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. Accessed on January 28, 2016.

Available at . Accessed on January 28, 2016.

Second: Write the date, including day of the week, month, and year.

Third: Write the headline.

Fourth: Paste or type your news report with four to six short paragraphs.

Fifth: Press the button “generate” and you will get an image similar to the one above.

Sixth: Download your newspaper clipping as a JPG image by clicking on the “Download Your Image” link.

Seventh: Publish the image on the Web. You can also include a copy in your portfolio.

Read more about this Web tool at (accessed on April 16, 2016).

Genre: News report

Purpose: To inform

Tone: Formal

Setting: Wikispaces

Writer: You

Audience: Wiki readers
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Learning tips

How to learn with online newspapers and magazines

Newseum is a museum of news in Washington, D.C. It offers an online service which displays more than 800 newspaper front pages each day. The service is available at (accessed on May 2, 2016).

You can view today’s page or archived pages with events of historical significance. Choose a page and click on it to read the news. You can find two links: Readable PDF and Website. You can open the PDF file and read or save the front page, or you can go to the website of the newspaper and read more news.

Archive/News Museum

Available at

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