflect


In your notebook, use the following phrases to think and write about what you’ve learned so far. You can start with…

Hands: Macrovector/

Heart: Iktash/

… and finish with one of the options below:

… understanding words related to newspapers.

… talking about actions completed in the past.

… describing actions in progress in the past.

… expressing opinions. … reading images.

… practicing pronunciation when linking words together.

… practicing the pronunciation of the initial “s-” sound.

… creating a clipping.

… working with to create a newspaper clipping.

Examples: I am good at talking about actions completed in the past. I need to get better at creating a clipping.

What can I do to learn more?

Manage my time more effectively.

Do more exercises.

Use more multimedia/digital resources (videos, music, apps, clips, podcasts, etc.).

Read more.

Make international friends in social networks.

Read more newspapers and magazines in English.

Chat with my friends in English.

Watch a movie/series with subtitles in English.

Watch some tutorial videos in English.

Ask for help.


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UNIT 6 Strike a pose

Language in action

• Learn how to read magazine covers critically
• Learn how to distinguish facts from opinions and give opinions
Write letters to the editor

Diversity of Magazine Cover Girls Improves, but not Enough

Posted by Natali Rivers on Aug 9, 2013

The Huffington Post recently conducted a study to determine the diversity of magazine cover girls. The study excluded magazines that cater to a specific ethnic population and focused on 16 “mainstream” publications. Tallying from September 2012 to September 2013, HuffPo found that only 18 percent of the covers featured women of color. Insert shocked face here. Although these stats were sadly unsurprising, I did find one aspect encouraging. The magazine that was considered most diverse, with half of their covers featuring women of color, was Teen Vogue.

For me and a lot of friends my age, seeing women who don’t look like us on mainstream magazine covers is old news. […]


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