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5. Read the funny headlines out loud. Which ones were more difficult to understand?
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Let’s act with words!

Let's know different types of headlines

1. Read the text and do the activities below.

How to Write Headlines and Subheads

by Mark Nichol

The first thing most readers notice in print or online is a headline. Think of it as a virtual handshake. If your headline is the text equivalent of a cold, dead fish, you’ll make a poor first impression. Or think of it as analogous to a cover letter or a request for a date. You only get one chance to introduce yourself – make it good.

Various types of headlines exist, and some are more suitable than others for various types of content. Here are eight categories appropriate for selling something, whether it’s a product or an idea, along with a sample headline of that type:

1. Direct: “Lawn Mowers on Sale”

2. News: “Remote-Control Lawn Mower to Debut in April”

3. How-To: “How to Select the Best Lawn Mower for Your Yard”

4. Question: “Is Your Lawn Mower the Right One for the Job?”

5. Command: “Go to Lawn Mowers R Us for the Best Deals”

6. List: “7 Things to Look for in a New Lawn Mower”

7. Testimonial: “I Got a Great Deal on a New Lawn Mower”

8. Teaser: “The Most Important Purchase You’ll Make This Year” […]

Notice that none of the sample headlines above is more than ten words long. Many effective headlines are half that long, or even shorter. […]

Adapted from . Accessed on April 16, 2016.

Write in your notebook a different type of headline for each lead below.


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