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PART1 social networks 10

Learning plan 11

UNIT 1 making connections 12

Language in action 12

Lead-in 13

Let's read!
Managing Your Social Network Addiction 14

Vocabulary corner
Compound words 16

Let's listen, read and talk!
What is Better: to Make Friends in Real Life or in Social Networks? 17
Pronunciation of the th sounds 18

Let's focus on language!
Simple Present and Present Continuous (Review) 19

Let's act with words! 22
Let’s create an infographic about making connections 23

Learning tips 24

Time to reflect 25

UNIT 2 Digital security 26

Language in action 26

Lead-in 27

Let's read!
Your Guide to Safe Web Browsing 28

Let's focus on language!
Imperatives 31

Let's listen and talk!
Teens and online privacy 34

Let's act with words! 36
Let’s create a poster 37

Let's study for enem 38

Time to reflect 39

EITS/University of Georgia

PART 2 Mobile 40

Learning plan 41

UNIT 3 On the waves of the radio 42

Language in action 42

Lead-in 43

Let's read!
The Invention of the Radio 44
Pronunciation of final -ed 46

Vocabulary corner
Defining words 46

Let's focus on language!
Simple Past 47

Turn on the jukebox!
Love Is on the Radio 49

Profession spot
Radio jobs 50

Let's act with words!
Interview (tips) 52
Let’s do an interview about radio 53

Learning tips 54

Time to reflect 55

UNIT 4 Going mobile 56

Language in action 56

Lead-in 57

Let's listen and talk!
Answering machines messages 58
Pronunciation of final -e 58

Let's read!
Emojis 59

Let's focus on language!
Present Perfect 60

Let's read!
I wrote ‘2U B4’! British Library Shows Up Textspeak as soooo 19th Century 64
How to Practice Text Etiquette 65

Profession spot
Some jobs in the telephony field 66

Vocabulary corner
Texting abbreviations 66

Let's act with words!
Text message 67

Let's study for enem 68

Time to reflect 69


Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen 70
Página 9

PART 3 PRINT Media 76

Learning plan 77

UNIT 5 Extra! Extra! 78

Language in action 78

Lead-in 79

Let's read!
Too Much Temptation 80

Let's focus on language!
Simple Past and Past Continuous (Review) 82

Let's listen and talk!
Newscasts 84

Vocabulary corner
Suffixes for making nouns, verbs, and adjectives 85
Pronunciation of initial s- sound 85

Let's focus on language!
Noun and Verbal phrases 86

Let's act with words!
Let’s know different types of headlines 88
Let’s make a news report 89

Learning tips 90

Time to reflect 91

UNIT 6 Strike a pose 92

Language in action 92

Lead-in 93

Let's read! 94
Letter to the Editor 95

Let's focus on language!
Stative and active verbs 96

Vocabulary corner
Parts of a digital camera 98

Let's listen!
Zhin Magazine 99

Turn on the jukebox!
Vogue 100

Profession spot
Photographers 102

Let's act with words!
Let’s write a letter to the editor 103

Let's study for enem 104

Time to reflect 105

Norman Chan/

PART 4 Video 106

Learning plan 107

UNIT 7 It’s on tv 108

Language in action 108

Lead-in 109

Let's read!
The Weather Forecast for Orlando in the United States on May 2, 2016 110

Vocabulary corner
Weather idioms 111

Let's listen and talk!
The future of television 112

Let's focus on language!
Simple Future 113
Pronunciation of the /l/ sound 116

Profession spot
Careers in television 117

Let's act with words!
Let’s make a weather forecast 118

Learning tips 120

Time to reflect 121

UNIT 8 You broadcast 122

Language in action 122

Lead-in 123

Let's read!
Fame and Fortune: The Power of YouTube 124

Vocabulary corner
Defining words 126

Let's focus on language!
Linking words and adverbs of manner 127

Let's listen and talk!
A chicken sandwich recipe 129
Pronunciation of the schwa vowel /ə/ 130

Let's focus on language!
Sequence words 131

Let's act with words!
Let’s create a tutorial 132

Let's study for enem 134

Time to reflect 135


“Cat in the rain” 136

extra activities 140

Crossing boundaries
(Knowledge across English and Chemistry) 154


Página 10

Illustration: Catarina Bessell/ID/BR Photographs: Rawpixel Ltd/iStock/Getty Images

Página 11



Reading and making infographics
Talking about things that are always true and things that happen regularly
Talking about things happening around now and actions in process
Making posters
Making recommendations and warnings, giving orders and instructions
Talking about safety on the Web

Year Project - My Portfolio

What is a portfolio?

It is a collection of activities developed as school work.


1. Collect: You can collect your drafts and finished works on a computer, in a folder, or in a box.

Hero Images/Getty Images

2. Reflect: Select the best version of each work and write a presentation with your opinion about it.

simonkr/Getty Images

3. Publish: You can publish the final versions on your wiki. If you don’t have your own wiki, you can create one at Wikispaces

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